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You Need to Visit This Striking Arts Campus When in Mesa Arizona

Suny Errot



Art is not bound to a single form. There exist many mediums in which one can engage in the ultimate form of expression, and a proper venue is indeed a necessity. Such spaces are called art centers. Art centers are one of those places that have this somewhat attractive tug that draws you near. In Mesa, Arizona lies an international-award winning art center that boasts not only art exhibits but also other incredible entertainment features. Mesa Arts Center is teeming with facilities that join together different mediums of art.

Mesa Arts Center Will Keep Bringing You Entertainment to the Next Level

Mesa Arts Center arizona

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This fascinating arts center unveils all the most wonderful pieces for the world to admire. It’s safe to say that the experience of being in a significant site where art and soul fuse to form visual mementos is worthwhile. Those who have already been to Mesa Arts Center will probably agree.

The art place takes pride in its four state-of-the-art theaters as well as its outdoor entertainment areas that are truly magnificent! As a performing arts venue, these features can accommodate certain events and shows that are fantastic to watch! The center also hosts world-class professional touring artists, both local and international acts or gigs. For instance, they once treated its visitors to a unique blend of psychological magic, clever comedy, and an artful sleight of hand by the charming Ben Seidman. Now, they brought back the event and turned it into an interactive magic experience in Camera Tricks. It is currently being streamed directly to at-home audiences.

Mesa Arts Center also hosts performances by local performing arts companies or some of their resident performing groups. It is not an overstatement to say that Mesa Arts Center serves as a superb host venue for theatric entertainment and musical performances or concerts.

Love art? This place is where you should start!

There Are Jam-Packed Art Exhibits and Performances That You Must See Here

Mesa Arts Center performance az

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What’s an art center if it doesn’t display art, right? Aside from the theaters and the concert facilities, another remarkable feat of Mesa Arts Center is that it presents 15 exhibitions each year. There are five stunning galleries in the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum that you can explore. Each exhibit holds its own charm. The center also houses a place called The Store, which is an artist’s cooperative gallery. These exhibits also feature art pieces made by Arizona artists for sale. In this way, the artists can get the due appreciation of their work and, in a way, support themselves as they further practice their craft either as a hobby or as a livelihood.

You will be in awe of different art.


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The beautiful alebrije by Oscar Becerra Mora and Ruben Miguel Castillo Navarrete will take your breath away.

Docents Select Zoo museum display in arizona

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Who knew a warthog can look so triumphant carrying a flag? This piece is created by Mark Donham for the “Docents Select: Zoo” exhibition.

Aside From That, There Are Also Free and Fun Community Festivals!

Mesa Arts Center festival

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Jump in the festivities as the Mesa Arts Center because the place hosts four (4) community festivals yearly, for free! Whether you’re just interested in the fun or a genuine art enthusiast, the festivities are all free and open. You shouldn’t miss it. That’s for sure.

Learn Performing and Visual Arts in their State-of-the-Art Studios!

With almost 1000 classes in performing and visual arts, you can learn about the craft and hopefully earn your sense of flair in creating art! This place fosters creativity and brings out the artistic potential of everyone. Who knows? Maybe all it takes is faith and practice to really make your creative side shine. Enjoy the 14 state-of-the-art studios with different classes. Aside from that, you can take advantage of the courses offered virtually. This is perfect if you want to navigate a bad day and get into something more productive. These days, we can’t deny that we are experiencing difficult times, so it only calls for necessary adjustments!

The classes show that they pay dividends, as Mesa is a city recognized for its contributions to the growing creative class.

Stay at Home Because Art Doesn’t Stop for Mesa Arts Center

Online Class Mesa Arts Center

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It’s places like this where people, regardless of knowledge about art, can marvel at the beauty of different artists. There is something for everyone, and you will find an artwork that will really pique your interest. They are now conducting online classes so art enthusiasts or bored individuals can learn about ceramics, painting or drawing glass, and metal sculpture. Here’s what you can expect:

Copper Foiled Bevel Boxes class

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Copper Foiled Bevel Boxes Course

For $65, this one-hour video class will teach you how to create a beautiful treasure box from a beveled glass. The course will also cover different techniques used on copper foil application, as well as how to make and attach a wire hinge, soldering and finishing. The assorted bevels, design template, cut glass shapes and pre-tinned wire are already included in the cost of the course.

Basic Sketching Course

Also priced at $65, students can develop quick sketches with felt tip pens and water-soluble graphites. This will allow them to draw and capture fleeting moments during trips or just make some initial notes for future painting projects.

Large Scale Metal Sculpture: Intermediate-Advanced Course

This online course will teach students the proper way to use metal rods, wire, and other materials to produce a large (5ft or bigger) free-standing sculpture. It will be a great addition to either the home or landscape. The demonstration is complete with the techniques, how to start and work, and examples of finished work. The students are also encouraged to make their imagination and creativity work by creating their own unique sculptures. Since this is an intermediate to the advanced class, students should already have welding experience. In addition to that, they should also have access to a MIG welder, metal grinder, and some assorted shop hand tools.

Note: In the interest of public health and safety amidst the unprecedented health crisis caused by COVID-19, Mesa Arts Center will be closed until further notice. They will just update with the reopen date but it is dependent on the state of the health crisis and its economic impacts. Make sure to regularly check their website or social media accounts to see if they are open.

Mesa Arts Center Details

Phone: (480) 644-6500

Website: https://www.mesaartscenter.com/

Location: 1 E Main St., Mesa, Arizona 85201

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