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We Found The Famous Pork Shop in Arizona With The Yummiest Meats Ever



Do you know what dreams are made of? If you ask us, we’ll say that they are made of bacon! Yes, that crispy slab of thin pork you eat for breakfast. We appreciate different kinds of bacon, but surely, your life will change once you try the delicious meat from the Grand Canyon State! You would have to make an effort to visit The Pork Shop Arizona because it will be a worth-while visit.

A Humble Shop

Pork Shop AZ Meat Shop

Source: Google Maps

When you see a pig silhouette, that’s the sign you’ve already reached your destination – The Pork Shop. This place is known for being the traditional butcher offering premium sausages, burritos, and smoked meats. The shop itself may look plain and simple from the outside. But, don’t let that fool you. A meat wonderland is waiting inside. You’ll be wow-ed by the wide variety of premium meats from left to right. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we bet that this place has it! Our tip for you is to avoid feeling overwhelmed. This pork heaven will delight you with its products at very reasonable prices. What a bang for your buck!

Now, where’s that grocery list of meat?

The Pork Shop Arizona Pride: Mustache Guy

The Pork Shop Arizona is a family-owned place that started in 1979. Their frontman is Jason Corman, the son-in-law of the founder, Greg Comb. Jason is known and widely loved as “The Mustache Guy” due to his unique mustache. In addition, one of his remarkable traits is that he consistently delivers great customer service to visitors with his amazing humor. As they say, if you treat customers as friends, they would keep coming back.

Don’t hesitate to ask him for any questions regarding pork. He’s very knowledgeable and can recommend different treats for you!

It’s All About Bringing Home The Bacon!

You will be an ultimate winner once you bring home the bacon from The Pork Shop! For bacon, the crowd favorite is the Pepper Cured Bacon. There are also different kinds such as Hickory Smoked, Jalapeno, BBQ, Pancetta, and a lot more!

Pork Selections Arizona

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You just have to browse for the meat you want because they’ve got it all! You can check out The Pork Shop Arizona’s different kinds of pork in all shapes and sizes alike.

Pork Shop AZ

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Enjoy deli meat, snack sticks, premium sausages and fresh cuts! They serve a variety of pork selections, even yummy treats for your dogs. Think about it. You don’t even have to spend time looking for pet-friendly restaurants in Arizona because you just have to buy and cook meat for your buddy.

San Tan Valley Tortillas Pork Shop

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Do you feel like you already need a pork fix? Then, you might as well grab their prepared meals! They offer pulled pork green chili burritos, tortillas, and beer brats.


  • If you’re coming from another state, faraway town or city from Queen Creek, make sure to bring your cooler. This will keep the met fresh on your drive.
  • Purchase their cooked food like burritos so that you won’t be hungry on your way home. It’s also a good road trip snack.
  • Buy ice from the next door store to keep your meats chilled in the cooler for long.
  • Be nice and ask your relatives and friends if they want something from the shop. You’re already shopping at the famous Pork Shop in Arizona. Why not share the happiness?
  • Prepare your list before coming here because sometimes there’s a lot of people inside. It will help shorten your meat shopping time.
  • Always check their Facebook page for announcements, events, sale because they usually have a monthly brat fry where you can purchase brats for only $1. They also host fun sausage taste testing events!
  • Additionally, if you’re a restaurant or catering business owner, you can purchase at wholesale prices.

Note: They are cancelling all events due to COVID-19 but operations will still be on-going. Please practice social distancing when visiting The Pork Shop.

The Pork Shop General Information

Address: 3359 E. Combs Road, Queen Creek, AZ 85140
Operating Hours: Tuesday and Saturday – 8 AM to 5 PM, Wednesday to Friday – 8 AM to 7 PM and Sunday – 9 AM to 3 PM (Closed every Monday)
Contact Number: 480-987-0101


Are you heading to The Pork Shop in Arizona soon? Tell us all about your whole experience!

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