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Here Are 20 Fun Facts About Indiana That Only Locals Know




Get ready to be amazed by Indiana with 20 fun facts that reveal the surprising quirks and hidden gems of the Hoosier State! From the world’s first electrically lit city to the birthplace of your favorite popcorn brand, Indiana is full of unexpected delights. So, grab your basketball and join us on a whirlwind tour of Indiana’s fascinating and lesser-known trivia!

Santa Claus, Indiana

The town of Santa Claus receives thousands of letters addressed to Santa every year, and volunteers reply to each one.

Covered Bridges

Parke County, Indiana, is known as the “Covered Bridge Capital of the World” with 31 historic covered bridges.

First Long-Distance Auto Race

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway hosted the world’s first long-distance auto race in 1911, now known as the Indianapolis 500.

Popcorn Capital

Indiana is one of the top popcorn-producing states in the U.S., with nearly 20% of the country’s popcorn grown there.

Elkhart RV Capital

Elkhart, Indiana, is known as the “RV Capital of the World,” producing most of the world’s recreational vehicles.

Indiana Dunes

Indiana Dunes National Park, located on the southern shore of Lake Michigan, boasts some of the most diverse ecosystems in the country.


The city of Wabash, Indiana, was the first electrically lighted city in the world, with lights turned on in 1880.

Famous Authors

James Whitcomb Riley, known as the “Hoosier Poet,” and Kurt Vonnegut, the renowned author, both hailed from Indiana.

Basketball Mania

Indiana is known for its passion for basketball, with the movie “Hoosiers” depicting the state’s high school basketball culture.

First Train Robbery

The first successful train robbery in the United States took place in Seymour, Indiana, by the Reno Gang in 1866.

Knute Rockne

Legendary Notre Dame football coach Knute Rockne revolutionized the game while coaching in Indiana.

Largest Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is the largest children’s museum in the world.

Orville Redenbacher

The famous popcorn brand was founded by Orville Redenbacher, who was born in Brazil, Indiana.

State Pie

Indiana’s official state pie is the sugar cream pie, also known as “Hoosier Pie.”

Underground Railroad

Indiana played a significant role in the Underground Railroad, helping enslaved people escape to freedom.

Crown Hill Cemetery

Located in Indianapolis, it is the third largest cemetery in the U.S. and the final resting place of many notable figures.

Raggedy Ann

The beloved rag doll, Raggedy Ann, was created by Indiana native Johnny Gruelle.

West Baden Springs Hotel

Known as the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” this hotel in West Baden Springs has a free-span dome that was the largest in the world when it was built in 1902.

Abe Lincoln’s Youth

Abraham Lincoln spent part of his youth in Indiana, from 1816 to 1830, before moving to Illinois.

Holiday World

This theme park in Santa Claus, Indiana, is one of the oldest in the country and was the first to be themed around Christmas.

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