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This Arizona Bed and Breakfast Lets You Wake Up Next to Cute Alpacas

Suny Errot



Arizona is a geographically diverse state. Here, you can find lots of mountains, waterfalls, springs, and hot deserts. But did you also know that this land is a great place to raise alpacas in? That’s right. The soft and sweet alpacas can definitely survive here. So it comes as no surprise that there are a couple of alpaca farms left and right. But you only need to know this one: Alpaca and Goat Farmette. It’s the unique Airbnb of your dreams!

It’s All About Nature and Alpacas

Handfeeding Alpaca and Goat Farmette AZ
Source: Airbnb

This Airbnb is all about letting its visitors wake up to a day-to-day newness that unfolds with animals. If you love alpacas, you’ll be interested in interacting with them in the Alpaca and Goat Farmette.

What can you expect here?

Welcoming Animals Alpaca and Goat Farmette
Source: Airbnb

Upon arrival, you will immediately be entertained by the goats bleating in the distance, and the alpacas photo-bombing your selfies. They are extra friendly because they’re used to the animal lover visitors. So don’t be surprised if they keep “calling'” you to the fence. They only want you to pet them. (And it’s not like it’s such a bad thing).

The Alpaca and Goat Farmette has the cutest animals. From the name itself, expect to see friendly alpacas and goats. But you should also watch out for other furry friends who can make your day so much brighter. They also have three dogs named Small Medium and Large who fancy chilling with the other animals. Can you guess which is which?

Dogs AZ Farm
Source: Airbnb

Stretch Out in the Room and Relax

Now that you’ve already been acquainted with the animals, don’t forget what you came here for! We all know you enjoy the astounding nature and the unpolluted air in the farm. Ease away your worries and just relax. The Alpaca and Goat Farmette Airbnb maintains an airy and clean private room with its own bathroom, mini-fridge and massage chair. It is located in the private wing of the house and can be conveniently accessed from the parking area near the secluded entrance.

Private Room Airbnb Arizona
Source: Airbnb

Once you get your peace and quiet, you can even binge-watch on your favorite movies. The television has Amazon prime and Netflix so you can just sign in to your personal account. Note: While you are free to enjoy the films from the comfort of your room, the great outdoors will prove to be a better option. After all, this is an alpaca farm, not a Netflix den.

There Are Three Foolproof Ways on How You Can Experience Unmatched Comfort in This Airbnb:

First, you can take a nap and relax in the bed. If you came from a faraway place, we’re sure you need to doze off to recharge. Lie down comfortably and have a restful sleep on this soft queen-sized bed. Or if you want, you can also use your personal electric massage recliner. Sometimes, we need to leave it to a trusty machine so we can relax.

Queen Size Bed Airbnb AZ
Source: Airbnb

Second, you can try the bodywork sessions offered. One of the owners was a massage therapist since 1983, so you’ll be in good hands. (Literally) You just have to schedule an appointment with the owners and see if they are also available during your preferred date/s.

Massage Room AZ
Source: Airbnb

Rate: $1.00/minute

  • Neck/shoulder area $15 for 15 minutes.
  • Back Massage $30 for 30 minutes
  • Full-Body session $60 or $90 for 60 or 90 minutes.

*We don’t know if you can haggle the rate with the owner. But we suggest going for a relaxing neck massage before trying either the back or full body session. That way, you know if you want the complete experience.

The third option to get the restful vacation you so deserve is pretty obvious….

Commune With The Animals at the Alpaca and Goat Farmette

Alpacas Farm AZ
Source: Airbnb

You don’t have to walk far and long just to be with the animals. The owner of this Airbnb built an outdoor patio so you can just relax while you commune with the different animals. They will literally stay with you if you’re chilling. They also set up some lounge chairs in the shade near the pond. It’s perfect if you want to stargaze at night under the very dark skies.

The next morning, you can just wake up to the sight of alpacas sitting outside your private entry. They’ve been waiting for you to wake up. Now, you should pet them!

Alpaca in Patio Alpaca and Goat Farmette AZ
Source: Airbnb

If you can, mingle with the alpacas in your patio. And for a closer experience with these soft, squishy, and gentle animals, why not give them yummy treats? We can’t guarantee that the activity will make them remember you in their lifetime, but they will surely love you in the present moment!

Alpaca Farm AZ Cornville
Source: Airbnb

About the Alpaca and Goat Farmette

This Airbnb is located in Cornville at the heart of the Verde Valley. It is close to many famous cities and is only 20 minutes away from Sedona, 10 minutes away from the businesses in Cottonwood, and 25 minutes away from Jerome. You can also head to Camp Verde which is just 20 minutes away.

While you can say that this is a simple farmette, you won’t be disappointed because it’s clean, comfortable, and perfect for alpaca (or animal) lovers! The place only promises wonderful mornings in the backyard.

Learn more about this Airbnb listing here.

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