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This Luxury Sedona Resort Lets You Meditate Peacefully in a Beautiful Vortex Treehouse



There’s no shortage of beautiful and relaxing places in Sedona. But if you think we are just talking about the various hiking destinations such as the 1-mile hike that leads to jaw-dropping pools, then you are mistaken. The L’Auberge de Sedona puts you in the middle of the wilderness, close to Mother Nature, so you can meditate in a serene treehouse. You will certainly love this whole experience.

Connect With the Earth and Avail The L’Auberge DE Sedona Intuitive Vortex Package

Take relaxation to the next level and participate in the Intuitive Vortex package! This package treats guests to a glimpse of the resort’s Vortex Treehouse and allows them to enjoy different activities such as hiking, spa, and meditation! The Intuitive Vortex package is based on Sedona’s vortices. If you are not familiar with the term, these are places that can provide healing and energy to those visiting it. You can choose a guided Sedona meditation retreat at L’Auberge de Sedona and you will be delighted because it is attuned to your wellness intentions. What do we mean?

This is an intuitive experience. You will first explore this red rock destination without leaving L’Auberge for a meditation session. After that, the hike destination and spa treatment will be “decided” based on your chosen vortex. Prepare to be welcomed into a relaxing L’Apothecary Nature Spa experience handcrafted just for you!

Vortex Treehouse L'Auberge de Sedona

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By availing this package, you will also enjoy a 3-night stay, breakfast credits, a 90-minute guided vortex meditation set in the Vortex Treehouse. You will also be treated to a 90-minute signature L’Apothecary spa treatment and a 3-hour guided hike. Now that’s our kind of getaway!

Remember that you need to book at least two weeks prior to arrival. L’Auberge de Sedona’s Intuitive Vortex package is subject to availability.

Are You Planning to Visit This Beautiful Resort?

L'Auberge de Sedona az

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This luxury Sedona resort provides rejuvenation, relaxation, and magnificent vistas to all its guests. It is a place to escape if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can shower under the canopy of Sycamore trees or dine al fresco on a moonlit balcony. Whatever your idea of relaxation is, you will experience it here!

The natural, rugged setting offsets the luxury of the hotel. For some reason, doesn’t it remind you of an equally enchanting resort in Arizona? It also attracts many couples looking to celebrate special milestones, as well as families who love to revel in outdoor adventures. There are also many business people coming here who would just love to go on a refreshing retreat.

If you want to avail of different experiences, you can also try their Summertime Escape where you can fall under Oak Creek’s spell. There is also the Sedona Adventure Package that takes you to the top of Cathedral Rock to witness the sunset.

Location: 301 L’Auberge Lane Sedona, Arizona 86336
Website: https://www.lauberge.com/

Are you ready to enhance your interaction with nature? Book a stay at this gorgeous place now. We suggest that you come here once the global health crisis blows over so you don’t risk yourself or put others at risk.

If you think Sedona is the most beautiful place on earth, we will probably agree. We know that is not a stretch of the imagination. The vast scenery just steals your breath in an unexplainable way. Check out other must-visit destinations: This Narrow but Magnificent Natural Bridge in Sedona Is a Picture Perfect Spot You Need to Visit. 

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