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Visit These 10 Amazing Hispanic Restaurants to Indulge in the Most Scrumptious Burritos in All of Phoenix



Have you tried the tacos from any of the 8 famous taco trucks in Arizona? Well, it’s time to indulge in something else! We all know that a single burrito can make up a whole meal, as they are quite filling. In fact, one can say that a burrito is the perfect handheld meal because it already contains everything you need and want from the important food groups: rice, cheese, beans, meat, lettuce, and more. If you are in need of a quick craving fix, you should check out these places that sell the best burritos in Phoenix. Drooling guaranteed!

Grab the best burritos in Phoenix at any of these Hispanic restaurants:

1. Barrio Queen

Arizona Burrito Barrio Queen best burritos in phoenix

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Anyone traveling through Phoenix should definitely make a stop at Barrio Queen for some mouthwatering burritos. The regional authentic Mexican fare served at this restaurant all warrant a taste test and we’re sure you won’t regret it!

Why you should try it: The Arizona Burrito is particularly tempting because the tender slow-cooked green chile pork is made flavorful by the homemade green tomatillo sauce. It is also topped with crema fresca, red onion and cilantro that enhances the flavors and makes this pork green chile burrito scrumptious!

Location: 21001 N Tatum Blvd Ste. 98, Phoenix, Arizona 85050

2. Carolina’s Mexican Food

Just in case you are wondering, Carolina’s Mexican Food dates back to 1950’s when Manuel and Carolina Valenzuela started making homemade tortillas, burritos, and tamales. They sold the fresh Mexican food from the back seat of their car at wrestling matches and to the migrant workers in fields. The two aimed to preserve the “traditional way” of making the food so they can share it with more people. Today, this restaurant considerably makes some of the best burritos in Phoenix!

Why you should try it: Go heavy on your lunch and try the Carne Asada Burrito that comes with diced and grilled beef that is seasoned to perfection. It also has spicy and savory pico de gallo for that extra kick.

Location: 2126 East Cactus Rd Phoenix, Arizona 85022

3. Rito’s Mexican Food

Rice and Bean Burrito

Source: Instagram

What can you expect from a place that serves great tasting authentic Mexican food since 1977? Well, they probably have some of the best burritos in Phoenix! Rito’s Mexican Food does not disappoint with their authentic and tasty Mexican food. They take pride in their award-winning green chili burritos, and mouthwatering guacamole tacos. Whatever it is you are looking for, this place has all the delicious solutions just for you!

Why you should try it: Many locals know that there aren’t many places around like Rito’s. You won’t be disappointed with their offerings because they always give you huge burritos with well-proportioned beans and rice. Once you start eating your burrito, you’ll find yourself wanting more. Try their Rice and Bean Burrito, Bean Dip, and Hot Sauce. Some find it the best in the Valley!

Location: Garfield 907 N. 14th St. Phoenix, Arizona 85006

4. PHX Burrito House

PHX Burrito House az

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Next in our list of restaurants with the best burritos in Phoenix is this famous shop that offers simple, quality, and great tasting Mexican cuisine. The highlights of their menu include burritos, tacos & quesadillas. Many visitors absolutely adore their Breakfast Burrito so maybe that’s what you should order when you come here. According to reviews, they can whip up a quick breakfast burrito for you and you can just partner it with their equally delicious green salsa.

If you want a regular burrito, that’s fine too. Their choice of meats includes grilled chicken, pork in green chile sauce, pork carnitas, steak or carne asada, beef in red chile sauce, and shredded beef. Individuals who are watching their weight or are in a diet may also try their Shrimp Burrito or Veggie Burrito.

Why you should try it: We want our burritos to be filled with all the yummy fillings and stuffed as much as possible. Well, that’s what you are going to get when you purchase from PHX Burrito House. If you want to know our recommendation, let’s just say the beef burrito enchilada style is too good not to order. Lastly, we all want to order from a shop with nice and friendly staff. This place doesn’t just serve some of the best Mexican favorites. The place is pretty cleaned up, and their staff is extra friendly too! We guess that’s why this place is considered an “iconic Phoenix restaurant” that you must eat at.

Location: 4140 7th Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85013

5. Cocina Madrigal

Cocina Madrigal best burritos in phoenix

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Cocina Madrigal features classic Mexican fare and drinks. While they specialize in handcrafted tacos and enchiladas, their burritos are certainly not to be dismissed. The food they serve are all flavorful and stuffed with your favorite protein or veggies. You will also love how their fresh and bold salads complement your orders in a refreshing way. There is a reason why Cocina Madrigal always has 5-star reviews from customers, and it’s because they only serve great food and great service. Make sure you leave room for the churros!

