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5 Restaurants Offering Food Challenges in Hawaii

Cheyenne Reed



Beaches might be the first thing you think of when you think of the state of Hawaii. But what you might not consider is that a fun-filled day of sunshine and sand can leave you absolutely starving. If you’ve got a huge appetite and love a good food challenge, check out these five restaurants that definitely won’t leave you hungry. From the famous Cheeseburger restaurant to the Honolulu Burger Company, you might even get a meal for free!

1. Honolulu Burger Company

If you want to tackle the King Kamehameha Challenge, you’ll need to visit the folks at the Honolulu Burger Company. Perhaps they were trying to make this challenge seem less intimidating by calling it simply a “tall stacker burger.” One glance at this five-pound burger, though, and you’ll be wondering what you were thinking when you ordered it. The King Kamehameha Challenge is the whole package! On the side, you’ll get a basket of fries and a shake. This burger typically costs $60, but if you finish it in under an hour, you’ll not only get it free, but you’ll also get a $40 gift card, a t-shirt, and a spot on the Wall of Fame. Find Honolulu Burger Company if you want to chow down on a meal fit for a king!

Website: http://www.honoluluburgerco.com/

2. Cheeseburger Restaurants


Aside from their one outpost location in Las Vegas, you’ll only find Cheeseburger Restaurants in beautiful Hawaii. As you might be able to guess from their name, burgers are really their specialty. There is one burger on their menu that really stands out, though. That’s the Cheeseburger Challenge Burger. Weighing in at three and a half pounds, this burger is more of a monster than a meal. Order this and not only will you get three burger patties surrounded by Swiss and Colby jack cheese, but there are plenty of toppings as well. Lettuce, tomato, sauteed onions, jalapenos, sauteed mushrooms, fried egg, bacon, Kalua pork, Thousand Island Dressing, and mayonnaise all on a salt and pepper bun give this huge burger a truly Hawaiian twist.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed already, you might not want to attempt this challenge, because the meal doesn’t stop there. On the side, you’ll find a heaping helping of chili cheese fries topped with onion rings. If you can finish all that in under twenty minutes, you get to skip the $30 price tag. Check out any of their seven locations all across Hawaii.

Website: http://cheeseburgernation.com/

3. Mac 24/7


If you’re looking for a real food challenge that gives you a bit of choice in the matter, head on over to Mac 24/7. They’ll serve you up to three, fourteen-inch pancakes with plenty of butter, syrup, and the topping of your choice. Choose from options like fresh fruit – blueberries or pineapple chunks, – walnuts and chocolate chunks, coconut and macadamia nuts, or cinnamon streusel with vanilla glaze. Sounds pretty tasty if you’re a breakfast food fanatic!

But, these pancakes might prove to be more of a challenge than you originally expected. The generous ninety-minute time limit for consuming them certainly suggests that they will take a while to demolish. Succeed and you won’t have to pay the $22, plus you’ll get a free t-shirt and a spot on the Wall of Fame — and even on the website! Check them out in Waikiki!

Website: http://mac247waikiki.com/

4. Cool Cat Cafe


At the Cool Cat Cafe, they’ve had the best burger on Maui for twelve years in a row! So, if you’re a burger lover, why not visit them and try out the 808 Burger Challenge? As the name of this burger indicates, eight is the magic number. On this towering sandwich, you’ll find eight burger patties and eight slices of cheese. Fortunately, they give you more than eight minutes to eat it — you’ll have half an hour to make your best effort on defeating this humongous burger. If you’re successful, they’ll cut the $32 price of this burger in half, and reward you with a t-shirt and a spot on the challenge wall. If you’re feeling hungry, head on over to Lahaina and dig in!

Website: http://www.coolcatcafe.com/

5. Moose’s Pub & Cafe


If you’re looking for a less meaty meal challenge, Moose’s Pub and Cafe is the place to be. Instead of a monster burger, here you can give the Moose Omelette Challenge a try. While it might not be as meaty, that doesn’t mean its any less of a challenge. Twelve eggs go into this omelet, and alongside them, plenty of meats, vegetables, and potatoes. By the time it’s all said and done, you can expect a meal that tips the scales at a whopping six pounds! Even if you finish this monster omelet, the check is still your responsibility, but this meal is more than worth its $24 price tag. Plus, you’ll have a free t-shirt, your picture on the Wall of Fame, and a whole lot of bragging rights! Find them in Waikiki or Kihei.

Website: http://www.moosewaikiki.com/home.html