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10 Most Beautiful Places to See in Maine



Over the years, Maine has become one of the most popular tourist destinations for people who seek tranquillity and a place to be one with nature. The state’s national parks and the claim that it has the best lobster in the United States makes it an ultra-popular destination. Maine has gotten its nickname “vacation land” among the tens of thousands of tourists who fly here every year. Check out the list of the most beautiful places to see in Maine, and don’t forget to try the best things to do in the state!

1. Two Lights State Park

Two Lights State Park, Maine

Photo Credits: BOOMSBeat

With the Atlantic Ocean on the horizon, Two Lights State Park will surely give you a great view of the coast of Maine. Locals and visitors alike often lay down their picnic tables and let their hair down. As one of the most beautiful places to see in Maine, make sure to enjoy the scenery while feasting on the juicy lobsters and clam bakes. Aside from the relaxing view, you may also take a walk or hike along the shorelines and watch ships come and go into the harbor.

2. Peaks Island

Peaks Island, Maine

Photo Credits: Tips for Family Trips

 If you want to feel a chill island vibe for the day, Peaks Island is perfect for you. This laid-back area is one of the most beautiful places to see in Maine. It is home to retirees and artists who seek to have a peaceful life by the ocean. It is accessible by the Casco Bay Ferry which only takes less than 20 minutes one way. Make sure to try out the Peaks Island Houses food selection and enjoy the unparalleled view of the coast you’re at it.

3. Ogunquit Beach

Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Photo Credits: Forget Someday Blog

Who wouldn’t love a quiet walk in the beach with the view of the sunset? This three-mile stretch offers not just a scenic route but also a place to relax and enjoy a drink or two. Stores, restaurants, and art galleries are also abundant here to cater to all kinds of tourists. This beach is also pet-friendly as dogs can be seen racing to the waves, especially during off-season. You can really take it easy and lose yourself in thought as you drift away into the sound of the waves.

4. Chimney Pond

Chimney Pond, Maine

Photo Credits: Tim Wood

Chimney pond surely offers a sheer stunning beauty to its hikers. It will take you roughly three hours to get from the Roaring Brook Campground of the Baxter State Park to the Katahdin’s great basin. If you want to reach the summit of Maine’s highest peak, make sure to prepare for additional hours of hiking. It might help to bring a picnic mat where you can relax when taking breaks.

5. Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park, Maine

Photo Credits: Earth Trekkers

Acacia National Park may not be as popular as the Grand Canyon but it surely is one of the most visited parks in United States. This most-loved park prides itself with its natural trails  for both walking and cycling. It also boasts its mountain summit road where you can welcome and enjoy the sunrise. If you’re not into outdoor activities, you may also visit the Abbe Museum. It’s an excellent place to learn about Maine’s Native American history in one of the most beautiful places to see in Maine.

6. Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake, Maine

Photo Credits: Katherine Belarmino

Flying over this roughly 40-mile long lake is unarguably one of the best things you can do in Maine. Aside from the woods and the mountain spread, you may also be able to spot wildlife that you won’t get to see on the ground. A number of travel agencies offer these float plane rides that give you views of Mt. Big Moose, Mt. Kineo, and a glimpse of Mt. Katahdin on a good day.

7. West Quoddy Head Light, Lubec

West Quoddy Head Light, Lubec, Maine

Photo Credits: Down East

This red-and-white lighthouse is located at Quoddy Head State Park. If you want to see the view of the sun rising, make sure to wake up early and pay a visit to this striped classic. Strategically located in the most eastern part of the United States, you will be one of the first to enjoy the first rays of the sun all over the country. After enjoying the warmth of the sun, you may explore Passamaquoddy Bay and cross to Campobello Park.

8. Penobscot Bay

Another sightseeing trip where you can hire or rent the services of a travel agency is Windjammers, one of the most beautiful places to see in Maine. Sailing across the ocean with the scenic evergreen-lined islands, one might find this trip enjoyable and relaxing. You could either take a quick trip or opt to take a longer cruise, either way, you will still enjoy the view when the windjammer dock in one of the beautiful island harbors where you can enjoy peace and serenity.

9. Height of Land, Rangeley

One of the best winter towns in New England, Height of Land gives you an unobstructed view of the Rangeley Lake and the mountains around the area. Declared as one of the finest in the state, the viewpoint has expanded its viewing area to accommodate more people and minimize the risk of traffic by stopping in the surrounding vicinity. You can even take a short hike through the conservation lands beside the viewpoint.

10. Baxter State Park, Maine

Considered to be the crown jewel of Northern Maine, Baxter State park has become popular among skiers and hikers over the years. This massive area surrounds Maine’s highest mountain, Mount Katahdin and marks the end of the Appalachian Trail. Although the daylong trek to the mountain peak is considered to be rigorous, amateur hikers can still see the beauty of the surroundings with the other 40 plus peaks that are way easier than the main trail. Many sights can be seen along the trails, one may witness wildlife, gander at the rock formations, or when you’re feeling more adventurous, take a dip in the waterfalls.


  • If you’re planning to stay the night, camping is the only option you have. Make sure to plan and book ahead as spots can be full especially during mid-summer.

Looking for national parks or scenic lake views? Wanting some quiet time along the beach, or trying exhilarating plane rides overlooking the state? Maine has got it all for you. Grab your stuff and visit this place of wonders!

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