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This Unique McDonald’s Is Truly One of a Kind Right Here in Arizona



If you ever see a McDonald’s with a turquoise logo, would you honestly believe it’s real and not just some copycat restaurant? If you’re in another place, you may have to double-check (to be sure!) But if you’re in Arizona, you best believe it’s legit. The unique McDonald’s in Sedona is turning heads of many visitors because of the unique color they chose for their logo. And you have to listen to the story behind this color-change:

Bright Yellow? Nah. We prefer Turquoise.

Source: Reddit

McDonald’s is one of the world’s recognizable brands. One look at the arching bright yellow letter M, and you’d have people thinking about fries, burgers, and sodas. That’s how powerful their brand is. However, if you come here in Sedona, you’d notice that the color is far from the stand out yellow.

Why the color-change?

McDonald’s ditched yellow for a turquoise logo for a pretty interesting reason. As we all know, Sedona is characterized by its stunning and mountainous red rock landscapes. The whole place itself is a natural wonder, so there are rules in place for those who will put up buildings.

They came up with specific restrictions on building design, including colors of the exteriors of storefronts, as well as their signs.

McDonalds Sedona Arizona
Source: Facebook

Basically, their effort is all about prohibiting structures from intruding too much on the surrounding scenery. According to Nicholas Gioello, development services manager for Sedona’s Community Development Department, they want “everything to blend into the natural surroundings.” After all, the view is the main reason why a lot of people come to Sedona. You can’t argue with that, huh?

McDonald’s was built there early in the 90s, and the officials thought that the bright color yellow would indeed clash with the surrounding red rocks. So they opted for something softer and more pleasing to the eyes. In this case, it’s the turquoise blue. The reddish tones of the mountains will definitely look good behind the blue-green color. Can you believe it? Leave it to Sedona to make a fast-food chain adjust to match the wonderful place’s natural decor! They also put a height restriction so that this unique McDonald’s in Sedona has its blue arches situated lower on the front of the building than other McDonald’s locations.

The only McDonald’s with a blue logo in the world!

Source: Instagram

You can’t find a McDonald’s like this anywhere in the world. This is why aside from the stunning views of Sedona, many travelers also snap a photo with the blue logo. If you think about it, it’s also a cool spot especially if you patronize the global fast-food chain.

So before you go, capture the moment and share it with the world! We’re sure not a lot of people know about this.

Note: The interior of this unique McDonald’s in Sedona is similar to other regular McDonald’s. Don’t be disappointed, though. At least you can cool off with their float and munch on tasteful burgers!

What do you think of this restaurant? It’s pretty interesting, right? Since you’re already in Sedona, you might as well check out their magical trail, or tick off every item from this Best Things to Do in Sedona list.