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This Street That Is Most of What Is Left of Lowell, Arizona Is a Perfect Vintage Photo Spot

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Abandoned towns probably go on the top of your list when you think about historic yet interesting destinations. But how about someplace most people don’t know about? Erie Street is most of what is left of Lowell and it’s time you should visit it!

Going to Erie Street Feels Like Walking Through Time or Inside a 1950 Themed Movie Set

Erie Street az

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They say attractions like these totally make for great experiences. That is absolutely correct! Erie Street is such a special place that almost appears like a hybrid between a movie set and a post-apocalyptic setting. As you explore the area, you will see rusting cars, trucks, and even an old Greyhound bus deserted along the street. Just close your eyes and imagine what it’s like when it still had many residents. Or, you can just snap a quick picture because we’d say it’s perfect for your gram.

Lowell Abandoned place

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Erie Street is most of what is left of Lowell, Arizona. It is a mining town incorporated into Bisbee in the early 1900s. The town’s residential area had most of its parts demolished to widen an open-pit copper mine. When the residents were forced to leave, the commercial district struggled, causing many businesses to fail miserably. Today, you will see a Harley Davidson repair shop with a now-defunct gas pump and Sprouse Reitz Co. It is a department store that is nearly empty, but it still has a few appliances.

Erie Street: This Is a Whole Street of Antiquity That Is Appealing Even to Kids

Lowell Erie Street historic az

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This might not be the usual family destination with pools, slides, bumper cars, and all that. However, you can’t take the charm out of Erie Street. It is a whole area of antiquity where everything stayed exactly as it is in the 1950s to 1960s.

While the area faced a decline, you’d be happy to know that it was restored by a passionate community of residents and volunteers. Everyone is just eager to save Erie Street and bring out the beauty of the “old America.” Even if you cannot see a film at Lowell’s movie theater, or pay cheap for gasoline, the Lowell Americana Project has made it possible to see and experience the street – unchanged.

Some visitors would come around the mine to take some additional pictures. You can do that as well!

Who Would Expect Anyone to Find Something So Seriously Cool in the Middle of Nowhere?

Lowell Gym az Erie Street

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This is seriously a cool place. In fact, it’s almost too scenic for the history buffs! The abandoned border town is frozen in the 1950s. You will still see the intact storefronts that will make you admire how passionate the individuals who fought for this place’s restoration were. The street is also lined with a curated selection of historic cars. These are still glamorous and classic!

After Touring the Historic Place, You Should Grab a Flavorful Meal

Bisbee Breakfast Club old restaurant

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Unlike the cars along the road, Bisbee Breakfast Club is not a decorative piece in Erie Street. In fact, it is a must-stop because the diner is famous for serving up great breakfasts and tasty lunches seven days a week! Don’t judge Bisbee Breakfast Club’s exterior. It is home to great treasures, a.k.a. dishes. Not to mention, they also take pride in their homemade sweets such as pies and desserts.

If you are an out-of-town visitor, you will probably appreciate the fun and friendly atmosphere! The place is also easy to spot. It is located in the historic Rexall Drug Building in the Bisbee neighborhood of Lowell. The restaurant also expanded into the neighboring space, a former glass shop, to accommodate more patrons. They have increased demand in 2009.

The restaurant now has multiple locations throughout Arizona. It also remains a good and memorable destination and a home away from home for many.

While you’re there, you should take the time to dig into the place’s past. The servers are usually knowledgeable about the history of Bisbee and Lowell.

Or… You Can Just Set up Your Own Sweet Picnic on the Street

Lowell Picnic romantic idea Erie Street

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You can go get breakfast at the Bisbee Breakfast Club, or you can set up your own sweet picnic on the street. That makes the experience sweeter and more memorable. You’ll also be eating on such a historic street, and that makes all the difference.

Just remember to still practice social distancing when outside. And of course, wash your hands or sanitize frequently to reduce the risk of acquiring the disease.

Are You a Dog Lover? You Might Just Meet Beautiful Doggos That Will Complete Your Day

Dogs of Arizona lowell

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There is a cute little puppy and his sibling (not pictured) roaming around the streets in Lowell, Arizona. They’re in charge of greeting happy and curious travelers, and always excited to receive pats on the head. If you are a dog lover, you will certainly appreciate the warm welcome from the furry pups. Meet them on your way in before you explore the town.

Note: Erie Street is not so visible from the main road, but when you catch a glimpse of the place, you’ll find that it is right beside the big open pit mine in town. Your view will reveal a couple of old cars, and some restored buildings.

What do you think about Erie Street? It’s such a great place to visit the bygone era, huh?

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