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This 1-Mile Hike in Sedona Arizona Will Lead You to Jaw-Dropping Natural Pools



Take your pick: a challenging hike that will lead you to endless rock views, or a trail that will lead to a hidden spring? Just in case you’re already having a hard time deciding what activity to do, we’re here to offer a slightly different option. We know Arizona’s countless hiking adventures can be overwhelming. So here’s the deal: check out this 1-mile hike that will lead to jaw-dropping natural pools instead! We promise you, there’s more to the Soldier Pass Trail than just simple rock formations.

A Glowing Recommendation For Every Hiker

Enter the Soldier Pass Trail. It takes you through a wonderful yet exhilarating journey through red rock canyons, expansive greenery, and finally massive craters with clear waters. The destination is called the Seven Sacred Pools. At just 1.1 miles of trail distance, you can say that it’s ideal even for the beginner hikers. However, it is important to note that the destination (natural pools) is simply an offshoot of the Soldier Pass Trail.

The actual trail is more than 4 miles, and you are more than welcome to complete the hike or adjust your loop as you see fit.

But, hey, there are a lot of people who hike simply to check out the Seven Sacred Pools. More on that later! Keep reading…

What Should You Expect in Soldier Pass Trail?

Soldier Pass Trail Sedona

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The Soldier Pass Trail provides a diverse experience for every hiker.

Your starting point is in an urban setting and it will eventually lead into the Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness. The solitude you’ll feel at this place is unmistakable, but you should continue to your destination. After passing by the wilderness, you’ll notice that the trail will get busier with every forward move you’ll make. Then, you’ll see the signed trailhead. And so the adventure begins…

Like what we mentioned, the trail is relatively easy even for beginners. You can bring your whole family along so they can see what this place has to offer. The trail will require you to climb past the rocky and slippery sections, but it’s more than manageable.

Red Rocks Sedona Hiking Trails

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You can just enjoy the beautiful sight including canyon and the wildlife. You don’t need to worry about battling the sun’s scorching heat on your own because you’ll get quite a bit of shade along the whole hiking journey. It’s a real delight!

Note: There’s not a lot of hikers here (probably because Arizona has thousands of another amazing trails) so you will definitely enjoy your moments of peace and quiet. Just remember to come early to get a good parking spot!

The Seven Sacred Pools

Who says Soldier Pass Trail is all about climbing? Of course, you will be rewarded with a phenomenal sight, too! Just keep your eyes peeled so you can easily spot the pools hiding in plain slight. It may seem hidden, but once the sun’s bright rays reflect off the clear waters, you’ll immediately distinguish it from the surrounding terrain. We suggest you enjoy the moment and take lots of photos! It’s not only Instagram-worthy. It’s a real sight especially if you’re a nature lover.

Seven Sacred Pools Soldier Pass Trail AZ

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The Seven Sacred Pools were naturally carved out of ocher colored sandstone. It is also fed by a seasonal stream. Since the pools also act as a transition zone between the Oak Creek Mountains and Sedona’s desert land, you can say it is a highly important water source. The area’s wildlife also depends on the Seven Sacred Pools for everyday survival.

Seven Sacred Pools Sedona AZ

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Explore the area a bit more and you’ll see a creek just below the pools. You can hike down if the water flow is not strong so you can freely marvel at the rock formations.

After you’re done admiring the beautiful pools, you can finally work on your descent. It’s easier to go downhill and you’ll feel as if the total elevation descent of 450 feet is just a breeze.

Soldier Pass Trail General Information

How to get there:

GPS Coordinates: 34°53’03.4″N 111°47’01.8″W

From Sedona

  • If you’re coming from 89A West, go north up Soldiers Pass Road.
  • Continue driving for about 1.5 miles before turning right on Rim Shadows for 0.2 miles.
  • You will be going through a private neighborhood. Don’t worry. You’re on the right track. Shortly, you’ll reach a gated entry road, and the parking lot will be on your left.
  • The parking lot (only open from 8 a.m to 6 p.m.) is the main Soldiers Pass Trailhead No 66. You should park here early in the morning because you can’t park anywhere else. If you will be parking on Soldiers Pass Road, you will need an approval. You also can’t park in the road on Rim Shadows because your car will get towed.

When to Visit: Early morning or Springtime

Use of Trail: Horseback riding, Biking (only for the first 1.3 miles to Wilderness Boundary), and Hiking.

Website: https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/coconino/recarea/?recid=55392


The Soldier Pass Trail is indeed one of Arizona’s most beautiful trails. If you’re planning to go here, make sure you share your hiking experience with us!