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This Arizona Show Lets You Solve a Murder Mystery While Feasting on a Tasty Four-Course Meal

Suny Errot



It’s always good to try something new and fascinating every now and then to keep life interesting. When in Arizona, you might want to try Dinner Detective Arizona, the famous sleuthing show that lets you feast on a tasteful meal while solving a crime. Because if you’re not in the Harry Potter-themed escape room, what else is there to do? Isn’t this the challenge we all need?

Channel your inner detective and check this out!

You Need a Lot of Sleuthing to Find out Whodunit!

The Dinner Detective Arizona

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Dinner Detective Arizona is America’s largest interactive comedy murder mystery dinner show. Here, you can solve an intriguing yet hilarious crime as you feast on a fantastic four-course meal.

Tempe Phoenix Arizona Mystery Dinner

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It’s probably difficult to focus on two things at once, given that the mystery and food are both equally too good for words. But you need to keep your head in the game and find out who the real murderer is!

Murder Mystery Clues Arizona

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The culprit is hiding in plain sight somewhere in the room, and it is your job to find our who that is! Or else, you may just become a prime suspect before you know it.

How Does the Dinner Detective Work?

Police Officer Tempe Phoenix AZ

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This is not your traditional murder mystery dinner theater. The whole show is interactive and action happens throughout the entire room. You won’t be able to guess who the actors are because they are all planted in the audience and dressed like everyone else. This makes the mystery harder and twice as fun! For starters, all you need to know is that there will be a crime and hidden clues will be revealed as time goes by. Then, the detectives will try to solve the crime and crack the case.

Dinner Detective AZ Unique Restaurants

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Try not to get too startled when you hear loud simulated gunshots and experience short lighting blackouts. These are just part of the performance.

If you happen to find out who the murderer is, you may just win the epic prize package. It is awarded to the top sleuth who gives the best answer before the killer is unmasked. It’s time to get competitive!

Of course, you also shouldn’t forget about your tasty dinner. It’s mouthwatering and truly delightful.

Where Can I See Dinner Detective Arizona?

This show performs at the Moxy Hotel Tempe – Phoenix, or a beautifully renovated full-service hotel. If you avail a Dinner Detective Arizona ticket (start at $59.95/person + service fees), you’ll get to enjoy the following:

  • Interrogation Reception (this is, after all, a mystery show)
  • Tasty Meal (complete with appetizers, fresh rolls and butter, salad, your choice of the flavorful entree, and dessert)
  • Tantalizing Prize Package (for the Top Sleuth)

The place also has a full bar if you need more refreshments. They serve beer, wine, cocktails and also feature several drink specials every night.

Note: The bar only accepts cash. You can withdraw your money (if needed) in the ATM that is easily accessible inside the venue.

Get Ready for the Best Night of Your Life!

Detective AZ Murder Mystery Dinner

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This is an amazing and unforgettable murder mystery show you need to try at least once in your life! Dinner Detective Arizona just proves you can enjoy a fantastic four-course plated dinner while channeling your inner Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew. After all, the best sleuths are the ones who can still eat while solving a crime, right?

If you want to spice things up and confuse fellow diners, you can show up dressed as a gangster or a mysterious person. There isn’t really a theme so to speak, but it might help you with solving the crime, and lead others further away from the truth. It will be hilarious!

And in case you get pinned as a suspect, you better be prepared to defend yourself or transfer the blame to another unsuspecting guest.

Now, who’s ready for Dinner Detective Arizona?

General Information:

Contact No.: (866) 496-0535
Email: phx.info@thedinnerdetective.com
Location: 1333 S Rural Rd, Tempe, Arizona, 85281
Website: https://www.thedinnerdetective.com/

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