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This Informal Taproom Venue in the High Desert of Arizona Surprisingly Has the Best Handcrafts Beers



Arizona sure packs a lot of great drinking spots that you should know about. Have you heard of the state’s smallest bar or the 100-square foot space is wedged into the hotel? That’s quite interesting. But if you want to sample different brews in the desert, you should at least check out THAT Brewery! It is an informal taproom venue that serves unforgettable samplers!

Visit THAT Brewery if You Want to Go off the Beaten Path

THAT Brewery cottonwood

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THAT Brewery’s location is pretty confusing for some. It is just sitting at the corner of a warehouse or an industrial building. However, you only need to step inside to see how elated the guests are in here. You may try different samplers that have a good amount of beer – not to mention – it is sold at a good and friendly price too!

The taproom is built into the brewery and it’s not something you see in the state every day. Some taprooms are just not centered around the brewery. The bartenders are friendly and nice so you can ask for their recommendations. They offer a wide variety of beers, including some high ABV ones. Rest assured that the handcrafted beers are made using the finest brewing methods and ingredients available.

From a Grill & Cabins to a Brewery

THAT Brewery arizona

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For a bit of history, the owners of THAT Brewery once owned and operated Rimside Grill & Cabins in Pine, Arizona. Steve and Tamara Morken had it for 8 years until they converted the location to THAT Brewery & Pub. They were already accustomed to day-to-day operations of creating recipes, inventory control, accounting, marketing, and bartending. Not to mention, they were also in charge of chores like dishwashing, waiting tables, consulting, cooking, and more. During the course of their operations, they also trained with a master brewer.

Craft Beer Process

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Perhaps that was what sparked their interest in brewing. Who would have thought that from learning how to brew beer, they would be able to develop the distribution network associated with that process, and get into the craft beer industry? Impressive.

What Beers Can You Enjoy at THAT Brewery?

Craft Beer

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This place only has premium handcrafted beers. Here’s what you should expect before visiting:

Arizona Trail Ale

THAT Brewery takes pride in Arizona Trail Ale, their Flagship Beer! The malt has the beautiful flavors of fresh-baked whole wheat bread, as well as stone fruit, rosehips, and black tea, with a sophisticated floral hop.

Beer Vital Stats: 6% ABV, 38 IBU

Fossil Creek IPA beer

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Fossil Creek IPA

In the mood for a drink full of Citra, Cascade, and Simcoe hops? This summer IPA is brilliantly aromatic and has the refreshing flavors of grapefruit, tangerine, and citrus zest

Beer Vital Stats: 4.0% ABV, 66 IBU

THAT Amber

This one is an amber ale that contains complex malts. It gives you flavors that will transport you back to your grandmother’s house. Frankly, this one is reminiscent of shortbread cookies, toffee, and caramelized sugars. If you ask the bartender, they’d say that these set this beer apart from the rest.

Beer Vital Stats: 4.5% ABV, 30 IBU

THAT Knotty Nut Brown Ale

Try this Nut Brown Ale if you want to taste the locally sourced Pinecones, Sarsaparilla, and nuts flavors. Your sip will soon turn dry and give you hints of the flavors of caramel and roasted creme brûlée.

Beer Vital Stats: 6.5% ABV, 35 IBU

THAT Strawberry Blonde

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THAT Strawberry Blonde

Do you fancy a light-bodied blonde ale? Well, this one has an exotic strawberry nose. It starts out slightly sweet but finishes crisp, and refreshing. See which among the notes of hibiscus, lilac and vanilla is the strongest.

Beer Vital Stats: 5.2% ABV, 28 IBU

THAT Backwoods Blonde

This one is another light-bodied blonde ale that you would enjoy. Compared to the strawberry blonde, this one has a subtle biscuit finish for easy drinking.

Beer Vital Stats: 5.1% ABV, 28 IBU

Monsoon Mud Stout THAT brewery

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Monsoon Mud Stout

Taste the layers of dark chocolate, leather, smoke, and roasted coffee flavors with this light-bodied stout. This one is brewed in an intense Arizona monsoon storm that caused a power outage. The result is what you would expect – a much longer boil time and a perfect caramelized chocolate roast.

Beer Vital Stats: 5.2% ABV, 31 IBU

RoadRash IPA

Let’s get one thing straight. This American style IPA has a perfect balance. Its nose consists of floral, spicy pepper. It starts out with notes of grapefruit and citrus zest but finishes with a strong hop flavor that doesn’t linger.

Beer Vital Stats: 7% ABV, 86 IBU

Don’t leave without ordering a six-pack to take home to your buddies!

Attend a Fun Event at THAT Brewery

THAT Brewery az

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Did you know that for $40, you can attend the Pints & Paints in Cottonwood event on December 17? It already includes all your supplies and step-by-step instruction from artist Aileen.

You will also get 2 pints or non-alcoholic drinks (your choice). Guests are welcome to bring in their own food, but you must pre-sign up and pre-pay for seating and supplies. Given that the pandemic is still very much present, limited guests are accepted to allow for proper social distance seating. They are also giving $5 off for previous attendees.

Location: 300 E Cherry St, Cottonwood, Arizona 86326

Have you been to THAT Brewery? How was your experience?

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