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Witness the Fantastic Arizona Art Installations for Yourself Until Next Week, November 15

Suny Errot



There’s a lot to love about Scottsdale, Arizona. It is generally thought of as a destination for the lively, young, and hip people. After all, its economy is largely based on tourism due to the plethora of cool galleries, theaters, museums, shops, and restaurants spread throughout. However, the place also offers an annual surprise that serves as a visual delight for every visitor. Are you curious? Learn more about the Canal Convergence now.

Canal Convergence Is Where Artists Find the Collective Common Ground Through Public Art

Public Art Arizona

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Have you heard about this event before? Scottsdale Public Art’s Canal Convergence is a wonderful activity that provides engaging experiences to celebrate water, art, and light for 10 consecutive days. It is a free event and features fantastic large-scale art installations, live music, and more. The purpose of this event is to challenge artists to find our collective common ground through public art. We are pretty sure you will enjoy the event because of its visual feast. It is a good spot to take lots of photos and share special memories with your family or partner.

For this year, the theme revolves around inclusion, communication, collaboration, and community engagement. The artists took on the challenge to incorporate that with the perennial focus on Water + Art + Light, sustainability, and water conservation.

Due to the Pandemic, There Are Changes for the Canal Convergence

Canal Convergence art az

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If you are familiar with the event, you’d know that the artworks were once showcased along the Arizona Canal at the Scottsdale Waterfront. These are also scattered at multiple locations throughout Scottsdale. The aim of such strategy is to increase social distancing-friendly viewing options. That way, you won’t just enjoy a fun experience, but a safe one, too. Just check the website to view their online map featuring all of the physical artwork and augmented reality locations, coming soon.

Aside from a different location, some activities from previous years were also eliminated. This is done to ensure a significantly reduced event footprint. To compensate for that, Scottsdale Public Art and Scottsdale Arts Learning & Innovation will host a variety of online events using streaming platforms. They also invested in an augmented reality app to showcase live music, workshops, artist talks, and more.

The Public Art Installations Are Mesmerizing for Words

Spectrum public art installation

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There’s a big chance you’ve already seen this installation in your feed. “Spectrum (Frame Version)” by Olivier Ratsi welcomes visitors with beautiful and vibrant colors. The artist behind this is the co-founder of ANTIVJ label and is known for work based upon representations of space’s perception and the experience of reality. Don’t you think it’s so pretty?

Hidden Garden public installation Canal Convergence

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This beautiful installation is called “Hidden Garden,” and is made by Koros Design, a Budapest-based studio specializing in inflatable and lighting artworks. It certainly brings a delightful and peaceful atmosphere to Scottsdale Artists’ School at 2nd Street and Marshall Way. If you’re in the area, be sure to check out the work!

Kukulkan’s Portal art

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You must be wondering – what is this lighted thing at the Canal Convergence? This work is “Kukulkan’s Portal” by Liquid PXL. The Merkabah is a stellated octahedron. It is often associated with sacred geometry. Additionally, it is encapsulated by an aluminum truss cube, skinned with laser-cut designs of Kukulkan, which is a Mesoamerican serpent deity worshipped by the Yucatec Maya people.

Canal Convergence art

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The impressive display of light and sound continues with this giant 32-foot-high light sculpture of multicolored hands coming together. This installation shows hands holding each other and forming the shape of a collective heart. As if a beautiful symbol of love and hope, this is a much-needed display during this difficult time.

Massively Distributed projection

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You won’t be disappointed looking for art in the city. The “Massively Distributed” installation by Masary Studios is projected in three locations. This includes Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts.

Be Safe at Home While Enjoying the Wondrous Art Through the Augmented Reality Feature

Canal Convergence 2020 art Fences

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That’s right. There is an augmented reality feature that you can take advantage of if you really want to ensure you are safe from interactions. For this, you can enjoy virtual artist talks, tours, and interactive animations.

Most of the temporary installations have this feature. Aside from that, there are two other artworks that exist only in augmented reality. You can say it’s an extra sweet bonus. Check out the selection of artworks from the Scottsdale Public Art Permanent Collection in Old Town Scottsdale. We are sure you will be amazed!

How can one access AR at Canal Convergence? Before you visit the event, make sure your mobile device has the Hoverlay app installed. Just follow the instructions to install the Hoverlay camera browser app on your mobile device. Then, you can search for the CanalConvergence channel to unlock the beautiful art experiences at home. Additionally, you may look for the QR codes on signs or ground stickers at the Scottsdale Waterfront and around Old Town Scottsdale.

Note: This works on devices running iOS 13 or later or Android 7.0 or later.

There Are No in-Person Experiences, but You Will Still Be Entertained…

Virtual Canal Convergence az

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Back then, there are some performances at the Scottsdale Waterfront held during the Canal Convergence. But since we are living in a different time, you can still be entertained from the safety of your home. Tune in to live poetry, music, comedy, and other performances online. You will also witness the public art installations on view during this year’s Canal Convergence online through a live stream.

The lineup of performances includes The Sawmill Grinders, Hunter Hazelton (Poet), Jazz from the Nash, Rashaad Thomas (Poet), and LuMar. In addition, the Canal Convergence will be graced by Nova Baize (Poet), Scratch Comedy, Eloisa Amezcua, The Hourglass Cats, and Raquel Gutiérrez. There will also be a Reconnect! A Parking Lot Dance Project. Before the activity comes to a close, you will also see acts from Kazim Ali and Sarah Vap (Poets), and be in awe of Gather: a live online storytelling event.

Health and Safety at Canal Convergence 2020

Scottsdale Waterfront az

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Canal Convergence is taking place this fall. You will see the stunning large-scale public artworks on full display and illuminated throughout Old Town Scottsdale each evening until Sunday, November 15, 2020.

The schedule is as follows:

Canal Convergence Hours
For November 6 (Friday) to November 7 (Saturday): 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. On November 8 (Sunday) to November 12 (Thursday), you can view public art from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. When you come from November 13 (Friday) to November 14 (Saturday), you can witness art from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Lastly, the November 15 (Sunday – closing night) schedule is from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

The event is presented differently this year. However, that doesn’t mean it is any less amazing. Canal Convergence 2020 aims to showcase beautiful art while focusing on the health and safety of the public. Adapting to the safety protocols and looking at beautiful art is a good combination, right?

If you want to make the most out of this annual public art experience, you better check the Public Health Notices for all of Scottsdale Arts.

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Price: Free for all
Date: November 8, 2020 to November 15, 2020 (daily)

If you happen to be in the area for the Canal Convergence, feel free to share your photos or experience with us in the comments below!

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