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Help Animal Rescues When You Purchase From This Winery in Arizona

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Treating your palate to the finest wine samples and authentic meat and cheese seems like the perfect start to your fantastic vacation! Lucky for you, we know just the perfect place you should visit if you want to feel the passion for wine and winemaking. Well, let’s talk about Rancho Rossa Vineyards. Word has it that you’ll also be doing a socially responsible move when you purchase from this winery! Learn more all about it here:

One of the Largest Family-Owned Wineries

The Rancho Rossa Vineyards is recognized as one of the largest family-owned wineries in the Sonoita or Elgin area. The vineyards produce over 1,100 cases of wine each year from their estate fruit that covers around 24 acres. They use the “hands-off approach,” an old school technique wherein the wine gets as little intervention from the winemaker as possible. They simply allow the grapes to make the wine. No one can deny that the process is quite unconventional, but it sure reaped them some beautiful results.

Rancho Rossa Vineyards opened their tasting room in 2006 with only four wines. On their very first effort, the 2004 Syrah, won the AWGA award for best red wine in the state. Since then, they have followed up with many other award-winning wines and enjoyed the small cult following for their Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon called Emotional Rescue made only in very small quantities.

Fun Facts:

  • In the Sonoita Viticultural area, they are the only winery that is 100% estate. (They only use the grapes they grow).
  • The ultra-premium dry varietal wines are their specialties.

A Fact: Rancho Rossa Vineyards Is a Must-Stop on Any Wine Country Trip

If you want to stock up on good local wines and support the local producers, then you should always add Rancho Rossa Vineyards to your itinerary. It will prove to be a real delight. Many of their first-time visitors ended up taking home several bottles of reds. In fact, you should try the “Hard Days Night,” which pairs perfectly with a cooked and flavorful steak.


  • Ziggy Stardust
  • Primitivo
  • Penny Lane Grenache
  • Syrah and Merlot blend
  • Orange Muscat

Note: Don’t feel intimidated if you are a novice. Rancho Rossa Vineyards is the perfect place to learn about and taste fine wines. The owner will personally be there to assist you should you have concerns or questions.

The Good Bois of This Place, the Wine Dogs

You’ll find the tasting room fun because it is decorated in a rock and roll theme. There are also concert posters plastered on the walls that reminiscent of one’s youth fifty years ago. Once you go behind the bar, you’ll find a gorgeous saltwater aquarium that is super pleasing to look at.

But perhaps, the cutest features of the tasting room, are their wine dogs. Watch out for Big Henry David, Leo Medio, and Little Arthur Jackson. They will be there to make your tasting a real delight from Friday to Sunday!

Take-Home a Bottle of Wine and Save Animals!

Rancho Rossa Vineyards hosts a different Arizona Animal Rescue each month during their “Support a Rescue Saturday.” The rescue of the month will receive 100% of the profit from ALL of their wine sales during the day of the event. If you don’t trust them (highly unlikely), you can personally meet and ask the crew of rescues to verify!

Wine tasting and rescue animals?? Absolutely! It can’t get any better than this! Think about all the dogs, cats, horses, pigs, and more you can save. You get to take home a fine wine, too. We call that a win-win.

Note: If you are curious about how you can help more, you can donate $10 to their feed fund or purchase any item from Rancho Rossa Vineyards’ shop. Just look for the “Support a Rescue” logo. They are selling wines, shirts, magnets, and more. You can also bring and donate items (from the rescue’s wish list) to get complimentary tasting.

Many of the items in the rescue’s wish list are less than a tasting, so you save money and do a good deed.

The Do’s and Don’ts in Rancho Rossa Vineyards

Rancho Rossa Vineyards AZ
Source: Rancho Rossa Vineyards | kirkfiehler & kirstenortez


  1. You never know what you’re missing out on. Come here for a good time and be surprised plenty of times!
  2. Dump your wine from time to time. Since you’ll probably visit several wineries on your trip, it is important to stay sober to get the most of your wine-tasting experience.
  3. Drink between tastes so you can taste more. Plus, it’s the perfect palate cleanser. You’ll appreciate the wines more if you hydrate.
  4. Hold your glass by the stem to keep the wine at the right temperature.
  5. Stay calm. They will teach you everything you need to know. The key is to ask and be open.


  1. Skip the lipstick for now, ladies. Avoid wearing perfume or cologne as well.
  2. Smoking or chewing gum is not advised!
  3. Do not rinse your glass in between wines. This will change the taste of the wine more than a little bit.

Address: 201 Cattle Ranch Lane, Elgin, Arizona, 85611
Contact No: Phone: 520-455-0700
Website: https://www.ranchorossa.com/home

Don’t make a pour decision and visit this amazing winery now! But don’t worry, we won’t judge if a Sunset Wine Cruise is your preference.