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5 of the Most Beautiful Places to See in Indiana




Fondly nicknamed The Hoosier State, Indiana is the place to be for breathtaking countryside sceneries and dynamic activities. Think lush nature parks, stunning waterfalls, and gorgeous structures. Pack your bags and discover the wondrous gems of this scenic state. Add some of the most beautiful places to see in Indiana to your travel itinerary for an unforgettable excursion!

1. Indiana Dunes

The national park of the Hoosier State, Indiana Dunes, is located along the southern coast of Lake Michigan. It spans 15 miles and encompasses 15,000 acres, offering no shortage of stunning sights and exciting activities.

Have an adventure in this breathtaking destination. Hike or bike through the 15 miles of nature trails that traverse sunny prairies, craggy dunes, lush wetlands, dense forests, and lovely rivers. Spend a day or several camping out in the wilderness. You can also explore the areas on a bike or horseback.

Want to see everything Indiana Dunes has to offer? Visit it at different seasons. Wildflowers abound along the park’s rivers and nature trails in the spring, while Lake Michigan sunsets are especially beautiful in the summer. The park transforms into a wonderland of fall foliage once autumn rolls around. Winter drapes the already gorgeous landscape in white, upping up the park’s ethereal beauty.

Trip ideas:

  • Hit the beach or any of the several water destinations throughout the park for a swim. You can also go boating, kayaking, or canoeing. Love fishing? Top fishing grounds in Indiana Dunes include the little Calumet River and the Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk pier.
  • Interested in the local fauna? You’ll be pleased to know that Indiana Dunes is home to various species of rare birds. It’s also a common destination for various migratory birds. If you’re lucky, you may spot shrews, chipmunks, squirrels, foxes, white-tailed deers, and other animals during your nature treks.

2. Brown County State Park

Photo Credits: Outdoor Photographer

Every year, over one million people flock to this stunning destination. Since it’s hailed as one of the most beautiful places to see in Indiana, it’s easy to see why. Brown County State features gorgeous mountain trails, stunning overlooks, dense forests, fog-shrouded ravines, rugged hills, and beautiful ridges.

Brown County State Park is the biggest state park in Indiana. It is named after General Jacob Brown, a Commanding General of the United States Army, and encompasses approximately 16,000 acres of sprawling wilderness. One of the must-see attractions in the park is the rare, state-endangered Yellowwood tree located in Trail 5.

There are several ways to experience Brown County State Park. You can explore the numerous nature trails throughout the area by hiking, biking, or horseback riding. If you want to learn how to ride horseback or are an experienced rider, consider visiting the site’s horseman campground. It covers 70 miles of horse trails for exploration.

Travel tip:

  • The best time to visit Brown County State Park is in the autumn when the leaves are changing colors. The park offers some of the most breathtaking fall foliage around October. Look out from high vantage points and enjoy miles upon mile of uninterrupted forestlands in orange and scarlet.

3. Cataract State Park   

Few people are truly prepared for the unexpectedly breathtaking sight of a waterfall in the heart of this Indiana state park. Cataract Falls, the biggest waterfalls in the Hoosier State, is tucked within this gorgeous park. It spills at a total of 86 ft. and is made up of a series of cascades.

Reaching this stunning destination involves a moderately challenging hike through a scenic nature trail that’s less than three miles. If you’re not up for a hike to visit this gorgeous waterfall, you’ll be pleased to know that it is easily accessible by car.

Aside from the jaw-dropping falls, you can also soak in the scenic sights of this lovely Indiana gem. Have a picnic, listen to the birds sing, and bask in the peaceful ambiance of the park. You can also wade through and enjoy the cool waters of the creek.

Pet guide:

  • There are no set rules for pets in Cataract State Park, so feel free to explore this scenic location with your canine companion. It’s the perfect setting for fun get-togethers and photography sessions.

4. Shades State Park

Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons | Shades State Park

Dense, peaceful, and enchanting —it’s easy to see why Shades State Park is one of the most beautiful places to see in Indiana. The place is brimming with lush, shady ravines. There are also gorgeous sandstone cliffs, stunning overlooks, and dense foliage. Despite its beauty, it’s lesser-known than other sites, so it’s never crowded.

There is no shortage of fun activities in Shades State Park. There are several nature trails of varying difficulty levels for exploration. Wildflowers and lush foliage border most routes, offering a picturesque trekking experience. You can explore the trails on your own or join one of the scheduled hikes. You can also have a picnic at the various designated areas throughout the park.


Shades State Park is open only from 8 AM until sunset. If you want to camp out, consider using the campsites at Turkey Run State Park come nightfall.

5. Marengo Cave

Photo Credits: Marengo Cave Tours

Considered as the most visited natural attraction in Indiana, the Marengo Cave is definitely a sight to behold. You can explore its undeveloped yet stunning systems through two different tours. The 40-minute Crystal Palace tour gives you an up-close look at massive flowstone deposits and takes you through rooms filled with beautiful formations.

For a more extensive excursion, take the Dripstone Trail route. This hour-long tour gives you an unparalleled view of riveting totem pole stalagmites, intricate soda straws, and the famous Penny Ceiling. Get ready to squeeze through dark, tight spaces and unleash the inner explorer in you.

Other caves exploring trips include the

  • Underground Adventure
  • Waterfall Crawl
  • Beyond the Falls

Finally, pay attention to the age restrictions, if you’re taking your kids along for the ride. With its unique systems and fascinating rock formations, Marengo Cave is indeed one of the most beautiful places to see in Indiana.

Indiana is brimming with picturesque sights that will take your breath away. Which ones do you think is the most beautiful of them all?

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