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This Arizona Viewpoint is a Wicked Beautiful Spot and Lets You See the Edge of the World

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Spectacular views abound Arizona. In fact, you can just visit the Hiline Trail for the best views of Sedona, or the famous viewpoint in the Grand Canyon called the Ooh Aah Point. However, there is one particular place that will give you a picturesque scene guaranteed to take your breath away. It is the perfect destination for those who want to soak in the beauty and wonder of nature. East Pocket, also nicknamed “The End of The World” or “The Edge of the World,” lets you see the landscape for miles.

If You Want to Invigorate Your Senses, East Pocket Is Exactly Where You Should Go

Edge of the world arizona

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Yes, that’s right. There is a wicked beautiful spot at the edge of this destination, and it is absolutely amazing! East Pocket is undoubtedly one of the most scenic camping spots you’ve ever been to. That is, if you decide to come here.

The road up is easy, and while the road can get a little rocky, you will still be fine. You just need to conquer a 4.8-mile roundtrip hike and you’ll be able to marvel at the beautiful landscape that seems to go on endlessly. Visitors will find East Pocket in the Coconino National Forest using the A.B. Young Trail. The trail is a difficult one, so if you don’t want to exert much effort or get too tired, you may just drive up to the point using the Woody Mountain Road. The 25-mile drive in the dirt road might feel too tiring, but once you see the views that await you, rest assured that you will think it is worth it! It is definitely one of the best sights you can find in Arizona.

Take Your Significant Other to the Great Outdoors and Experience Total Solitude

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This is a great place to go with your significant other. You won’t run into many people, so total solitude and peace are guaranteed. Forget the worries of yesterday and just focus on relaxing. After all, you deserve a break. There are even some individuals who come here to work or study better. Even if you get stressed, at least you can easily be recharged with the beautiful green views in front of you.

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Chill out and enjoy the day with your family. You’d find yourself staring at the view for minutes or hours because it helps bring calm to your troubled heart.

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Once you are done looking at the gorgeous views, go on a quick breeze walk or try other accessible hikes. It doesn’t even matter whether you prefer hiking or driving. There are absolutely many ways for you to marvel at the gorgeous landscape.

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Just chill on your hammock (there are many perfect hammocking trees) while sipping cold, refreshing drinks. The stunning view in front of you is something to behold!

Camp at East Pocket for an Unforgettable Experience

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Many visitors come to East Pocket during the summer and fall season, but you can always come during the winter season so you can enjoy a few hot drinks with your friends (or even furry buddies) while looking at the gorgeous views. If this point is indeed “The End of the World,” you really need to make the most out of it. Just remember to come prepared and try your cold-weather gear before coming here.

You can camp at the overlook for free, but you need to pay the $5 parking fee at the trailhead if you want to hike. To get to this must-see spot, take the Woody Mountain Road toward the Arboretum for 4 miles. Stay on FR 231 and continue the drive for 22 miles on a dirt road. It can get a little rocky, so you should use a 4-wheel or high clearance vehicle. Pay attention to the road and make sure you see the signages for the Turkey Butte or Fernow Tank. Continue the drive on FR 231 up the hill to the left. Once you pass by First Tank, that means you are only minutes away from the campsites.

You can pull off the spots you wish to stay in. All will give you beautiful views! Just remember that these campsites are not really well-maintained or complete. There are no electric hookups, picnic tables, sanitary dumps, showers, toilets, or water hookups. While you can sit and enjoy yourself with your family around the fire pit, there is no firewood available. You are also responsible for ensuring the fire is completely doused before leaving it.

Make sure you observe the proper etiquette of leaving no trace in here.

The Sprawling Views of East Pocket Are Enough to Make You Fall in Love

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Once you reach East Pocket, you’ll find that it is a lot larger than you would have anticipated. There are many flat dispersed camping sites, and these have rock-built fire rings. If you want to snag one with the best view, it is also important that you know the spots that will really give you the feeling of “camping on the edge.”

Still, even if you find yourself occupying a spot that doesn’t exactly give a tree-cleared view, you will still enjoy your stay! If you want to find these spots, you only need to follow the dirt roads that go around the area, and you’ll be able to find somewhere to camp.

Make the Most Out of Your Stay in East Pocket

East Pocket Lookout Tower

East Pocket Lookout Tower

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The wooden Lookout Tower was built in 1943, and if you are lucky enough, you can explore this place with a park ranger who is more than happy to share with you the East Pocket history. Can you believe that this tower is still being used today? That’s amazing, right?

You can find the Lookout Tower at the end of FR 231, only a couple miles past the campsites. Drive to this destination, or walk if you want a good workout.

Fernow Cabin

Fernow Cabin arizona

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Many visitors don’t realize that this place is full of history. If you love unique experiences, you can rent a retired fire guard cabin that is near East Pocket. It is a forested retreat with three-bedrooms, and perfect for guests who want to relax and find peace. It was once the house of U.S. Forest Service guard station that firefighters during fire season. It allowed them to quickly respond and provide aid to emergency situations. Now, it is the perfect spot if you desire a unique recreation opportunity in a beautiful Southwest setting.

Walking or Hiking Trails

Hiking East Pocket

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Once you are done admiring the beautiful views, wouldn’t it be nice to walk around and enjoy peaceful morning walks? That is definitely possible in East Pocket. You just have to get out there and explore it!

NOTE: If you plan to visit East Pocket during winter, expect the road to become impassable depending on the amount of snow that falls. You might see 3-4 inches overnight. Since the reception isn’t strong, you should drive when you are most confident, or just wait until there is no more snow.

Have you been to “The End of the World?” Tell us all about your experience! If you like looking at gorgeous nature views from up above, you should also check out the sweet helicopter tour that will give you stunning views of Arizona’s Sacred Spires.