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6 Exciting and Inspirational Things to Do in Augusta




With its proximity to the Savannah River and a variety of plant species, Augusta is known as the Garden City of the South. Other highlights are its yearly Masters Golf Tournament, unique local hospitality, and its cultural attractions. So, if you plan to visit Georgia anytime soon, make sure to prepare your itinerary and some of these things to do in Augusta.

Where is Augusta, Georgia?

Augusta was established along the bank of the Savannah River in 1736. It is located in the east-central section of Georgia

With the construction of the Augusta canal during the cotton industry boom in 1847, the city had become an industrial center of the South and the second-largest city of  Georgia.

Be a part of the Masters, the Biggest Event in Augusta

Masters Golf Tournament
Source: pgatour.com

There is no known bigger, yearly sports event in Augusta than the Masters Golf Tournament. With this, Augusta becomes the global center of sports for a week. 

Here you can witness the spectacular performance of top golfers showcasing their talents and leaving their marks in history. You also get to enjoy the nightlife activities and various southern cuisines served by local restaurants.

The Masters Golf Tournament

The tournament gathers elite golfers, including Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, and Bruce Koepka. This is indeed an amazing springtime event, in which you can only find in Augusta.

You can see the schedule below as follows:

Opening Hours

  1. Gate Opens at 8 AM
  2. Gate Closes 30 min after play

The Tournament Schedule

2020   April 6~April 12

2021   April 5~April 11

2022   April 4~April 10

2023   April 3~April 9

2024   April 8~April 14

The tournament takes place at the Augusta National Golf Club, situated at the 365 acres Fruitlands Nursery amidst the blooming azaleas. 

With azaleas growing beneath the towering pines, the venue becomes more fresh and serene.

Two types of tickets serve as your daily ground passes to this premier golf event. Tickets can be bought only from the authorized seller, the Augusta National Inc. 

Practice Round Tickets

           Price:  $75

          Validity: One day in any of the practice rounds

           Practice Round Days:  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Daily tournament tickets

          Price:  $115

          Validity: One day in any of the practice rounds on

          Tournament Days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. 

But don’t let your excitement consume you yet. Obtaining a ticket is not as easy as you think. 

The good news is that you can apply online to undergo a pre-qualification process and be selected from among the applicants.

However, you have to arrange it a year before the event. Submission of applications will start around June and the tickets are usually sold out a few months before the event. So, be sure to buy your ticket in advance so you can witness this epic golf event.

Historic Places and Attractions

As old as its history, Augusta also has its own share of historic places and attractions.

The Monument of the King of Soul Music

James Brown
Source: huffpost.com

Shortly a year before his death, James Brown left his mark on the city. This memorial life-sized statue is in downtown Broad Street.

In addition, his works are at the city’s local museums for public viewing.

Admission fee: Free

Meadow Garden

Meadow Garden
Source: exploregeorgia.org

Meadow Garden is known as the oldest documented historic structure in Augusta. In fact, it’s the home of one of the Declaration of Independence signer, George Walton.

 It was preserved with its furniture and relics dating from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Entrance fee: $5 for adults, $1 for children, $4 for seniors

Opening Hours: 10 AM to 4 PM (Tuesday to Saturday), closed on Sunday and Monday

The Augusta Canal

Augusta Canal
Source: nps.gov

Do you know that the Augusta Canal is Georgia’s first designated National heritage area?

Because of this historical importance, visitors come to this area not only for sightseeing but also to experience the various trails, boat rides, and recreational entertainment.

The Augusta Riverwalk

Riverwalk Amphitheater Looking At The Savannah River
Source: city-data.com

Augusta Riverwalk spans from 6th street to 10th street in the bank of the Savannah River. As a matter of fact, it is a very popular riverfront park in downtown Augusta.

As you stroll around the multi-level walkways, you’ll find museums, parks, amphitheater, playgrounds, and gardens hosting live musical performances.

 Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Source: sacredheartaugusta.org

The Sacred Heart Catholic Church is an iconic structure in the midst of Augusta and is home for cultural activities. A visit to Augusta isn’t complete without stopping at this city’s famous landmark.

Now that you know what makes Augusta a good place to stay, you can include it as one of your travel destinations. Come and see for yourself what Augusta, Georgia has to offer.