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Visiting This High-Tech Golf Club in Tucson Arizona Puts You in the Same Level as Jamie Foxx

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Do you ever see yourself having a future in golf? If yes, we suggest you check out this picturesque golf club in Arizona. But if you’re still debating whether to answer “No,” or “It’s uncertain,” we think you should pay this cool and high tech golf club a visit first. The Topgolf Tucson Marana is your premier entertainment and event venue that will allow you to enjoy fun point-scoring golf games minus the pressure. Talk about a good Arizona recreation destination!

Topgolf Tucson Marana is the Best Place for Groups

Topgolf Exterior Arizona

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This place has everything you need to entertain your friends, family, or visiting colleagues. You can take part in fun golf games, spoil yourself in the upscale bar food and drinks, and just have fun. Topgolf Marana is perfect for small or big groups, and those who have already visited this place can attest to that fact. Plus, don’t you just love the idea that you don’t have to be a very skilled golfer just to have fun?

TopGolf AZ

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Many are just discovering this destination to be fitting for social events. While your initial thoughts would be “This seems like an odd choice,” you’ll find yourself having more fun than you expected after visiting. The place is already lively, and its employees are friendly and helpful with everything you need. You will be unconsciously dancing to the music because you’re sure to have a smile on your face the whole time you’re here.

Why Don’t You Practice Some Golf at Topgolf Tucson Marana?

Golf Swing Practice Arizona Golf Club

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If you’re not socializing with your group, put time to better use by working on your golf swings. Look around and you’ll see that there are many different kinds of people (non-athletes) who are just out for fun. Swing a stick and hit a micro-chipped ball. Check your score. Get competitive with your group. Repeat.

Golfers Tucson

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Think of it this way: the game is similar to bowling because the scores you’ll get are electronically tabulated on a screen. Like what we mentioned, you don’t have to be a pro to play here, but you can always practice until you become one.

Cocktails Topgolf Tucson Marana

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Many guests will also enjoy choosing from a wide variety of food and drinks on the menu. The Chicken Nachos and Asian Sesame Boneless Wings are some of the crowd-favorites, so you might as well start with that. Cool off with a cold beer or margarita if you feel like your game’s too intense. There are pretty huge (and sleek) lounge and table areas around. Or if you need a boost, just revel in the awesome views of the Catalina Mountains before hitting the ball again.

Tip: You can wait for the great specials during off-hours if you have a strict budget.

The Games For All Skill Levels at Topgolf Tucson Marana

Topgolf Tucson Marana Games

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The good thing about this venue is that you can play with no golf experience required. You can just hit the ball, and wait for the screen to show the distance and accuracy of your play. And the only downside? You’d probably have a hard time choosing from their selection of games. But we’re here to make your life a little easier, aren’t we?

Beginner Games

  • Topgolf. This is the signature game where players score corresponding points by hitting balls into any target. 
  • Quick 9 Novice. Get three shots each at the Red, Yellow and Green targets. Earn bigger points when you hit the ball closer to the center of each target. 
  • TopScore. This game is all about the distance. Aim to hit the farthest target, while keeping your eyes on the center. 
  • TopShot Rookie. Accuracy is another name for the game. Hit the targets at four consecutive distances and get five shots to the Red, Yellow, Green, and Brown. But be warned. Be careful because you will lose points if you hit the wrong target. 

Intermediate Games

  • TopScramble. The players will be split into teams and each will compete to get the best score on each ball. The highest score is used as the team’s score. 
  • TopChip. Hit the correct target and win points. Hit the wrong one and lose it! 
  • Jewl Jam. This sounds like a game on your phone, but it’s not. Play in a virtual environment utilizing Topgolf’s Toptracer technology. Then, match jewels in a row to earn points. 
  • TopPressure. Can you hit all nine sections within the Yellow target? The points will multiply for the second and third levels. Just don’t hit the same section twice or you’ll lose points. 
  • TopShot Intermediate. Hit the targets at four consecutive distances. You’ll get five shots to the Yellow, Green, Brown, and Blue. 

Advanced/Expert Games

  • TopShot Advanced. Another accuracy game. Hit the targets at four consecutive distances. You’ll also get five shots but aim for Green, Brown, Blue, and White. 
  • Quick 9 Expert. A speedy game of fun and accuracy. Aim for the center of each target or at Brown, Blue and White targets. 
  • Virtual Courses. Play 9, a full 18 or just select the holes you want to play at some of the most iconic golf courses in the world. 
  • TopDrive. You only need to aim for the White and Trench targets to score points. 

What You Should Know:

Topgolf Lobby AZ Tucson

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You need a membership card before you hit a ball at Topgolf. The memberships start as low as $5 and it includes access to play all the games and receive offers throughout the year. Try it before deciding whether to avail of their lifetime membership.

Jamie Foxx at Topgolf Tucson Marana

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The Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx visited Topgolf Marana last year for a quick play.

A fan by the name of Mario Acosta spotted him in the booth next to them and thought it was a good idea to say Hi. If the superstar thinks this place is fun and worthwhile, that’s all the more reason you should too! We guess you could say, you’ll be on the same level as Jamie Foxx!

*Note: This place is temporarily closed until further notice. 

General Information

Topgolf Tucson Marana

Location: 4050 W Costco Place Tucson, Arizona, 85741

Website: https://topgolf.com/us/tucson/

Now, you know where to go the next time you want to stay entertained.