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Tour the Beautiful Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix to Discover Its interesting Past and Jaw-dropping Views

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Have you ever heard of Wrigley’s? We are pretty sure your answer is yes. It is the company that owns the world-famous chewing gums such as Juicy Fruit, Doublemint, and a lot more! Since these gums have become such a huge success, owner William Wrigley Jr. has acquired a lot of assets. One of his final properties is now known as a historical site in Phoenix, Arizona – proof that the state doesn’t just house natural wonders and out-of-this-world destinations, but intriguing sites as well. If you want to know more about Wrigley Mansion, please keep on reading.

The Wrigley Mansion Was a 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift of a Chewing Gum Magnate to His Wife

Wrigley mansion az

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After 50 years of being married, William Wrigley Jr. gave a mansion to his wife Ada in 1932. This magnificent home has 24 rooms, 12 restrooms, and 11 fireplaces, perfect as a winter vacation home for the (ultra-rich) family. It was everything you’d probably want in a home because it has all the space you need. The architecture will also wow you with the curated elements of Spanish, California Monterey, and Mediterranean styles. They spared no detail as the original tiles have also been shipped from the Wrigley family’s tile factory on Catalina Island and carted up the hill by donkey.

Sadly, just a little while after the mansion was built, Wrigley passed away. His wife owned the house for 28 years until she was gone in 1958. From there, a lot of things have changed. 

This Mansion Went Through a Lot of Ownership Changes

Wrigley Mansion az

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Since the original owners were long gone, the Wrigley Mansion had a lot of changes. It served as a meeting place for Arizona Biltmore Hotel which was owned by the Wrigleys. After that, Western Savings Bank purchased it as a private club before it was handed over to the government. 

In 1992, to prevent the mansion from being razed, businessman George Hormel bought it to revitalize the historical importance of the mansion. He then converted it to a restaurant, a wedding venue, and now it is also open for guided tours. With their passion to pass on the inherent magic with everyone, they definitely did their best in restoring the place.

Wrigley Mansion restaurant

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Once you come here, your palate will be delighted by the dishes served at Geordie’s Restaurant and Lounge, Jamie’s Wine Bar, and the ever popular expansive Sunday Brunch. The best team is behind the premier restaurant, with James Beard award-winning Chef Christopher Gross and his strong culinary team heading up the kitchen. On the other hand, the wine program has been entrusted to CEO and Somm Paola Embry. She’s curated a special wine cellar which consistently garners the prestigious Wine Spectator award, “Best of Award of Excellence.”

If you want a special or a more romantic night, you can book a private dining experience in the newly-remodeled rooms that were once the private quarters of the Wrigley family.

Witness the Stunning 360-Degree Views of Phoenix

Dining with a view

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The Wrigley Mansion sits on a top of a hill. From there, you will see Phoenix like you’ve never seen before. You don’t even have to brave a 5-hour hike or climb just to see something so awesome. What’s best is that the view gives you enough reason to go here. You should also wait for sunset for a magical time. 

Why do you think the Wrigley Mansion worked well as a wedding events place? Let’s put it this way. The place is classy and it gives off a romantic vibe. Not to mention, being on top of a hill only makes your celebration much more awesome! If you are getting married with the company of only a few people, it will be intimate and truly special!

Don’t think that the 360-degree views of Phoenix are the sole highlight of this place. There are many beautiful antiques in every room, and even the chandeliers are worth looking at. Don’t forget to check out the Arizona Biltmore Hotel and golf course while dining!

What You Should Look Forward to When Visiting the Wrigley Mansion and Joining Its Tour?

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Yes, you read it right. You can tour the Wrigley Mansion and see the beautiful home that was once the chewing gum magnate’s ultimate home. Here are the steps on how you can reserve a slot for their tour. 

First, you need to book your reservation online because there may be private events booked. Take note that a lot of special occasions occur here and these are given priority. A guided tour of the Wrigley Mansion is expected to run for one hour. It already includes a lecture about William Wrigley’s life, how his business grew, as well as the history of the mansion. 

After the lecture, the guide will bring you to different places in the mansion from the living room and bedrooms, to the kitchen and other areas.  A lot of visitors have shared that the old player piano was the highlight of the tour. Make sure to check that out! Photography is allowed so make sure you capture many great memories here! 

Besides the guided mansion tour, don’t forget to drop by the restaurant for a heart-warming meal that you’ll never forget. It might be quite expensive but the customers say that it’s all worth it.

Wrigley Mansion Details

The Wrigley Mansion will be closed until Fall as the management is making efforts to beautify and improve the property. Expect a more beautiful arrival experience, garden room enhancements, as well as garden terrace and loggia improvements. In addition to that, you will see an even better al-fresco dining experience, and more magical wedding locations. Be excited and check their website for updates before planning your end of 2020 or 2021 events at the Wrigley Mansion!

Website: https://wrigleymansion.com/

Location: 2501 E Telawa Trail, Phoenix, Arizona

Have you ever been to Wrigley Mansion? This is where you can experience history and elegance for yourself! 

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