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You Can Enjoy Frosty Drinks, a Shady Pool, and Delicious Snacks at This Poolside Bar in Phoenix



Basking in the warmth of the sun is a guilty pleasure to some people. On the other hand, it is pretty therapeutic for others. Picture yourself lying on a chaise lounge – sunglasses on – under the warm and bright sun, with a subtle shade that covers some parts of your skin. You’re at the poolside, soothing your thirst with a sip from the cold drink at hand. Then you satisfy your hunger with a delicious dish at the lounge. Now isn’t that just awesome? If this is your definition of chill, then Lylo Phoenix is perfect for you!

All About the Bar: Lylo Phoenix

Lylo Phoenix az

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Lylo Swim Club is a poolside bar led by Ross Simon, an acclaimed & decorated cocktailian, who is also the proprietor of Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour and Little Rituals. The name Lylo is from “lie-low,” which is the U.K. slang for “pool float.” Lylo Phoenix offers refreshing and reinvigorating beverages and balanced cocktails, as well as an expansive all-day menu of Hawaiian snacks and bites.

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The bar has an aesthetically pleasing design which emanates a vibrant and relaxing atmosphere around the place. You could say that it is definitely a unique and ambient bar.

Lylo Swim Club

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There are also lots of comfortable nooks to spend the afternoon or the evening. You and your buddies can just gather around the firepit during winter.

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Let’s introduce what the Lylo in Phoenix boasts- aside from their gorgeous venue, which are their dishes and beverages!

Savor Some Snacks From Their Poolside Eats Menu

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From salads to sides, they have a collection of courses that are mouthwatering, delectable, and enjoyable! Beware, however, as consuming undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase risk of foodborne illness, so consider your medical condition first before ordering.

For the snacks and salads, you can try out their togarashi fries with crispy garlic, lemon mayo, jalapeño, and some cilantro. If you’re into tuna, then you can try their Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice Cakes. A lot of guests would also recommend you to give the Albacore Tataki a shot. It has spicy greens, crispy garlic, and some ginger-ponzu vinaigrette. As for salads, their Sesame-Shoyu Salad is a must-try. The salad has scallions, taro chips, and of course, lots of shaved veggies. You can also add-on chicken, and avocado.

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While waiting for the dishes, why don’t you play at the foosball table? That will make your wait much faster than you’d expect. And yes, you’re not seeing it wrong. Their foosball tables are pink!

For those looking for heftier and dishes that pack more punch, their bowls are equally exquisite! A particular plate named “Ahi” is something you can look forward to! It has cucumber, red onion, tobiko, jicama, classic poke sauce. Their Garlic Salmon, packed with mangos, cilantro, red onion, crispy garlic and shallots, and creamy ponzu sauce is another mouthwatering plate.


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Many individuals who are looking for some beef or chicken need to taste their KBBQ Beef and Huli Huli Chicken! The KBBQ Beef has some ginger, pickled cucumber, then mixed with kimchi and some sweet Shoyu sauce. The savory Huli Huli Chicken also has grilled pineapples, jalapeño, and scallions.

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We’re talking about Hawaiian food at the Lylo in Phoenix, which is why our next course is about musubis! The Spam Musubi is a timeless classic, and they have it here too. They also offer musubis in the Veggie and Shrimp Tempura variants. Veggie Musubis contain pickled daikon, cucumber, and ginger, while Shrimp Tempura Musubis have spicy mayo and fried shallots. You will also be able to enjoy poke bowls, tuna tataki, and buckets of perfectly crisp Mochiko fried chicken.

Their Mochiko Chickens are delectable and tasteful! Here you have three options, the Sando, the Bucket, and the Bigger Bucket. The Sando has some lemon kewpie, peanut slaw, potato bun, and you can choose to have either a mac salad or peanut slaw. The Bucket has wings & thighs, sweet & sour chips, lemon mayo, and mac salad that’s good for two. The Bigger Bucket, on the other hand, is just like the Bucket, but larger, plus peanut slaw & King’s Hawaiian rolls.

Sip Some Refreshing Cocktails While Chilling at Lylo Phoenix: The Bar With the Mad Island Vibes

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The cocktail selection at the Lylo in Phoenix is a sight for sore throats, kidding aside, their cocktail selection is tempting and guaranteed to make you relax! Some of the cocktail favorites include the Market Mojito, Tequila Funshine, the Bloody Mary, the Mr. Hendricks, the Coupette Colada, The Pornstar Martini, and many more!

The Market Mojito has healthy pour of Flor de Cana 4 Year rum and juicy lime pieces muddled together with fresh-picked mint topped with some club soda, making it a refreshing balance. The Tequila Funshine has 100% agave tequila shaken with savory lemon basil cordial and topped off with Big Marble local organic ginger beer. The Bloody Mary, well, speaks for itself.

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Why don’t you try their Dole-whip cocktail?

The Mr. Hendricks is a gin mixed with subtle tones of cucumber and fresh lime, served with cubed ice and some club soda, making it a delectable drink! Their Coupette Colada is a signature cocktail from Coupette in London, blended with Flor de Cana 4 Year rum with pineapple cordial and house coconut sorbet. Their Pornstar Martini is a popular drink, popularized by Doug Ankrah, made with house-infused vanilla Wodka vodka with fresh passion fruit and Passoã passion fruit liquor.

What’s a Bar Without Beer and Wine?

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The beer and wine selection at the Lylo in Phoenix is also diverse! You can try their Eufloria, the Acrobat Chardonnay, the Sea Quench Ale, the Austin Eastciders Original Cider, the Merf Cab Sauv, the West and Wilder Sparkling White, the Scottsdale Blonde, and many more! Their Eufloria has lychee, stone fruit with light minerality for a sweet and fresh flavor.

The Acrobat Chardonnay, on the other hand, is a crisp, tropical, citrus, unoaked drink for a light sip. Their Sea Quench Ale is a bright, citrusy, sour drink for a mild but flavorful smack. They also offer Austin Eastciders Original Cider, a crisp, light, dry drink to taste! As for their sparkling selection, their West and Wilder Sparkling White is a delicious drink to try.

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The Lylo in Phoenix is an absolute unit when it comes to beverage offerings. The only thing you need to do is strike a pose in chill!

And there’s more, the Lylo Swim Club in Phoenix also hosts private events. The perfect place to have a party!

Location: 400 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, Arizona 85013

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