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This Beautiful and Sunshine-y Flower Field in Arizona Will Make You Feel Beautiful

Suny Errot



We already covered the best spots in Arizona where you can see beautiful wildflowers in full bloom. However, it doesn’t hurt to explore other equally stunning places that have the power to brighten up your day and make you feel beautiful. We have no doubts that Schultz Pass Flagstaff will be your next favorite destination!

Schultz Pass Flagstaff Is a Scenic Spot Loved by Everyone

Schultz Pass Flagstaff arizona

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Anyone craving for a scenic drive will find that Schultz Pass Flagstaff is the perfect choice. This place once served as a short cut from settlements in the eastern part of the Flagstaff area to downtown. But nowadays, it serves as the quickest route to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can just escape to the peace and quiet of the national forest, and see some great views along the way! The San Francisco Peaks stand out in the background, with the cool ponderosa pine forests relaxing your eyes and mind.

Schultz Pass Flagstaff also has lots of hiking trails and stunning spots where you can spend the whole day having fun. In the fall, many guests are delighted by the beautiful aspens that surround the place. You might also get the chance to meet and greet the wildlife living in the place such as the resident elk, mule deer or other animals.

A Million Yellow Flowers Provide a Visual Feast in Schultz Pass Flagstaff

Schultz Pass Flagstaff 2

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You may have seen posts of some individuals in a field of yellow flowers, with the location marked as Flagstaff or Schultz Pass Flagstaff. Does that make you ask, “Where is this paradise?” If you are curious about that, then we have the answer! This place is actually a signature location for the mountain town.

Fort Valley Flower Field az

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The Fort Valley Flower Field is a favorite spot of locals and tourists alike because of its beauty and sunshine-y feel. There is a Flagstaff road sign in the foreground, the San Francisco Peaks in the background, and ponderosa pines all around. You can also just look at the field of yellow flowers beside the highway and take your photo op there!

Don’t be surprised if people pull over to capture some photos. You will just fall in love with the natural color and beauty of this landscape. Don’t miss this spot which is just between Flagstaff and Arizona Snowbowl or the Grand Canyon! Just remember to come here from late July through August. The bright yellow flowers come to life thanks to the monsoon rains. If you come at a different time, all you’d see is a dry, grassy field.

How to Go There

Flower Field Flagstaff az

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The field is at the intersection of Fort Valley Road (US-180) and Shultz Pass Road. Guests usually park on the shoulder of Shultz Pass Road, then walk along one side of the barbed fence to take photos.

Tip: Many visitors would love nothing more than to capture the beauty of it all. That’s why you should have a camera or phone ready so you can take some landscape shots than you can cherish forever. Use a wide-angle lens just so you can capture the vast field of sunflowers. Some photographers also resort to mid-range or telephoto lens for tighter shots of flowers and people.

Before You Go There

Arizona sunflower spots

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Plan ahead and don’t just come randomly. The sunflowers in Schultz Pass Flagstaff bloom in late July, and it reaches peak in mid-august. It already withers away by early September, so make sure to come before then.

Please be respectful when you visit the Fort Valley Flower Field. Most of it sits on privately-owned land.

What do you think about this place? It truly is a picturesque scene, huh?

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