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8 Most Beautiful Places to See in Arkansas




Welcome to Arkansas, the state known as “The Land of Opportunity!” If we’re talking about the most beautiful places to see in Arkansas, that’s definitely true. Arkansas is just bursting with natural wonders.

Want to see a Disney-featured outcrop, hidden springs, caverns, mountains, and other natural works of art? Take a journey into “The Natural State” and discover why it’s one of the most amazing places in America!

1. Whitaker Point

Whitaker Point, Arkansas
Photo Credits: Buffalo Outdoor Center

One of the most beautiful places to see in Arkansas appeared in the opening scene of Tuck Everlasting, a Disney movie. It also made several best-of lists, namely the best place to propose or to kiss someone! The ancient, jagged outcrop offers mind-blowing views of cloud shadows passing through the mountain, lush forests, and blue skies for miles. In addition, even the hiking trail towards Whitaker Point is stunning on its own!

Despite its beauty, however, be extra careful when you visit Whitaker Point. The edge of the crag is narrower and steeper than it appears.

Interesting fact:

  • “Hawksbill Crag” is another name for Whitaker Point.

2. The Old Mill Park in Little Rock

The Old Mill Park in Little Rock, Arkansas
Photo Credits: Reddit | u/zbrowns

We have another movie star among the most beautiful places to see in Arkansas! The Old Mill Park in Little Rock is an authentic reproduction of a water-powered gristmill. It appeared in the 1939 iconic movie, “Gone with the Wind.”

Once you’re done exploring the mill, stroll along the tree branch-entwined bridge that leads to the rest of the park. There, you will see toadstool sculptures, tree stumps for resting, and a vibrant show of greenery. Schedule your visit in spring or fall, and watch the Old Mill Park explode in color!

Interesting fact:

  • The old water-powered gristmill in the Old Mill Park is the only remaining building from “Gone with the Wind.”

4. Devil’s Den State Park

Devil's Den State Park, Arkansas
Photo Credits: Know Your Campground

Looking for more things to do in Arkansas? Venture into the Devil’s Den State Park if you dare! Despite its scary-sounding name, Devil’s Den is actually one of Arkansas’ most beloved historic and natural treasures. It’s nestled in the heart of the postcard-worthy Ozark Mountains, in the heart of Lee Creek Valley.

You’ll find rustic facilities inside Devil’s Den which perfectly complements its stunning beauty. Aside from the sights, Devil’s Den is also an amazing destination for daredevils. It holds an eight-acre lake called the Lake Devil, where you can go pedal boating, kayaking, or fishing!

Interesting fact:

  • Devil’s Den is one of the five original state parks of Arkansas. The Civilian Conservation Corps built it in the 1930s.

4. Petit Jean State Park

Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas
Photo Credits: Blair Ball Photography

Outdoor explorers will love hiking through 21 miles of pristine wilderness to reach Petit Jean State Park. The unblemished landscape is dotted with wild caves and rugged bluffs that are awesome for both exploring and taking gorgeous pictures. For fantastic images, wait for the after and watch the park turn majestic from the golden hour.

Interesting fact:

  • Peti Jean State Park’s namesake, Petit Jean, had a tragic story. The 18th-century young French woman disguised herself to secretly follow her explorer fiance through the Louisiana territory. She lived as a cabin boy during the expedition but fell ill once they reached the mountainous areas. She revealed her real identity to her fiance on her deathbed.

5. Blanchard Springs Caverns

Blanchard Springs Caverns, Arkansas
Photo Credits: Blanchard Springs

It’s hard to find a more meticulously developed and stunning cavern than the Blanchard Springs Caverns, one of the most beautiful places to see in Arkansas. You can find it at the Ozark National Forest. An ongoing mountain spring is said to have formed and is continuing to change the caverns until today. The mountain spring ends up into the Mirror Lake, a serene trout pond just below Blanchard Springs Caverns.

If you’re claustrophobic, you may want to prepare yourself before going to Blanchard Springs Caverns. You’ll be entering a majestic, deep underground world, so be sure you’re ready before embarking on the trip.

Interesting fact:

  • Before entering Blanchard Springs Caverns, the guides ask visitors to view a short movie. It’s an excellent introduction to the magical caves you’re about to explore!

6. Buffalo River at Ponca

Venture along the Buffalo River, and try to find the area between Kyles Landing and Ponca. Once you arrive, you will be at what’s considered as the most scenic section between the 150-mile Buffalo River. The section winds through unblemished mountainous terrain, which is so rough, many find it hard to hike on foot. Feast your eyes on massive bluffs, sharp rock outcrops, and an unbelievable line of foliage that will make Ponca an unforgettable part of your Arkansas trip.

7. Fiery Ledge – Flatside Pinnacle

Ever seen a mountain on fire? That’s the kind of awe-inspiring illusion you’re in for when you look over Arkansas during sunset from the top of the Flatside Pinnacle. Go to the Ouachita National Recreation Trail, and you’ll find this 1, 500-ft rock outcrop just outside the Flatside Wilderness. You need to reach the mountain peak via a steep and short hiking trail, but it’s all worth it when you see the landscape dripping with reds, yellows, and golds under a spectacular sunset.

Interesting fact:

  • You’ll also be able to see other sights like White Oak Mountain and Forked Mountain from the top of Fiery Ledge.

8. Pinnacle Mountain

Pinnacle Mountain, Arkansas
Photo Credits: Flickr | anne h

There’s something about Arkansas’ mountains that will get you closer to nature. One such wonder is the Pinnacle Mountain, which stands guard over 1, 000-ft. over the sprawling Arkansas River Valley and the massive state park surrounding it. Take a breath of the freshest air in the land, and marvel at the natural beauty you’ll be surrounded with at the peak of Pinnacle Mountain.

Interesting fact:

  • The West Summit Trail, which ascends to the summit of Pinnacle Mountain, is one of the most-used trails in all of Arkansas.

Which one of these have you already seen? Pack up your bags and explore the most beautiful places in Arkansas today!

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