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This Relatively Easy Hike in Sedona Will Reward You With Some of the Most Unforgettable Views

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It’s grand, it has canyons, and it’s got the Grand Canyon. Where is the mighty fine place to go camping, shopping, and sightseeing? We only have one answer: that is Arizona. It also happens to be one of the best places to be if you’re looking to hike! It would be a shame not to try it at least once, wouldn’t it? For today, we have one of the best hiking trails you would ever come across. Here is Fay Canyon.

A Hike to the Fay Canyon Is Nothing Short of a Breathtaking Adventure

Fay Canyon arizona

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If you like twists and turns, lifts and drops, red rocks, and mountain tops, then you will love this easy hike in Sedona. Inarguably the hiking capital of the Grand Canyon State, it is also home to the famed Fay Canyon Trail.

Fay Canyon is a simple 2.6-mile hike and it is perfect for beginners. Yup, you read that right, my friend. This is just 2.6 miles! If you are a rookie when it comes to hiking, you don’t need to be scared. All you need to do is to come along.

Are you looking to take your family and kids out on a hiking trip? Take them here! Consider it a walk along the park, but instead of a park, you’re walking around the towering walls of red rock and seeing the majestic Sedona views. This is a magical experience you won’t be able to forget!

Walk Along the Stories Told Through the Red Rock Walls of the Fay Canyon Trail

Fay Canyon hike az

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Majestic, awe-inspiring, and simply amazing – these are words that would describe the scenery, and more so, emotions that would fill you up as you wander around the Fay Canyon Trail. The walls of red rock tell the tale of time through the distinct layering of rock varying in color. It goes to show that the Fay Canyon Trail in Sedona is one for the destination and another for the appreciation. It is truly a remarkable landscape sculpted by Mother Nature.

Unlike other trails exposing you like a nerve to the blazing reaches of the sun’s rays, Fay Canyon Trails actually gives you some protection. As mentioned before, the towering red rock walls and cliffs provide a nice and comfy allowance of shade along the trail’s path. With that said, it is very convenient to stroll around since you will also be avoiding direct exposure to the sun.

A Short, Yet Fruitful Adventure

Fay Canyon Arch

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As you walk the short route, you will find yourself losing sight of time. While this trail is relatively short, you would still need to do a bit of scrambling all throughout. In fact, the “end of the trail” sign is probably where your true hike begins. Make sure you come here with good hiking shoes to easily clamber up the sandstone faces.

Arch Trail beautiful sedona landmark

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As for the famed landmark, you should look for the Fay Canyon Arch which is particularly stunning. It is just off to the right on the Fay Canyon Trail and only takes about a 1/4 mile up the canyon. Since there is no marker showing the direction of the arch, just look for the dry wash on the right that shows the set of cairns that mark the trail. If you cross the wash and follow the well-established path, you’ll be able to identify the arch soon enough. This is definitely a nice side trip from the main trail!

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Just one tip for the newbie: expect hard terrain to get into the arch. Don’t let the promise of an outstanding view keep you from watching the steep, rocky terrain.

The arch looks like a cave from the ground, and it looks even more stunning from underneath. You will fall in love with the lush greenery as far as the eye can see. The distant yet towering spires and canyons would also easily take your breath away. If you are lucky, you will also see a beautiful stream and waterfall at the end of some parts of the year.

Nature Trail

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But aside from taking your breath, the trail would also give you something in return. An energizing wave of vigor and would fill your body up. As it happens, the Fay Canyon Trail happens to be one of Sedona’s famed spiritual vortices of energy!

You Will Lose Track of Time Because of Total Enjoyment

Fay Canyon az

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Alas, as you wander about the trail and lose track of your walk, you reach the finish line, a sign that says “End of Maintained Trail.”
If you ask us, the sign serves as a vantage point, if you will, for more wondrous scenery and spectacle. Should you decide to head back or press forward into the unknown is entirely up to you. Just remember to hike carefully.

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The adventurous hikers who want a bigger adventure might heed the signage’s warning. After all, the trail ahead is not maintained and would require you gear suited for rocky terrain and gripping. This little forward movement, however, rewards you best as well. Explore the areas of the wilderness and the distinct sculptures that are the rock formations along the trail! Your heart will surely be delighted.

Visit During the Winter and See a Different Side of the Fay Canyon Trail

Sedona winter hike

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Like most trails in Sedona during winter, the Fay Canyon Trail becomes a winter wonderland. It is a sight to behold. Indeed, it is most magical to take on if you get the early jiffies. The view before or during the sun peeks out is just too good to be true.

Have you taken the Fay Canyon Trail? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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