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You Should Head to These 10 Restaurants in Arizona if You Badly Miss the Taste of Italy

Suny Errot



If you’ve ever tasted it, you’ll forever crave for it. Thank God for Italian food! Native Italian or not, we can’t deny that their food is exquisite and excellent, in every sense and spice of it. Though the problem is, not everyone can go to Italy, nor can you go there every day. Our good news is Italian cuisine is what we’ll offer to the table today. If you reside in Phoenix, Arizona, and you seek Italian taste, then you’re in for a treat. These Italian restaurants in Arizona will spice up your day!

Here Are 10 Italian Restaurants in Arizona That Are Worth Checking Out

In no particular order, these are the must-visit Italian restaurants in Arizona to quell your cravings for Italian food!

Tomaso’s at 3225 East Camelback Road

Tomaso's italian restaurants in arizona

Source: Instagram

With more than 35 years in the pasta industry, Tomaso Maggiore has made his mark in the Valley’s hierarchy, and the high-end kitchen warfare. The chef has always addressed customs that are historically Italian, but then he has given it an American identity. The passionately-crafted menu changes with the seasons, but you can never get enough of their timeless linguine with clams and spaghetti cacio e Pepe.

Of course, it wouldn’t be much of an Italian restaurant if it didn’t have pasta – a wide array of pasta that is! Just take your pick and see what you’ll like best. Our overall rating: this is a must-try Italian restaurant in Arizona!

Note: If you are coming here, you should dress up in business, upscale casual, or evening attire. Reservations are also required, especially during weekends and holidays. You don’t need to worry about parking because the restaurant is adjacent to a spacious parking area, with the valet in the evenings.

What You Should Try: Carpaccio, Fettuccine Carbonara Pasta, Seafood Medley Copping, Pan Seared Salmon, and Veal Chop Caprese

Tratto at 1505 East Van Buren Street

Tratto az Italian restaurants in Arizona

Source: Instagram

Thanks to their relocation, Chris Bianco, chef de cuisine Cassie Shortino, and their team are now in a relatively spacious and convenient place. Bianco is a man of principle. He believes that maximal ingredients fussed over minimally extends beyond pizza and sandwiches to a wide range of Italian-inspired foods. You’ve got the ol’ roasted eggplant with some tomato, basil, and olive oil.

This Italian restaurant in Arizona is packing. If you are curious about the other pleasing platters they serve, Bianco and Shortino roll the Italian way. That means pasta made using 100 percent Bluebeard durum. Not to mention, it comes with Tagliatelle with lemon and garganelli with duck ragu.

Note: This place is tucked into a transformed warehouse, but it is cozy and offers top-notch service.

What You Should Try: Farinata, Two-Wash Ranch Piccolo Chicken, and Spaghetti all Chitarra.

Virtú Honest Craft at 3701 North Marshall Way, Scottsdale

Virtú Honest Craft Italian restaurants in Arizona

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Quite possibly the most underrated restaurant on the list, Chef Gio Osso’s Italian cooking is rather unique and distinct from its accustomed Italian origin. Albeit different, Osso’s food is bursting with flavor. With Southern Italian ingredients at hand, he makes the most concentrated pork ragu, the creamiest polenta, and a beautiful octopus dish in the aioli and chile. Hands down – one of the best Italian restaurants in Arizona!

Note: The award-winning menus also change so frequently. It features the best prime meats, seafood, pasta, and regional produce. You may check the website for the updated menu listings.

What You Should Try: Bronzino, Tonno, BIstecca Tagliata, and Anitra

Avanti Restaurant of Distinction at 2728 East Thomas Road

Avanti Restaurant of Distinction arizona Italian restaurants in Arizona

Source: Instagram

Old-school Italian is the name of the game at Avanti, a 1980s Italian and Italian-American hybrid if you will. You might say that it is a blast from the past due to the restaurant being reminiscent of old school Italian ambiance. The black and white, neon lights, a lively band, and celebrity photos are plastered on the wall. Though the style may be retro, the food isn’t. Avanti serves your favorite staples like spaghetti and meatballs, fettuccine Alfredo, chicken Parm, and meat or veggie lasagna.

Note: If you want to create Avanti-inspired dishes at home, make sure to sign up to receive their recipe of the month. You will also be notified of their current promotions and events.

What You Should Try: Calamari Fritti, Penne al Forno, Baked Lasagna, Veal Parmigiana, and Angel Hair Pasta

Andreoli Italian Grocer at 8880 East Vía Linda Road, Scottsdale

Andreoli Italian Grocer Italian restaurants in Arizona

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Andreoli Italian is a deli-dining grocery gourmet. With house-made specials for lunch, dinner, and takeout, this is the perfect place to score some sumptuous pastry like sfogliatella, al taglio pizza, torrone, and all kinds of weird Italian canned fish.

While “authentic” gets thrown around a lot, the Phoenix New Times review states that this is a taste of Italy straight from the source. Feeling hungry? You can take on their behemoth of a Florentine steak known as the bistecca Florentina too. Might we add, that they also serve excellent grilled squid?

