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This Horseback Ride in Phoenix Lets You Strut off Into the Sunset While Giving You Great Views of the Desert

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Want to go back in time and experience the Wild, Wild West in Arizona? Fret not, because you can enjoy the views of the sunset while riding a horse in a desert! Have you ever experienced a horseback ride in Phoenix? It’s one of the most exciting activities you can do when you’re out exploring the land. Are you missing out on the fun? Well then, you should continue reading…

The Cave Creek Trail Rides Are the Best Horseback Rides in Phoenix

Horseback ride in Phoenix trail ride

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The Cave Creek Trail Rides was founded in 1999 and ever since they have been a game-changer in offering recreation activities and horseback riding in Phoenix, Arizona. They are most famous for the horseback rides, which we are sure you would love because it’s such a memorable activity! If you think about it, it’s the most fun thing to do in Cave Creek Recreation Area. They also focus on the safety of the visitors by having guided trail rides that are enjoyable whether you are with your family or friends. Fun and safety. Well, isn’t that amazing?

You can relive the memories during the cowboy era by dressing up for the Cave Creek Trail Rides. You can look for the perfect outfit yourself. But let’s not kid ourselves, not everyone can find a perfect costume. If that’s going to be your problem, you can opt to get some of their outfits. They have hats and boots you can wear so you can just strut through the Cave Creek Regional Park and the picturesque Sonoran Desert. It matches the vibe of the place, and the activity!

 Sunset horseback ride az

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The cowboy guides will take care of you throughout the trip. They will also talk about a lot of things, including the mining history in the regional park, and the flowers and plants that grow in the desert. Be on the lookout as well because you may just bump into animals during your ride. It’s just like taking a nice hike in Camelback Mountain. 

We’ll let you in one a little pro tip…

Witness the Beautiful Sunset While on This Horseback Ride in Phoenix

Sunset Ride horseback ride in phoenix

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Did you know that watching the sunset can keep you calm and at peace? Enjoy an amazing horseback ride during the sunset and be in awe with the beautiful view of Arizona desert. There’s nothing better than getting a true Arizona experience of seeing the wonderful sunset scenery! We’re sure it will only make you breathless.

where to ride horses in az

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Are you afraid of horses? This ride may just cure your fear. The horses here are well-trained and friendly to their riders. It’s almost like, they, too, just want to strut off into the sunset while taking in the magnificent views of the desert. You can also just bond with them before taking the horseback ride in Phoenix.

Trail Ride Services

Check out the ride services you can avail:

  • 1 Hour Loop Ride – $52 + tax. Take this ride if you want the easiest ride. This will take you around the southern end of a hill, and doesn’t have enough elevation gain.
  • 1 Hour Sunset Ride – $62 + tax. Ride into the corral at dusk and witness the beautiful sunset at a quiet time of the day. This is perfect if you just want to take your mind off of things, or if you just want to de-stress.
  • 1.5 Hour Ride – $62 + tax. Come with your friends and choose from several trail options. If your groups riding ability is intermediate, then you’d be taking a much difficult (yet completely relaxing) trail.
  • 1.5 Hour Sunset Ride – $72 + tax. See the setting sun without hurrying too much.
  • 2 Hour Ride – $82 + tax. If you are in awe of the desert and you want spend more time exploring it, this one is for you.
  • 2.5 Hour Ride – $92 + tax. Have you tried the Sunset Ride before? Then, it’s time to try something new! Take the 2.5 hour ride at the new Quartz Trail and you’ll be treated to gentle slopes, and beautiful Sonoran Desert views. It’s fantastic.
  • 3 Hour Ride – $102 + tax. See the best of the Cave Creek Recreation Area in a 3 hour ride! It’s the best one yet.
  • Historic Clay Mine Ride – $62 + tax. Combine your love for history, geology, and the desert, and you get a tour that’s specifically tailored for you.

Keep in Mind:

  • Children below 6 years old are eligible for free pony rides, while kids from 6 to 12 years old get a $5 discount on regular rates.
  • Double riding is not permitted for safety reasons.
  • The weight limit for the horseback ride in Phoenix is 250 lbs.

Here Are Some Tips for Your Horseback Ride in Phoenix:

sunset ride phoenix

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  • They are closed for the summer. Plan your trip here when they open during the fall season.
  • If you are using a GPS app, the pinned location will get you near to the entrance of the park. You’ll need to go straight north on 32nd street until you reach Cave Creek Regional Park.
  • Be prepared for the parking fee as there is a $7 vehicle fee to enter.
  • Bring your camera and make the most out of the photo sessions during your horseback ride here.
  • You can schedule a private tour by calling them in advance.

Location: 37019 North 32nd Street Cave Creek, Arizona
Contact Number: 623-742-6700
Website: https://www.cavecreektrailrides.com/

Don’t you just wish you can book this cool horseback ride in Phoenix right away? During a difficult time like this, we all need to relax our mind with a peaceful activity and stunning scenery. Speaking of stunning places, here are 7 Arizona photos that will leave you speechless with its beauty.