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8 Weird Laws in Illinois You Didn’t Know Existed




Just like many other regions of the United States, Illinois still has many state and local laws that would make visitors do a double-take. From Chicago to Decatur, there are plenty of weird laws in Illinois that come from way back when they were overlooked and are technically still active today.

Leave The Fuzzy Dice At Home

Fine Art Magazine
Fine Art Magazine

Throughout the state of Illinois, it is illegal to hang obstructions from the rearview mirror of your car. Common obstructions include fuzzy dice, air fresheners, mounted GPS systems and the like. Illinois is certainly not the only state with this or similar restrictions but it still might put a damper on the kinds of flair you can add to your car.

It’s Never Too Late To Learn To Cook

There exists a way for teenagers to legally drink alcohol in Chicago. The city of Chicago allows adults under the age of 21 to partake, so long as they are enrolled in a culinary program. This makes perfect sense considering many types of cuisine include wine or spirits in the recipe, so why hold back eager students looking to master their craft.

It’s Pronounced Jo-Lee-Et

The town of Joliet takes its name very seriously. Residents and visitors that are not properly pronouncing the town’s name are technically breaking a city-specific law. One has to wonder if this legislation has anything to do with an early pet peeve by local representatives. Of course, it is unlikely for this restriction to be enforced, it surely is something for locals to joke about when visitors come to Joliet.

No Spirits For Spot

Another local law that seems to be too obvious to be true, can once again be found in the city of Chicago. In Chicago, there is a law preventing residents from sharing their whiskey with their pets, dogs specifically. Many Chicago bars allow customers to bring their dogs along when using patio seating, but there better just be water in Spot’s bowl.

No Sling Shots Allowed

Kid Spot
Kid Spot

Another local law that has residents turning their heads is the slingshot restriction. In Horner, Illinois, it is illegal to use a slingshot unless you are a member of local law enforcement. What does that mean for children in Horner? They will need to save it for the professionals and face a fine.

No Poodles At The Opera

When you think of the opera, things like indulgence and opulence come to mind. You can still dress your best, and bring a date of your choosing, so long as your date isn’t a poodle. In the city of Chicago, it is illegal to bring a french poodle along with you to the opera. Chicago is known for its famous operas and one wonders what caused this law to be put in place.

Look Mom, No Hands

In Decatur, Illinois, it is illegal to drive an automobile without a steering wheel. This one may seem fairly obvious, but laws are typically put in place because of an existing need. It’s safe to say that someone ruined the fun for the rest of us, so residents should always use a vehicle equipped with steering wheels.

In Case Of Emergency, Drop Your Plate

Telegraph UK
Telegraph UK

This last one is possibly the most interesting of the weird laws in Illinois on the list. In Chicago, it is illegal to eat while inside of a burning building. One has to ask, what type of food is worth staying inside of a burning building for? Well, unfortunately, there is no clear answer for that, but should that moment ever occur, not to fear. Chicago has no laws about taking said food along with you for your exit.

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