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These 8 Incredible Photos Show How Nature Can Surprise You When You Hike in Arizona



Do you need peace of mind? Hike in Arizona. Want to spend a day outdoors? Hike in Arizona. Does art fascinate you? Hike in Arizona. There’s no better activity to do than just to be outside and see nature’s beauty unravel in front of you. You may be surprised by the things you find along the way. Check out these 8 incredible photos that show how nature can surprise you. After all, nature is art in itself, and you only need to open your eyes to see its magic.

1. Nature Creates Art (Munds Wagon Trail, Sedona)

Munds Wagon Trail, Sedona az hike in arizona

Source: Instagram

A hiker was able to take a photo of this beautiful tree while hiking the Munds Wagon Trail. You’d think that this tree was destroyed during a typhoon or even a flood. Still, it looks incredible in its “destroyed” form, magical, even.

They say art can totally mimic nature. This is done by copying or replicating objects as they actually appear in real life. Think about it, if you didn’t see this along the trail, you’ll probably encounter the same appearance or design from paintings. There are artists who create masterpieces by drawing inspiration from natural phenomena and natural forms, or in short, nature. If Van Gogh was inspired by irises, you bet there are other great painters who would love to paint this tree.

2. Cacti Abound (Tonto National Forest, Payson)

Tonto National Forest cactus arizona

Source: Instagram

These desert plants are a big part of the state. You can see them in almost every hike in Arizona, and you probably already have too many photos posing beside these cacti. Still, don’t you think it’s such a classic sight? They make the landscape much more appealing and interesting. It’s hard to picture Arizona without a cactus! Just imagine, what would life be like without giant cacti that make you look like a midget? 

Do you love these plants? You can take home a cactus or two if you visit the famous cactus farm in Arizona. You can even shop ’til you drop while looking for the best ones that would look perfect in your house for landscaping.

3. The Hike in Arizona Leads to a Supai Dream (Supai)

Supai, Arizona travel destination

Source: Instagram

Is it your first time visiting Arizona? Or are you a local who just can’t refrain himself or herself from exploring every beautiful attraction the state has to offer? Start with Supai, Arizona and you won’t regret it!

If you go to Supai, you’ll be treated to the majestic beauty of Havasu Falls, which is the popular waterfall of Havasu Creek. The place is simply magical. It’s where you can take a refreshing dip, reconnect with nature, meditate, and clear your mind. While the hike leading up to the falls may be physically tiring, the end is just worth it. You wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off the clearest and bluest water you’ve ever seen. And we’re not exaggerating. Just look at the photo. If it looks like that from afar, imagine how clear it is when you swim in it.

4. It’s the Famous Desktop Background! (Antelope Canyon, Page)

Antelope Canyon, Page az

Source: Instagram

You must be thinking, how can a hike in Arizona lead to a famous desktop background? We’re not sure if this is the first time you’re hearing this, but Antelope Canyon is indeed a desktop background in real life. Remember when the world just started embracing the emerging technology and you had beautiful nature photos you can choose from to be your wallpaper? Well, Antelope Canyon is one of them, and this place has actually been seen in many movies and travel photos. This photogenic natural place is very popular among travelers’ collections of Arizona photography.

It’s breathtaking, right?

5. The Famous Bridge (Devils Bridge, Sedona)

Devils Bridge az sedona hike in arizona

Source: Instagram

Why do some people it doesn’t snow in Arizona? It does. In fact, it even snows in Devils Bridge. Devils Bridge is considered the largest natural sandstone arch, and is located in the Sedona area of the Coconino National Forest. From the top, you can enjoy a beautiful red rock scenery. It’s completely mesmerizing during the summer. But it looks equally magnificent during winter. If you want to hike in Arizona, you should include this on your list! It may look intimidating, but the trail is also kid-friendly. For more details about the Devils Bridge hike, just click here.

6. Four Seasons Unlike Any Other (Flagstaff)

Flagstaff Seasons arizona

Source: Instagram

Nature will surprise you in many different ways. One of those ways includes the ever-changing seasons that will charm your socks off. Just look at how this Flagstaff destination gives off different vibes for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. It’s amazing. If you were to choose the best time to hike in Arizona, which would you prefer?

7. The Beautiful Wildlife (Flagstaff)

Flagstaff Duckfeeding az

Source: Instagram

Do you love ducks? You can make a green detour in Flagstaff if that’s the case. Going there will give you a change of scenery and change of pace while enjoying a peaceful feeding activity with the ducks. Of course, you are also free to just lounge on your chair and take a nap. If you are in a place as nice as this, the only wish you’d make is to camp right there and then. You will certainly appreciate the beautiful wildlife. You can even do birdwatching with your pop!

8. See Nature’s Raw Beauty When You Hike in Arizona (Sedona)

Sedona arizona hike

Source: Instagram

Go take a hike in Arizona and see the unmatched beauty of Sedona. It’s everyone’s favorite place for a reason! It’s known as the place of enlightenment and is believed to bring healing energy to the hikers. Just look at the lush plants and flowers, as well as the beautifully-carved red rocks. It’s a sight to behold! Once you’re done with the hike, you may want to visit the amazing Catholic Church in Sedona or you can check this list of best things to do in Sedona for a whole day of fun and adventure.