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This Hidden Flood Tunnel in Arizona Transforms Into A Bat Watching Adventure You Need To Go On




Did you know that the caped crusader, Batman, has a secret summer hideout right here in Arizona? Well, maybe not the real Batman, but something equally thrilling – a hidden flood control tunnel that transforms into a home to thousands of Mexican Free-Tailed bats every summer!


As the sun sets over the city, a secret army of bats prepares for their nightly adventure. By day, they snooze peacefully in their underground “bat cave,” but as darkness falls, they take to the skies in a flurry of wings and excitement. It’s like watching your favorite superhero movie come to life!

Now, you might be wondering, “Why would bats choose a storm drain for their summer vacation?” Well, think of it as their version of a luxury resort – cool, dark, and just the right amount of mystery. Plus, it’s conveniently located for their annual migration to Mexico, making it the ultimate pit stop for these winged wonders.


As dusk approaches, the magic unfolds. The bats start their grand exit, swirling and swooping through the air like tiny, furry acrobats. And guess what? They’re not shy! You might find yourself in the middle of a bat parade, with these nocturnal heroes zooming past you in search of their next insect snack.


But wait, there’s more! While you’re marveling at this natural spectacle, don’t forget to tune in to the bat radio station. Yes, you heard that right – these little chatterboxes aren’t afraid to speak their minds (or squeaks). It’s a symphony of chirps and squeals, creating a soundtrack that adds to the excitement of the night.


Finding this secret bat cave might require some detective work. It’s like a treasure hunt for nature enthusiasts! Keep an eye out for subtle signs from the Arizona Game and Fish Department guiding you to this hidden gem. And remember, when you finally spot the bats, channel your inner ninja and maintain stealth mode for the best viewing experience.


So, fellow adventurers, grab your bat gear (okay, maybe just a flashlight and some snacks) and head to Phoenix for an unforgettable encounter with our nocturnal neighbors. It’s a bat-tastic adventure you won’t want to miss!

Location: Arizona Canal Trail, Phoenix, Arizona


  • Start at 40th Street and Camelback and go northwest on the Arizona Canal Trail.
  • Check Google Maps for “Batcave Parking” – that’s where the action starts. Can’t find it? No biggie! Just head towards Chelsea’s Kitchen. It’s like our secret code for bat adventures!
  • Once you’re in the area, park at Batcave Parking or at nearby office buildings and start your quest.

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