Why you should try it: It may be hard to spot Cocina Madrigal because of the lack of directional signs. But once you find it or stumble upon this humble restaurant, you’d know you’ve made a good decision. While it may not look anything special, the food they serve tells a whole different story! They embrace a Mexican-themed atmosphere, decoration, and music. Not to mention, their burritos are authentic and incredibly tasty.

Guests who have been to this restaurant can attest to the fact that the Mexican favorites offered here are bursting with flavors. Nothing is mediocre and you can easily find yourself ordering not just burritos, but also other food like chips, homemade tortillas, and churros.

Location: 4044 S 16th St, Phoenix, Arizona 85040

Where else should you go if you want the best burritos in Phoenix?

6. Asadero Toro

Asadero Toro best burritos in phoenix

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You really shouldn’t underestimate a modest counter-serve operation. As it turns out, Asadero Toro is known for having some of the best burritos in Phoenix! You can choose from a wide range of Mexican fare from tacos to burritos. The best thing about it is that their meat is delicious and lean, not the “greasy grizzle” type you’d hate to bite into. You’ve got to try their Carne Asada Burrito. It might be so simple but it’s so delicious.

Why you should try it: This place doesn’t just serve some of the best burritos in Phoenix. If you want delicious and authentic Mexican food, you should definitely come here. You should also try their homemade Sonora style tortillas because it tastes superb with the varied flavors fro their salsa bar. You can just drive through this restaurant and eat your order at home and your cravings will be fixed!

Location: 1715 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, Arizona 85007

7. Hatch-it Green Chile Burgers & Tacos

Green Chile Burrito yummy burrito in arizona

Source: Google Maps

Hatch-it Green Chile Burgers & Tacos is a restaurant most Mexicans say to be a “home away from home” because of its great-tasting food. This place serves local authentic southwest cuisine mixed with their famous Hatch Green Chile’s. Many green chile lovers will definitely be delighted by the items on their menu. Once you leave, your faith and hope in finding good Mexican food in Phoenix will most likely be restored.

Why you should try it: If you want a burrito, you might as well taste something authentic. Many Mexicans are skeptical about shops in Arizona that claim to have authentic Mexican food. We recommend you to try this first before any of the other restaurants in this list if you really want a “taste of home.” Every bite from their burrito and you can tell it was made with love and passion.

Try their Green Chile Pork Burrito and partner it with a couple of sides, such as chips and salsa and the street corn. The corn will have a little spicy kick to it, enhancing the flavors even more. You should also order a Steak Burrito because it is one of the customer favorites!

Location: 5341 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85013

8. Taquerias El Chino

Taquerias El Chino arizona

Source: Facebook

Enjoy large portions of Mexican classics at good prices. Taquerias El Chino is a low-key, quick-serve eatery that offers some of the best burritos in Phoenix. You will find the meat extremely fresh and flavorful. It doesn’t hurt that the customer service in this restaurant is good, too. The team that services your orders is friendly and attentive but be prepared for a small wait if you come at lunchtime.

Why you should try it: Travelers who are constantly searching for good local food will hit the jackpot with Taquerias El Chino. Make sure to try their authentic Salsa Roja which is just the right amount of spicy and flavorful. Order their Carne Asada Burrito and be energized the whole day!

Location: 1803 W Van Buren St, Phoenix, Arizona 85007

9. La Santisima Gourmet Taco Shop

La Santisima Gourmet Taco Shop best burritos in phoenix

Source: Facebook

If you are looking for your next favorite Mexican spot in the valley, this might be it! La Santisima Gourmet Taco Shop offers fresh and flavorful burritos that make for a perfect meal. They have vegan options for those who can’t really eat meat, and you can even purchase take out margaritas so you can have a relaxing night out at home!

Switch up your orders of salsas to pair with their burritos. You can try their Mayan Burrito and even pair it with their yummy Carne Asada tacos.

Why you should try it: La Santisima Gourmet Taco Shop is inspired in the heart of Mexico and made fresh in the heart of Phoenix. While this place is not a Mexican food stop that will really “knock your socks off,” it’s definitely one of the top choices when dining around the State Capitol.

Location: 1919 N. 16th St. Phoenix, Arizona 85006

10. The Grand Burrito

The Grand Burrito az best burritos in Phoenix

Source: Facebook

The Grand Burrito brings the original flavor of burrito born in the northwest of Mexico. All flour tortillas from this restaurant are made from scratch and they also give a variety of options to put on such as green chili, bean and cheese, Barbacoa, chicharron, and more! You will certainly love their fresh ingredients that are made in a clean, warm, and safe environment.

Why you should try it: There’s nothing better than ordering a quality burrito from a low-price burrito joint. You can’t go wrong with any of their menu options, so we suggest you try whatever sounds and looks tasty. In fact, you should try a little bit of everything.

Location: 906 N 15th Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Which among these restaurants is your favorite? Share it with us in the comments below.