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Here are 10 Things People from Delaware Do That Seem Insane To Everyone Else




Welcome to the First State, where Delawareans embrace unique traditions and quirks that may puzzle outsiders! From winter beach strolls to a fervent devotion to scrapple, residents of Delaware engage in behaviors that might leave others scratching their heads. Join us as we uncover 10 quirks and customs that showcase the distinctive spirit of Delaware like nowhere else.

“Scrapple devotion”

Delawareans have a strong affinity for scrapple, a traditional breakfast meat made from pork scraps and cornmeal, often enjoyed fried alongside eggs and toast, showcasing a love for regional cuisine that may seem strange or unappetizing to those unfamiliar with this Delaware delicacy.

“Summer traffic standstill”

During the summer months, Delaware residents endure heavy traffic congestion as tourists flock to the state’s beaches and resorts, often resulting in gridlock on highways and local roads, showcasing a tolerance for crowded conditions and a commitment to seaside relaxation that may seem frustrating or irrational to those from less popular vacation destinations.

“Boardwalk strolling in winter”

Even in the colder months, Delawareans frequent the boardwalks of towns like Rehoboth Beach and Bethany Beach for brisk walks, ocean views, and winter events, showcasing a resilience and appreciation for coastal living that may seem unusual or uncomfortable to those from regions with harsher winters.

“Dollar bill beach tagging”

Visitors to Delaware beaches often secure their beach towels and belongings with dollar bills tucked under the corners, a practice believed to deter theft and reserve prime spots on crowded days, showcasing a clever and communal approach to beach etiquette that may seem quirky or superstitious to those from other coastal regions.

“Blue hen chicken craze”

Delawareans take pride in their state bird, the blue hen chicken, often incorporating its image and likeness into local mascots, logos, and memorabilia, showcasing a unique sense of state pride and identity that may seem obsessive or unusual to those from regions with different state symbols.

“Tax-free shopping frenzy”

Delaware’s lack of sales tax draws shoppers from neighboring states to its malls and outlets, leading to crowded parking lots and long lines at checkout counters, showcasing a thrifty and opportunistic approach to retail therapy that may seem excessive or unnecessary to those from regions with sales tax.

“Festival hopping in the spring”

Delawareans embrace the arrival of spring by attending numerous festivals and events celebrating everything from strawberries and seafood to tulips and historic reenactments, showcasing a love for community gatherings and seasonal festivities that may seem overwhelming or extravagant to those from regions with fewer local traditions.

“DuPont family fascination”

Delaware residents hold a fascination with the legacy of the DuPont family, whose industrial empire has left a lasting impact on the state’s economy, architecture, and culture, showcasing a respect for history and heritage that may seem reverential or nostalgic to those from regions without such prominent dynasties.

“Peach pie perfectionism”

Delawareans take pride in their peach pie recipes, often engaging in friendly competition and debate over the best crust, filling, and baking techniques, showcasing a culinary obsession and dedication to homemade desserts that may seem intense or competitive to those from regions with different fruit preferences.

“Low-digit license plate envy”

Delaware’s system of low-digit license plates, coveted for their rarity and prestige, leads to a competitive market among residents seeking to acquire or inherit these prized identifiers, showcasing a status symbol and collector’s item that may seem bizarre or trivial to those from regions with different license plate regulations.

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