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You Only Need to Wait Until January 2021 to See This Beautiful 1978 Chalet Cabin in Pinetop Arizona

Suny Errot



Relaxing in a wilderness area and forgetting the daily stress and troubles of life is a dream come true during this crazy time. Well, there is a beautiful cabin about to launch next year that will make you want to escape the city! Learn about this 1978 chalet cabin, Pine Grove Chalet, that looks very promising.

Pine Grove Chalet Is Only 3 Hours From the Phoenix Area

Pine Grove Chalet az vacation area

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You can find this beautiful and cozy cabin in the peaceful Ponderosa forest of Pinetop, Arizona. It is the perfect destination if you want to escape the intense heat of Phoenix during summer, and enjoy the falling snow in winter. Since Pinetop is only 3 hours away from the Phoenix metro area, coming here will certainly feel like a quick vacation.

The chalet cabin has 3 bedrooms that can sleep up to 11 individuals. It’s up to you to divide where your loved ones will lay down during their slumber. There is a king bedroom, a queen bedroom, a loft with a queen, 3 twin, beds, plus a pull-out sofa. Not to mention, the large living and dining area provides guests the opportunity to enjoy social activities, making their stay even more unforgettable. You are free to flaunt your cooking skills because there is also a fully-stocked kitchen complete with a stove, microwave, dishwasher, toaster, fridge, and a coffee maker. Guests may also use the washer and dryer.

The large backyard with expansive decks can also serve as the guests’ “solitude spot,” or the alternative social gathering venue. At night time, you can just invite everyone over for a s’mores night while gathered around the fire pit. With a beer in hand, that picture paints a lovely scene.

The owners of this chalet cabin, Stephanie and Sean, are natives of Boston, Massachusetts. They moved to the Grand Canyon state back in 2011 and just fell in love with the place. Soon after, they considered it as their “adopted desert home.” When they purchased Pine Grove, they made it their summer and winter retreat. According to them, there is no better place to beat the summer heat and enjoy the cold season than in Arizona, since they grew up in New England.

The Pine Grove Chalet Tour

front door cabin photo

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Before you step inside, the homey and welcoming front door already greets you.

fireplace pine grove chalet az

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Depending on your planned celebration, you can fix a different arrangement around the fireplace. But the pumpkin accents of Halloween just look perfect, right?

bathroom interior

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From the tiles, drywall, lighting, mirror, vanity, and other accessories – everything is already perfect!

bathroom interior minimalist

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Rest assured that you can take your time doing your “business” in this chic and beautiful bathroom.

Kids loft pine grove chalet

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It won’t be hot in the kid’s loft due to the new shade installed. If you want to catch up on your readings, play some games, or work on a quick report, this place might just be the perfect spot!

Outdoor area pinetop az

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This looks like the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the outdoors, huh? You and your friends can just gather around and bond over fun stories.

pine grove chalet interior

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This looks pretty cozy. The painted paneled walls give off a certain charm, and it works well with the rugs and lamps. For sure, this place is Instagrammable too!

cabin bedroom

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After a day of fun and laughter, you can just plop down on the soft bed and get your goodnight’s rest.

cabin in arizona

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The house looks bright and clear, a good place to spend your days lazing away or relaxing.

Is Pinetop Worth Visiting?

pinetop arizona

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Arizonans who frequent the area know that Pinetop feels like a “different world” especially when you’re used to seeing the landscape of the Sonoran desert. There are mountains, lakes, and tall pines that will make you feel at ease and invigorate your senses. Feel peace wash over you as you breathe in the fresh air and stare at the gorgeous scenery.

Some of the activities you can do here include fishing, kayaking, hiking, wildlife viewing, and golf. At an elevation of 7,000 feet, you will surely be in awe of the natural beauty of the White Mountains, the Apache/Sitgreaves National Forest, and the Fort Apache Reservation.

If You Are Here, You Must Try the Following Activities:

hiking pinetop az

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You’ll be happy to know that the Pinetop-Lakeside area has many trails for every skill level. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer an easy walk or a challenging climb, you will find the perfect trail for you here! Plus, the shade of the pines will definitely keep you cool and happy. Are you ready to explore the White Mountains Trail System and have an idyllic adventure?


This is a favorite activity of any tourist visiting Pinetop. You can find fishes while standing on a bank, wading the water, or camping out on the ice. Just remember to bring your valid Arizona fishing license issued by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.


Enjoy a primitive camp or a full-hookup. Pinetop-Lakeside Arizona has lots of campgrounds just for you!


Why, yes. You may also hunt for animals in the White Mountains. There have been many hunters who got lucky and scored trophies using approved methods such as trapping, archery, and firearms among others.

Wildlife Viewing & Bird Watching

The wide diversity of habitats you’ll find at Pinetop may surprise you. That’s because the White Mountains packs a lot of beautiful surprises! The different lakes, juniper grasslands, and forests are home to some birds like a Three-toed Woodpecker, Blue Grouse, and a Gray Jay.

Pine Grove Chalet Details

Pine Grove Chalet is close to Sunrise Park Ski Resort in Greer Arizona. If you have a sudden desire to partake in fun outdoor activities, you may do so! Then, you can just come home and retreat to the cozy chalet cabin.

If you are ready to get away, you may send their team an email to inquire about open dates and pricing.

Website: https://www.pinegrovechalet.com/

Location: Pinetop, Arizona

Can’t wait for the opening of Pine Grove Chalet? We are excited for it too!

For now, check out other places in Arizona that you can escape to if you want to forget the heat. In addition, you can also make your stay more relaxing and chic at any of these 5 boutique hotels.