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6 Reasons Berlin, MD is Officially the Coolest Small Town in America



It’s official, Berlin, MD is the coolest small town in the whole United States. Well, that is according to BudgetTravel.com. However, in this instance, we have to agree that they’re absolutely correct. Berlin, MD has that quintessential small-town charm. Berlin’s abundant 19th-Century architecture as well as its variety of community-based activities, make it a picturesque American destination. It’s the perfect home away from home for those wishing to take a day or weekend trip away from hectic city life. The beautiful Victorian homes along streets lined with magnolias, sycamores, tulip poplars, bald cypress, and ginkgo trees, will make you feel like you’ve transported to a different time in American history. Perhaps a time when life was simpler. Here are 6 reasons why Berlin, MD is indeed the coolest small town in America.

1. Berlin Keeps its History Alive

The citizens of Berlin, MD keep their town’s history alive by making sure their important houses and buildings don’t go to waste. 47 structures throughout Berlin appear on the National Register of Historic Places. The renovated town center, picturesque Victorian homes, and architecture from three different time periods include Federal, Victorian, and 20th-Century.

Calvin B. Taylor House Museum in Berlin, MD.
Photo credit: Historic House Trails
Calvin B. Taylor House Museum|Berlin, MD
Photo credit: Historic House Trails

One such historical site is the Calvin B. Taylor House Museum. This house is a carefully restored 19th-Century house that was owned by prominent Berlin, MD resident Calvin Taylor and his wife Mattie. The main block now serves as a museum with the west wing serving as a gallery showcasing local Berlin memorabilia.

2. The Vibrant and Lively Main Street

A bustling street scene on Main Street in Berlin, MD.
Main Street Berlin, MD

Berlin has a unique and vibrant downtown area. You’ll find many shops and restaurants along Main Street. It’s also the perfect place to experience local art during art festivals and community gatherings. Take in the unique buildings and lifestyle of the locals as you travel down this beautiful and exciting street.

On Main Street and in the surrounding area, you can enjoy shopping at these stores:

Beach Memories Jewelry

Beach Memories sells local artisan jewelry that doesn’t ever use any plastics. This way you can take home memories of the quaint beach life without harming our oceans.

Bleached Butterfly

Bleached Butterfly is a floral boutique as well as a home decoration store. They specialize in creating custom floral designs with fresh and beautiful flowers. This boutique is a colorful contributor to Berlin’s charm.

World of Toys

World of Toys is a wonderful toy store featuring educational and classic toys for children of all ages. If you’re a children’s educator, a loving parent, or both, this is the store for you.

Viking Trading Company

This unique store is dedicated to adventure and fun. Featuring men’s clothing, vinyl records, expedition accessories, and much more.

Berlin Farmers Market

The Berlin Farmers Market begins on Sunday, May 3rd, and continues every Sunday from 9 AM to 1 PM afterward until September 6th. This is a favorite outing for many locals to buy and sell produce, artisanal foods, local crafts, and so much more.

3. Berlin, MD Also Offers Excellent Local Restaurants

Berlin, MD offers many unique restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and more. Check in to a few of the ones on our list.

Rayne's Reef restaurant in Berlin, MD
Photo credit: Look Up America! via Flickr

Rayne’s Reef Soda Fountain and Grill

Looking for the best cheeseburgers in town? Then look no further because Rayne’s Reef is your place. Not only do they serve the best grilled American food, but they also are the best place for old fashioned milkshakes and sodas.

Baked Dessert Cafe and Gallery

Offering amazing signature desserts and coffee, this bakery is also a great place to discover local art.

Exterior of the Main Street Enchanted Tea Room in Berlin, MD.
Photo credit: Rain Love AMR via Flickr

Main Street Enchanted Tea Room

A small service tea room that showcases the elegance and charm of Berlin, MD. This little spot is the perfect place to relax and enjoy friendly company while sipping exotic teas. It’s also perfect if you’re looking for a charming place to read your favorite book.

Exterior of the Atlantic Hotel in Berlin, MD.
Photo credit: Jackie Childers via Flickr

Drummer’s Cafe at the Atlantic Hotel Bistro Bar

This exquisite cafe offers elegant dishes, desserts, and spirits. The interior is beautiful with upscale decor and old fashioned design. You can also stay the night in this historic Berlin hotel.

4. Berlin, MD Has a Lot of Art Galleries

Art In The Fields

Art in the Fields is a 20th-Century art gallery that showcases local artist original works as well as lithographs of famous artwork. From post-impressionist works from the early 1900s to the Pop Art of Andy Warhol -and everything in between.

Jeffrey Auxer Blown Glass & Fine Art

This is a fully functioning blown glass studio that also serves as an art gallery. You can learn the craft of blowing glass and discover amazing local Berlin, MD talent.

Steel N Glory

Wood and metal art is Steel N Glory’s expertise. They offer custom-designed decor for your home or office. Their art is an excellent choice for original thinkers wanting to express their personalities.

Wooden Octopus

The Wooden Octopus is an art studio made up of four artists: Matthew Amey, Karen Ardis, Lisa Tossey, and Margaret Tossey. They produce all original paintings, photography, woodcrafts as well as metal art.

5. Berlin Even Has its Share of Haunted Places

There are multiple haunted locations throughout the historic Berlin, MD. These locations include the Old Fish Shop, the Store of Crazy Characters, the former Odd Fellows Hall, the Maryland Wine Bar, the Pitts House, and St. Paul’s Graveyard.

Berlin also has its own unique ghost walk. Check it out.

The Haunted Berlin Ghost Walk

This 1 1/2 mile ghost walk takes tourists through the haunted and historic section of Berlin, MD. You’ll make a stop at the Atlantic Hotel and learn about the young girl who won’t pass on. Also, there are other ghosts you just might meet there.

6. Berlin Has Several Gorgeous Parks

If you’re looking for a town where you can take a leisurely stroll in a park after eating at a delicious restaurant, then you’re in luck because Berlin, MD is such a city. There are several beautiful parks in Berlin to choose from.

Stephen Decatur Park

This 21-acre park is a popular place for Berlin, MD locals to gather. A variety of fun events are held here throughout the year for the whole family to enjoy. For over 30 years, Stephen Decatur Park has hosted the Berlin Fall Festival.

Dr. William Henry Park

This park is 3.5 acres of basketball courts, playgrounds, picnic areas, and a large pavilion. The park holds the annual Old-Fashioned Memorial Day celebration as well as the National Night Out events.

John Howard Burbage Park

Burbage park is a small .75-acre park that is located directly in front of the Berlin Municipal Power Plant. It is named after Berlin, MD’s longest-serving mayor.

Berlin Falls Park

Berlin Falls Park is the newest park on the list in Berlin, MD. This neighborhood park is perfect for running, walking, and taking in nature.

There are a lot of reasons why Berlin, MD is the coolest small town in the country. That’s without a doubt. This list is not exhaustive by any means. But the reasons listed here give you a great starting point when you come to visit the charming little town of Berlin, MD.