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This Hike in Sedona, Arizona Will Give You an Unforgettable Experience

Suny Errot



A vibrant arts community, pine forests, New Age shops, and mild climate. These are the things that make up the beautiful place of Sedona. But if there’s one thing you should remember about this desert town, it’s the natural sandstone butte on the Sedona skyline called Cathedral Rock. Check out this Sedona, Arizona Hike sure to give you an unforgettable experience!

Cathedral Rock

This natural sandstone butte is one of the most photographed sights not just in Sedona, but for the whole of Arizona. If you want to hike, you can take their 1.2-mile trail which is open all year round. You’d see unbelievable views of the iconic landmark, and naturally occurring red rock formations in the heart of red rock country.

What about the trail?

The Cathedral Rock trail’s difficulty level is considered moderate with several difficult sections. It is a kid-friendly and dog-friendly trail, but kids should always be guided by their guardians, and the dogs leashed. There is a fee or permit of $5.00.

You can access the Cathedral Rock trailhead from the Back’ O’Beyond Road. Then, you should be able to cross the junction between the Cathedral Rock and Easy Breezy trail before beginning with the actual ascent. The initial climb is pretty straightforward and easy, but it gets challenging once you reach the base of a crevasse or cleft in the rocky section.

Aside from the beautiful view that awaits you, another unforgettable experience is conquering the trafficked trail with a significant elevation gain. Don’t worry. You will see great views along the entirety of this activity!

What is there to see and experience?

Cathedral Rock View
Source: Cathedral Rock View | Arizona Hiker’s Guide

The breathtaking views and dramatic scenery of the red desert hills are already obvious. But what makes Cathedral Rock a truly unforgettable experience is the variety of interesting sights you’ll see on the way to the top of this Sedona, Arizona hike.

Light vegetation and short trees
Just because this is a rocky destination doesn’t mean there is a shortage of greens. Go here during the spring season if you want to see daisies, wildflowers, and agave paint the landscape stunningly.

A series of plateaus and the beautiful sky 

Expect short, steep climbs whenever there’s a plateau. The silver lining is that it will lead you to the flat segment of the trail wherein you’ll see the sky “glowing” in its full glory against the red rocks.

Over the saddle view 

Did you know that Sedona was once under an ancient sea? The place was at sea bottom more than 300 million years ago. As time passed by, the shells of the ancient sea creatures formed layers after layers of limestones that underlie Sedona today.

By going to the section just over the saddle, you’ll see remnants of the prehistoric volcanic cone as well as the ancient lava flows.

A strong energy

Sedona’s Cathedral Rock is said to be a major vortex spot or a special space where energy enters and projects out of the earth’s plane. With this, some hikers claim that they feel so energized and rejuvenated after their visit. The actual vortex spot is the conical pile of black lava locks, so make sure you keep an eye out for those!

Doesn’t the Cathedral Rock’s sheer beauty give you an unforgettable experience? Yes, we thought so too.