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10 Things You Should Never Ever Say to Someone from Idaho




When chatting with Idahoans, it’s best to avoid a few phrases that might rub them the wrong way. From assuming they’re all potato farmers to calling their state boring, there are some topics you’ll wanna skip to keep things friendly and respectful. So let’s dive in and learn what not to say to our friends from Idaho! Here are 10 Things You Should Never Ever Say to Someone from Idaho:

“Idaho? Isn’t that just a bunch of potatoes?”

Referring to Idaho as only known for potatoes overlooks the state’s diverse industries, landscapes, and culture. While potatoes are an important part of Idaho’s economy, the state also boasts outdoor recreation, technology sectors, and vibrant communities.

“Do you all just live in the middle of nowhere?”

Assuming that Idahoans only live in rural areas overlooks the state’s urban centers, suburbs, and college towns. While Idaho has vast rural areas, it also has thriving cities like Boise, Coeur d’Alene, and Idaho Falls.

“Idaho is so boring, isn’t it?”

Dismissing Idaho as boring overlooks its natural beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, and cultural attractions. From its scenic mountains and rivers to its arts festivals and historical sites, Idaho offers plenty of activities and experiences for residents and visitors alike.

“I bet everyone in Idaho is a redneck.”

Labeling Idahoans as “rednecks” perpetuates negative stereotypes and disregards the state’s diverse population and interests. While some residents may embrace rural lifestyles, many others are professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, and academics.

“Isn’t Idaho just a conservative stronghold?”

Assuming that Idaho is uniformly conservative overlooks the diversity of political beliefs and ideologies within the state. While Idaho tends to lean conservative politically, it also has progressive-leaning areas and residents with a wide range of political views.

“Idaho? I’ve never heard of anything interesting happening there.”

Dismissing Idaho as uninteresting overlooks its contributions to arts, culture, and innovation. From its thriving music and arts scenes to its tech startups and outdoor adventures, Idaho has plenty to offer.

“You must love potatoes, right?”

Assuming that all Idahoans love potatoes overlooks individual preferences and tastes. While potatoes are an important agricultural product in Idaho, not everyone in the state consumes or enjoys them regularly.

“Idaho is just a state full of wilderness.”

Disparaging Idaho as solely defined by wilderness overlooks its urban development, agriculture, and industry. While Idaho has vast natural landscapes, it also has vibrant cities, towns, and economic sectors that contribute to its identity and economy.

“I heard Idaho is full of militia types.”

Stereotyping Idahoans as militia members overlooks the diversity of residents and communities in the state. While Idaho may have some individuals who identify with militia movements, many residents reject extremism and violence and value peaceful coexistence.

“Why would anyone want to live in Idaho?”

Questioning the desirability of living in Idaho overlooks its quality of life factors, affordability, and sense of community. Many Idahoans appreciate the state’s outdoor lifestyle, strong sense of community, and opportunities for career growth and personal fulfillment.

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