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This Ghost Town in AZ Was Once Called the Wicked-est City in the West

Suny Errot



Everyone wants to visit Arizona at least once in their lifetime. This beautiful state is known for its majestic landscapes, roadside destinations, and places where you can unleash the adventurer in you. But did you know that there is a ghost town in Arizona that will give you nightmares for days? Yes, you read it right. Jerome is the ghost town to check out. It was once known as the “Wicked-est City in the West” due to the booming copper mining industry that was prevalent back in the day.

From thousands of residents down to hundreds. Its population dropped down when the town got bankrupt when the mining stopped. And since then, people had left for greener pastures. Because of this, ghost stories became prevalent, and it earned the nickname “ghost town.” Here are some of the stories about the ghost town of Jerome that will surely haunt you.

You May See a Man Working in the Haunted Elevator in the Jerome Grand Hotel

Forget about haunted houses. This hotel was once a hospital called the “United Verde Hospital.” During its operation, it has seen inevitable deaths. Visitors have been rumored to see items in the room moving, doors opening on their own.

There was a tale that one of the maintenance men was found dead in 1935 because of an elevator accident. During the nights, the staff would still hear or see him working.

You’ll Get a Haunting Feeling in the Old Phelps Dodge Mine

Accidents in mining are inevitable, sadly, one miner called Charlie died because of it. He experienced a horrifying death as he was beheaded! According to reports, the body was never seen although the head was found. People who were around the area found large footprints that are believed to be Headless Charlie’s. It seems like the body is still looking for the missing head until this time.

There’s a Good Chance the Lady in Red will Visit You in the Connor Hotel

The Lady in Red is known to wander around the hallways at night. She is believed to approach people who do not have any companions and are lonely in the Spirit Bar. She often visits Room 1, the place where most supernatural occurrences happen.

Many people say that the owner of Connor Hotel might be related to the Lady in Red because he is the frequent visitor of Room 1.

Hearing the Piano May Freak You Out if You’re Inside the Liberty Theater

From the outside, this popular theater in the Jerome ghost town simply looks old and abandoned. Yet from the inside, you’ll be surprised to find that it still looks like the way it should be in 1929.

The Liberty Theater is said to be haunted by a theater patron who was strangled to death by her lover when the loud sounds of the piano were being played during the show.

The Silenced and Trapped Women Haunt Husband’s Alley

High-class prostitutes are women who offer companionship to lonely men. They are there to talk to them, make them feel loved, and give them a “girlfriend” experience. Sadly, the low-class prostitutes housed in the Husband’s Alley were constantly sexually and physically abused, making their lives no less than a haunting tale.

Some women died in the hands of their customers and their souls are believed to be silenced and trapped in Husband’s Alley.

Which place in this ghost town of Jerome gives you the most chills?