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Here Are 4 Restaurants That Offer Food Challenges in Chicago

Ashley Parada



Chicago is home to not only some of the most notable restaurants in the country but also a large list of laid back locations offering over the top meals that are a literal challenge to diners. Below you will find a list of ten special restaurants offering food challenges in Chicago that also could end up costing you nothing. If you can finish them that is. Do not underestimate the difficulty in consuming these food challenges in Chicago. But if your one of the few confident diners, you might still be tempted to give them a try.

1. Paddy Long’s, Chicago, Illinois


Paddy Long’s considers themselves a Beer and Bacon bar, and an epic one at that. Diners looking for food challenges in Chicago filled with plenty of bacon will surely want to try the Paddy Long’s Bomb Challenge. The Bomb is sort of like meatloaf. It’s made with ground sausage, pork, and beef, and is wrapped in a weave of brown sugar-coated bacon. The Bomb is typically purchased for a group, but if you are daring enough to take the challenge, finishing the entire five-pound loaf and a huge side of fries in under forty-five minutes will get you a free meal, a winners t-shirt, and a permanent spot of their victory wall.

2. Pop’s Pizza, Quincy, Illinois

Food Challenges
Food Challenges

Pop’s Pizza is famous for its unique two-person pizza challenge. For those brave enough, and hungry enough to give it a try, you and a friend will need to devour a thirty-two-inch pizza weighing about fourteen pounds. The pizza must have at least one topping of your choice (half and half is fine by them). You must finish eating the pizza within one hour. Winners not only receive their enormous pizza for free, but also a set of winners t-shirts, a spot on their hall of fame, and a free pizza every month for a year. Which is great, if you can even consider eating more pizza after downing such an extreme pie.

3. Lucky’s Sandwich Co, Chicago, Illinois

Serious Eats
Serious Eats

This famous spot was featured on the popular Travel Channel television show ‘Man Vs Food.’ The Lucky’s Challenge requires contestants to pick three sandwiches off the challenge menu. Classic options like roast beef, pastrami, and corned beef are the best. You’ll also need to eat all three sandwiches in under an hour. If you can successfully conquer this food challenge in Chicago, you’ll receive all three sandwiches for free, a winners t-shirt, as well as a place on their Hall Of Fame.

4. Mamma Mia’s, Rockford, Illinois

Mamma Mia's
Mamma Mia’s

This Rockford favorite offers a huge thirty two-inch pizza referred to as ‘The Don,’ which is typically used to feed party-sized crowds. The pizza food challenge is for two people and requires diners to pick at least one topping. You must consume the pizza within forty-five minutes to win. Winners will receive their meal for free, a bragging t-shirt, as well as a $100 gift card for their next visit. And, of course, a spot on their Wall Of Dons.

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