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These 7 Towns In Illinois Have The Funniest Names You’ll Ever See



Some of the towns in Illinois with the absolute funniest names also happen to have some of the smallest populations in the state. Hidden in plain sight among these tiny towns remains some names that are creative, obvious or even wacky. Although some of these towns might not be too interesting at first glance, if you look hard enough you will find quirky traits and attractions that are well worth the visit. For an inexpensive weekend trip, consider stopping through the towns on this list, and of course, take an obligatory photo in front of the town’s welcome sign to share with friends (since they might not believe you without one).

1. Oblong, Illinois

Hidden inside of Crawford County Illinois is a curious little town called Oblong. This tiny town has a reported population of about 1,500 residents, according to census data from 2010. Oblong is not known for much but could be a great inexpensive hideaway for tourists.

2. Beardstown, Illinois

Historic photos of Beardstown, Illinois would lead one to believe that the name literally stems from the facial hair of its residents. That, of course, is not true, but part of the humor in the name of this town. Their population is roughly 6,200 residents, according to 2010 census data.

3. Sandwich, Illinois

Tumblr: nudelhirsch
Tumblr: nudelhirsch

The hunger-inducing town of Sandwich, Illinois is one of the larger towns on this list, reporting a population of roughly 7,500 residents, according to data taken from the 2010 census poll. Visitors can look forward to the annual Sandwich Fair, which happens to be the longest-running fair in the state.

4. Hometown, Illinois

Many consider Illinois to be an iconic midwestern state, due to the frequency in which it is featured in television and film. With a name like Hometown, this small town in Illinois is not known for much else other than their interesting name, and only has a reported population of roughly 4,500 residents.

5. Joy, Illinois

A town called Joy has to naturally put residents in the right state of mind for sustained happiness. Joy, Illinois is a super small town, being home to just about 400 residents according to recent census results. Visit Joy to experience Illinois history.

6. Time, Illinois

If you were to do a quick web search for Time, Illinois, you might be provided with the time zone or the current time in the state, but you would have to dive much deeper to find more information about the town. The census poll results for Time, taken in the year 2000, lists less than thirty residents in total.

7. Normal, Illinois


This iconic midwestern town has just about the most obvious name. Normal is just as one would assume without even visiting, a normal, small-town hidden in Illinois. As one of the largest towns on this list, Normal is likely the best known by outsiders among the others above. It has a population of over 50,000 residents and growing, which far surpasses the rest showcased on the list.

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