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You And Your Partner Will Love These 6 Unique Date Ideas In Illinois

Illinois with its mix of natural beauty and urban upscale amenities, offers couples of all interests something to remember. Whether you consider yourself an adventurous nature lover, or a stylish shopper, there seem to be something for everyone here in Illinois. This creative list of popular date ideas will keep you and your loved one coming back for more. Spice it up and try out one of our fun suggestions.

1. Dine At River Roast

Stopping by River Roast in Chicago for dinner is a wonderful date idea for couples. This somewhat hidden spot offers scenic views due to its location right on the Chicago riverfront. Guests can even take a water taxi that will drop them off right in front of the restaurant. Taking the water taxi is a nice, inexpensive way to take in some scenic Chicago views before dinner. The combination of two activities can make for a lovely date.

2. Movies In The Park

For those looking to get some fresh air on their next big date might want to consider attending Movies In The Park. Prepare yourself a little picnic with snacks and beverages. Be sure to bring a blanket and get there early enough to pick out an ideal location for your date. The largest Movies In The Park events take place in Chicago, but many other cities in Illinois also host a version of their own. Check out your local parks department for more info.

3. Free Outdoor Concerts



At first you might be thinking, a free date, that isn’t very impressive? We can both agree with that, but take the money you would have put towards another date and surprise your special someone with a comfortable blanket to sit on, plenty of wine and maybe even some tasty desserts. A lawn concert is a great choice for those dates when you’d like to be able to get to know the person you are with, since it’s loud enough to enjoy but quiet enough to hear each other talks.

4. Dinner At The Signature Room

Taking a trip to see the city lights of Chicago would be a great upscale date idea for those not too far from Chicago, Illinois. I would recommend making reservations in advance to dine at the famous Signature Room restaurant. Located on the 95th floor of the renowned John Hancock tower, it offers views like no other of the city below.

5. Stroll Through The Museum Campus

CBS Chicago

CBS Chicago

Heading over to Chicago’s well known Museum Campus might not be your first thought when considering a new date idea, but checking out any of the attractions in the area can make for a lovely afternoon or evening date. The Museum Campus includes the Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, and the Field Museum of Natural History. This offers visitors plenty to do and memorable experiences.

6. Chicago Botanic Garden

This scenic destination is great for a low pressure, romantic afternoon. Visitors can stroll through the vast array of floral offerings and exhibits. You are your date can walk through greenhouses full of butterflies and through lush gardens.

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