Note: All the dishes are lovingly prepared fresh daily, from the bread and homemade salami to the cheeses and tiramisu. Everything is authentically Italian and delicioso.

What You Should Try: Pesce Misto in Gratella, Porchetta, Sempronio, Rigatoni Boscaiola, and Penne Strascicate

These Italian Restaurants in Arizona Will Make You Drool

Pomodoro Italian Grill and Seafood at 6710 East Cave Creek Road, Cave Creek

Pomodoro Italian Grill and Seafood az

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Set in a classic adobe-style building in downtown Cave Creek, Pomodoro Italian Grill and Seafood is an upscale retreat for wine, pasta, and seafood, making it a must-visit Italian restaurant in Arizona! The oh-so-good craft cocktails they have in store. Want something solid? Try their garlic and oil spaghetti or their ravioli lobster. For the grand finale, indulge yourself in the heaven-sent cannoli!

Note: The bar also has a beverage program that features a list of prohibition era-inspired cocktails from Roman Khomoutinnikov.

What You Should Try: Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe, Tortellini Norcina, Veal Marsala, Tomahawk, Ossobuco, and Filet al Tartufo e Porcini

Marcellino Ristorante at 7114 East Stetson Drive, Scottsdale

Marcellino Ristorante scottsdale 

Source: Instagram

One of the best Italian restaurants in Arizona treats you to a luxurious and impeccable service or an experience like none other. Chef Marcellino Verzino of Marcellino Ristorante always has something up his sleeve, as he sees it personally that his guests are beyond pleased with their dishes. It just one of those Italian restaurants in Arizona that you can’t miss! Their grilled jumbo shrimp on a feta cheese croquette, the chicken breast layered with prosciutto and fontina, or their classic Italian desserts like panna cotta and tiramisu are quite the delicacy.

Note: The restaurant also hosts some events throughout the year such as Wine Dinners, and Live Music Night every Thursday. You may also want to try your hand at Italian recipes by joining Chef Marcellino’s Cooking Classes.

What You Should Try: Carpaccio di Tonno, Ortolana, Gnocchi Sorrentina, and Grilled Atlantic Salmon

Parma Italian Roots at 3623 E Indian School Road, Phoenix

Parma Italian Roots az

Source: Instagram

This Italian restaurant in Arizona has quite a niche staple. Parma Italian Roots is a place of convergence, where Italian cooking meets the food traditions of regions like Parma. Chef Chris Gentile started this place- called a pasta place, in the summer of 2018. People call it pasta place because though they have delicious starters and entrees, pasta is the pinnacle in this place. We recommend trying their butternut squash agnolotti and pappardelle Bolognese. Oh, and do stay for their happy hour too!

Whether you are looking for a dish that packs undeniable appeal, or a simple classic Italian standby, you won’t be disappointed.

Note: It is best to enjoy their dishes with a cocktail in hand. The restaurant serves refreshing drinks at the bar or wine on the patio.

What You Should Try: Linguine & Clams, Pappardelle Bolognese, Burrata Bruschetta, and Bianco Wood-Fired Pizza Napoletana

Mora Italian at 5651 North Seventh Street

Mora Italian Italian restaurants in Arizona

Source: Instagram

Are you looking for elevated pasta dishes? Then you only need to go to Mora Italian, one of the best Italian restaurants in Arizona. Scott Conant started this progressive spot with a vision to achieve excellence through his cooking. Eventually, this became a go-to spot if you want soulful food in Phoenix’s bustling Seventh Street Stretch.

Plus, if you’re in for the sugar rush, this place is perfect. The pasta here as well is amazing too. Grab your spoons and forks, and indulge in the pleasantries at the Mora Italian.

Note: A hearty table-side bread cart, together with the daily handmade pasta, wood-fired pizza Napoletana set the stage for a remarkable meal. Yum!

What You Should Try: Britto Misto Antipasti, Burrata, Pasta Al Pomodoro, and Seared Diver Scallops

DeFalco’s Italian Deli and Grocery at 2334 North Scottsdale Road, Suite A133, Scottsdale

DeFalco's Italian Deli and Grocery az

Source: Instagram

Having made its name through sandwiches on Diners, drive-ins, and drives doesn’t mean that’s all there is to it. At DeFalco’s, guests can cozy up in their spacious dining area at the back of the store and enjoy their Italian dishes. It is truly an Italian restaurant in Arizona serving the finest to its core. For pasta favorites, we suggest the spaghetti and meatballs and the baked ziti served more creamy than cooked with a rich blend of cheeses and sausage.

Quell your cravings and conquer at these Italian restaurants in Arizona! We guarantee not just a pleasant and delectable experience, but an out-of-this-world taste!

Note: There is a secret menu item. Try mixing chicken parmesan and eggplant parmesan on a sandwich or pizza.

What You Should Try: Pizza Margherita, Pizza Bianca (White Pizza), Centurion Calzone, Linguine with White Clam Sauce, and Penne ala Vodka.

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