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Visiting These Mysterious Ruins in Arizona Will Take You Back in Time




Don’t you think the only way you can avoid trafficked and touristy areas is by doing a little more research on Arizona’s hidden gems? Well, we’re here to make your life a little easier. Fulfill your dream vacation by visiting this sacred land abundant with naturally-formed arches, and beautiful box canyons. These mysterious ruins called the Mystery Valley is the state’s hidden (and protected) gem. Discover the mystery behind this must-visit destination now:

Mystery Valley: A Relatively Unknown Natural Wonder

Source: Mystery Valley | The Wave

The Monument Valley has a whopping size of 91,696 acres and occupies both lands from Arizona and Utah. With that big of a valley, we understand that there’s a lot of unexplored places, including this mysterious stretch of desert.

The relatively unknown natural wonder called the Mystery Valley is hidden in the remote park of Monument Valley. The Puebloan people occupied it nearly 1,000 years ago, and half a millennia later, claimed by the Navajo tribe. This tribe currently resides there, and this stretch of desert is now considered part of sacred land. No one can go in or out without a Navajo guide.

Source: Mystery Valley/Wikimedia Commons

This beautiful destination features some of the world’s most graceful geological formations that were formed by the slow erosion of wind and water. It also has scattered artifacts and petroglyphs – proof of the ancient peoples who once lived in this valley. We bet even Ross Geller would want to visit this place! If you want to see not just spectacular buttes but also ancient indigenous ruins, you better make sure Mystery Valley is included in your Arizona itinerary list!

What Can You See Here?

Mystery Valley has numerous arches, with only a few included in commercial tours. The Navajo people also believe that this place holds great spiritual power. So if you’re here, you’ll probably feel and experience it for yourself.

But of course, the highlight of this destination is their mysterious ruins. Come take a look. Here are some of the famous sites you’ll see in Mystery Valley:

Mystery Valley Ruins

  • Honeymoon House Ruins
  • Anasazi Cliff Dwellings
  • Square House Ruins
  • Baby House Ruins
  • House of Many Hands Ruins


  • Skull Arch
  • Honeymoon Arch
  • Lone Pine Arch
  • Half Moon Arch

Aside from the sacred spots and natural arches, the ancient petroglyphs and pictographs will also be very intriguing up close.

Even if you can’t understand the whole history of the place, we’re sure you’d enjoy getting a look at the history of the Navajo and Ancient Peaubloan People, as well as their way of life.

What You Should Know

  • Mystery Valley Tours all have a Navajo guide. If you want to inquire about a tour, you can visit the Monument Valley Visitor Center at U.S. 163 Scenic, Oljato-Monument Valley, Arizona, 84536. Note: A Mystery Valley Tour usually takes about 3.5 hours.
  • Remember to be mindful of the surroundings because the place has several sensitive archaeological sites. Some Navajo families residing there also do not want to be disturbed.
  • There are only a few tour providers and few visitors who visit Mystery Valley (that’s why it’s still a mystery), so you shouldn’t be surprised if you don’t encounter other visitors.
  • Expect that you’ll do a bit of rock scrambling to get the best sights in Mystery Valley.
  • A sunset tour might be of interest. The Monument Valley views at sunset are pretty spectacular!
  • Taking a guided tour will also give you intimate knowledge and understanding of these mysterious ruins in Arizona. Note: The tour price starts at $65.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and plan your visit now! And once you’re done, you might as well schedule a trip to another beautiful destination: a secluded wildlife refuge in Arizona.