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This Arizona Road Trip Will Take You to the Most Frightening Places

Suny Errot



There are three kinds of people who are on vacation. The first kind loves going to spiritual and natural destinations. The second one prefers to explore the best eats in town. The third kind, on the other hand, is a brave soul who aches for a spine-tingling adventure. If you think you have enough courage and protection from ghosts, take this Arizona road trip that will take you to the most frightening places!

Happy ghost hunting!

Yuma Territorial Prison (Yuma, Arizona)

This former prison used to house over 3,000 inmates during its brief period of operation for less than 35 years. According to reports, there are about 111 prisoners who died because of illness during their incarceration.

The Yuma Territorial Prison is designated as a museum. Many paranormal activities have been reported all over the facility. The most haunted spot is the “Dark Cell,” which is what the prison used for solitary confinement.

Notable inmates: Burt Alvord (Cochise County lawman and train robber) and “Buckskin Frank” Leslie (gunfighter and killer of Billy Claiborne)

Location: 220 Prison Hill Road, Yuma, Arizona

Vulture Mine (Wickenburg, Arizona)

This place was once a flourishing gold mine and settlement in Maricopa County, Arizona that produced 340,000 ounces of gold from 1863 to 1942. Today, the Vulture Mine is an abandoned mine and famous ghost town crawling with the ghosts of workers who died in tragic accidents.

Many visitors claim they can smell freshly baked sugar cookies from the Kitchen House and see one of the swings swing by itself outside the School House.

Location: 36610 355th Ave, Wickenburg, Arizona

North Morton Hall (Flagstaff, Arizona)

The North Morton Hall is a women’s residence hall located inside the Northern Arizona University. The haunting story revolved around a 19-year-old girl named Kathy who lived in room 200A. She was spending winter break in the dorm alone when she received some disturbing news. The man she was dating died in battle during World War II. The news drove Kathy into a deep depression and, finally, to suicide. She supposedly died by hanging herself in a janitor’s closet.

The previous residents of North Morton Hall claim that they hear doors open and close on their own, and see a glimpse of Kathy in a blue nightgown.

Location: 224 McMullen Cir, Flagstaff, Arizona

Old Gila County Jail (Globe, Arizona)

Here’s another jail you should go to when you’re out for an Arizona road trip! The Old Gila County Jail is said to be haunted by its former vengeance-seeking prisoners. Many people died when the prison was still operational. Today, they’re making their ghostly presence known and feared.

Location:177 E Oak St #171, Globe, Arizona

Noftsger Hill Inn (Globe, Arizona)

This inn is also located in Globe. It is another famous haunted place that will make any Arizona road trip unforgettable. It opened in 1907 and served as a school for many years before it was converted into a six-room inn that looks over the Cobre Valley.

Some guests report sightings of objects that occasionally move on their own, as well as ghostly spook lights. You can also hear the sounds of children’s laughter at the inn at times.

Location: 425 E North St, Globe, Arizona

Santa Rita Hotel (Tucson, Arizona)

Santa Rita Hotel
Source: Santa Rita Hotel | Arizona Daily Star/Jill Torrance

The Santa Rita Hotel was demolished in 2009 to make way for Unisource Energy’s corporate headquarters. Several months before it was demolished, guards and construction workers all claim of experiencing eerie activities.

Rocks will skip down the hallways, doors will slam shut, the light on the fourth floor will suddenly come on, and it would sound as if someone was moving around inside the room.

According to Parapsychologist Amy Allan of the Travel Channel’s Dead Files, there “are many, many, many, many, many, many, many entities there.” It is also said to be inhabited by the spirits of San Diego’s Whaley House, which is considered to be one of the most haunted places in America.

Location: Downtown Tucson (before)

Can you stomach this haunted Arizona road trip? Or would you rather stick to desert adventures? Let us know in the comments below!