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15 Best Things to Do in Frankfort

Suny Errot



Did you know that Frankfort is the state capital of Kentucky? It’s quite a surprising fact considering that its population is below 30,000, whereas Louisville has over half a million. ‘Why is Frankfort the capital?,’ you ask? It’s because the place is the only union capital occupied by the Confederate Troops during the Civil War and the city who pledged manpower for the creation of the statehouse.

Frankfort is located along the Kentucky River and is known to have one of the most beautiful capitol buildings in the United States of America. Don’t close your doors for this beautiful city just because people say it’s quiet and simple.

Pack your bags and see this wonderful place for yourself. Here are the 17 best things to do in Frankfort:

1. Visit the Salato Wildlife Education Center

Want to see the wildlife in action? This is the right place for you! Visit this national park located in the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Resources. You can go for a picnic while appreciating different kinds of ecosystems and animals. Plus, there are activities and workshops that kids would love.

2. Discover the Beautiful Old State Capitol

For a peaceful city like Frankfort, one of their best-known landmarks is their capitols.

The Old State Capitol will remind you of the Greek era for its impressive architecture. Today, you can visit the place and even head straight to the Kentucky Historical Society to help you with your tours in Frankfort!

3. Break the Stigma That History Is Boring at Kentucky History Center

Kentucky History Center

Source: Kentucky History Center

Have a fantastic time with the interactive exhibits, activities and several performances in the Kentucky History Center. You can go alone, or you can go with your friends and family.

One tip you should remember is that you’ll save you a buck if you bring your kids aged 5 and below since their admission is free.

4. Explore the New Capitol Building

Be in awe with this elegantly crafted New Capitol Building of Frankfort. This place is still the home of the Kentucky government up until now wherein one of the main highlights is Lincoln’s statue. If you hold a different interest, maybe you could also see the wide range of dolls previously owned by the former first ladies.

5. Visit the Governor’s Mansion

Governor’s Mansion

Source: Governor’s Mansion | John Egan

While a governor’s residence is rarely open for public, this mansion which is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places can be visited by tourists. The mansion does not only serve as a residence but as an official public building where a lot of ceremonies happen.

6. Discover the Candy Making Process at Rebecca Ruth Candy Factory

We all want to experience a sweet day. But would you believe us if we were to tell you that you can do it literally? Visit the Rebecca Ruth Candy Factory which is globally known as the makers of Bourbon Candy! Here, you will see the candy making process and learn more about their candies.

Hit up their gift shop after the tour and make sure you bring home some sweet treats.

7. Learn More About the Old Kentucky at Liberty Hall Historic Site

There’s no better way to learn about the families that lived here for nearly two hundred years than visiting Liberty Hall Historic Site, a two-house historic site owned by Senator John Brown.

You can do activities here like crafting, cooking, listening to lectures, and checking out exhibits that portray the old life in Kentucky. There are also documents and artifacts so you can learn more about Senator Brown and his family.

8. Try the Bourbon at Buffalo Trace Distillery

You cannot go out of this city without first trying the bourbon whiskey. To say that drinking it is one of the best things to do Frankfort is an understatement.

Visit Buffalo Trace Distillery which is home to the award-winning bourbon, and also where you can witness the whiskey-making process. Guess what? The tours are for free but if you’ll be in big groups you’ll have to book earlier!

9. Chill out at Cove Springs Park

Cove Springs Park

Source: Cove Springs Park | Flickr/Rich McGervey

Who doesn’t love springs? Hike on your way to this amazing park and you’ll surely say that the effort is worth it. You can simply chill out and enjoy the great waters in this nature preserve.

10. Play an 18-Hole Golf Game at Juniper Hill Golf Course

Juniper Hill Golf Course

Source: Juniper Hill Golf Course | All Square Golf

Drop by Juniper Hill Golf Course, one of the famous golf courses in Kentucky, if you want to have a memorable golfing occasion. Even non-members can play here at a manageable rate. It can meet all your golfing needs with its holes, clubhouse, full-service pro shop, a teaching center, as well as other conference and event facilities.

11. Visit Elkhorn Creek

Elkhorn Creek

Source: Elkhorn Creek | Kentucky Department of Fish Wildlife Resources

Elkhorn Creek may be a small stream, but there’s a lot that you can do here. Go for canoeing or fishing while enjoying nature. You can even stay for the night and go camping.

12. Have Fun and Learn at Capitol Education Center

Capitol Education Center

Source: Capitol Education Center | Kentucky Teacher

Interactive learning is something that both kids and adults would love. Did you know that you can experience that at the Capitol Education Center? Here you will learn about the government and geography of Kentucky unconventionally.

13. Explore the Kentucky Military Museum

For a lot of years, both men and women have been involved with the military. Give honor to all the military people by visit this museum that tackles both Kentucky’s rich history as well as the amazing equipment and stories of the people.

14. Check out What’s Inside the Capital City Museum

Capital City Museum

Source: Capital City Museum | Visit Frankfort

Want to see the mundane life of people from Frankfort? This small museum is domicile to a collection of memorabilia that are owned by firefighters, police and even includes an exhibit about the assassination of former Senator Goebel in the Kentucky River.

15. Embrace the Beauty of Leslie Morris Park

Leslie Morris Park

Source: Leslie Morris Park | All Trails

Another historical site on the list is Leslie Morris Park. Here, you can find Civil War forts. Some of the activities you can do here are: picnicking, hiking or simply strolling while enjoying the view of Frankfort.


Plan your trip to Frankfort and start creating lots of fond memories with your family!