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15 Best Things to Do in Georgia

Suny Errot



Take in the breathtaking natural beauty, explore music & arts festivals, and embrace outdoor fun. Georgia has some of the most iconic destinations of all time.

Here are the best things to do in Georgia:

1. Discover Over 120,000 Animals at Georgia Aquarium

The world beneath the waves is too beautiful not to notice. Georgia Aquarium is a public aquarium that’s home to hundreds of species and thousands of animals. When you’re there, make sure to check out the following:

  • Behind the Seas Tour
  • Seal Encounter
  • Dolphin Encounter
  • IndoPacific Reef Talk
  • Dive Show
  • Sea Lion Encounter

2. See the Tallulah Falls

The Tallulah Falls is recognized as the six waterfalls cascading down through Tallulah Gorge. There are also several hiking trails close by, and it includes the Shortline Trail and a 3-mile paved trail. Be warned! You’ll fall in love with this area.

3. Appreciate the Granite Landscapes at Arabia Mountain

Arabia Mountain Trail

Source: Arabia Mountain | Atlanta Trails

Granite monadnocks were already around millions of years ago and have stood watch over the forests and rivers of Georgia. Now, they’re seen as breathtaking landscapes and even the “must-see” spot in the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area. There is no fee required to enter Arabia Mountain.

4. Zone out by the Lullwater Park

Lullwater Park

Source: Lullwater Park | Atlanta Trails

One of the best things to do in Georgia or any place is to simply enjoy the moment and zone out for a bit. In that case, try going to the Lullwater Park so you’ll also get a view of the serene lake, the Lullwater House mansion, the walking and running trails, or the tumbling spillway waterfall.

5. Try Trail Running at Morningside Nature Preserve

Morningside Nature Preserve

Source: Morningside Nature Preserve | Jonathan “Minhzy” T.

Escape the urban landscape of Atlanta and come to a place tucked inside the upscale Morningside neighborhood. The Morningside Nature Preserve is well-loved for its 30 acres of rolling forest that’s perfect for hiking or walking. For a more exciting adventure, try trail running in the morning and keep an eye out for the beautiful wildlife here.

6. Attend a Wine Tasting at Montaluce Winery

Experience Montaluce through its vineyard, winery, and restaurant and be amazed by its sense of relaxation and romance.

What you should know about Montaluce Winery Tastings:

  • No reservations required
  • You can pair your wine with appetizers at the bar, or with a meal of your choice

7. Explore Savannah Through a Hop-On Hop-Off Trolley Tour

Hop-On Hop-Off Savannah Sightseeing Trolley Tour

Source: Savannah Sightseeing Trolley Tour | Trolley Tours

Hop aboard the famous Old Town trolley to see the best attractions in Savannah – from the architecture of the buildings to the lush botanicals. The conductors will share some interesting trivia and humorous stores so you can be like a local in “Georgia’s First City.”

8. Taste the Sugar Cane Syrup at Richland Rum

Visite a local distillery – preferably one that’s the purest in authenticity – to have a different end to a perfect date. Richland Rum’s farming techniques are among the highest standards in the industry, resulting in a tasty sugar cane syrup.

You can also get their recipe book to guide you through some popular treats you can try with the syrup.

9. Treat Yourself to a Savannah Riverboat Sightseeing Cruise

When is the best time to cruise the river? The answer is anytime! One of the best things to do in Georgia is to see the place and its thriving port from the traditional red, white, and blue riverboats.


  • Expect to cruise with at least a hundred people.
  • Guests are usually serenaded with live entertainment at night (dinner cruise)
  • The Savannah Riverboat cruises also make for a perfect venue for weddings and receptions

10. Visit the Owens Thomas House & Slave Quarters

Owens Thomas House & Slave Quarters

Source: Owens Thomas House & Slave Quarters

The Regency-style mansion built during 1819 is frequented by visitors because of its gardens, carriage house, and slave quarters. This historic home will tour you around period rooms full of decorative arts and interactive exhibits about the people (both free and enslaved) who lived and worked here hundreds of years ago.

11. Check out the Stone Mountain up Close

Say hello to Atlanta’s favorite theme park. Discover plenty of family-friendly and recreational activities that will allow you to enjoy this place’s natural beauty. The Stone Mountain is open all year round, but some activities and events are only seasonal so you need to regularly check their site for updates.

12. Take a Photo Beside the Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones is an intriguing granite monument that dominates the highest elevation in the county. It has similarities with England’s famous American Stonehenge. The Guidestones’ distinct feature is probably the written message for humanity.

13. Eat as Many Peaches as You Can

Revolution Donuts, Decatur

Source: Revolution Donuts Peach Sliders | Revolution Donuts

Enjoy fresh and juicy fruits at its peak during Georgia’s peach season. Whether you want it fresh from picking or served as a sweet treat, here’s where you can eat as many peaches as you can:

  • Dickey Farms, Musella
  • Revolution Donuts, Decatur
  • King of Pops, Atlanta, Athens & Savannah
  • Watershed on Peachtree, Atlanta
  • Georgia Peach World, Townsend

14. Support Street Art by Visiting Krog Street Tunnel

You can find the ever-changing street art in this tunnel linking the Inman Park and Cabbagetown neighborhoods. Don’t be surprised if you walk in on a music video shoot or photoshoot because many visitors love the artsy backdrop.

Insider Tips:

  • Just park somewhere nearby and walk to the Krog Street Tunnel.
  • You can explore the tunnel during a leisurely bike ride.

15. Try Cool River Tubing

Cool River Tubing

Source: Cool River Tubing

A leisurely float is a refreshing way to cap off your summer! Cool river tubing can be pretty intimidating, but it is a fun way to see Georgia’s sunshine, the Chattahoochee headwaters, and the Appalachian foothills. The 1 hour/2 hour trip is priced at $10 per person, while the all-day pass can be purchased for $14.

Impressed with the list of activities? We thought so!