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8 of the Most Beautiful Places to See in Massachusetts




The Bay State has a little something for everyone. From historical landmarks to classical music concerts, from scenic beaches to laid-back islands, you can never go wrong with this city. Take a look at the most beautiful places to see in Massachusetts:

1. Rockport

Rockport, Massachusetts
Photo Credits: Good Morning Gloucester

Considered to be one of the most charming towns in the city, Rockport is an ideal tourist spot for scuba diving and kayaking enthusiasts. The long stretch of soft sand beaches attract people of various interests. Located at the edge of Cape Ann peninsula, this state has some of the best hiking trails in this part of America. So whether you’re in for a swim or a hike, Rockport has both options for you.

2. Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail

This moderately difficult trail is a must-see attraction. Not only it being a great visit during the summer, but it also is home to a pretty wide range of birds. You will find the Marconi Station Site at the end of the walk. It offers a great view of the Atlantic ocean and a great place to take photos. The trail starts in a stunted oak and pine forest then into woodland. Leading to a boardwalk that eventually returns to the historic “Wireless Road”.

3. Sturbridge

Sturbridge, Massachusetts
Photo Credits: Old Sturbridge Village

It feels like you are back in time when you visit this historic town, which is also one of the most beautiful places to see in Massachusetts. Strolling downtown and going in its unique boutiques and antique shops are ways to see the town’s culture.

You may also visit the living museum at the Old Sturbridge Village if you want a taste of like in the 19th century. Another attraction just outside Sturbridge is Wells State Park. It has a beautiful pond where you can go swimming and canoeing. With its old-fashioned New England charm, Sturbridge is deserving to be on the list of the most beautiful places in Massachusetts.

4. North Point Park

North Point Park, Massachusetts
Photo Credits: OVSLA

Although this park has only been opened a few years back, North Point has been one of the popular spots in Boston. Located on the Charles River, it has been a neat playground for locals to enjoy a quiet afternoon. You will find several structures suited for different ages, trails, picnic tables, bridges, and even a pet-friendly spot. From the park’s grounds, you can see the Zakim Bridge and the Museum of Science. If the view f the sunset from the park still doesn’t entice you, you may also enjoy strolling along the park in the evening. The and East Cambridge and Charlestown can be easily be accessed by foot or a bike.

5. Cohasset

Cohasset, Massachusetts
Photo Credits: Wicked Local: Cohasset

With its picture-perfect scenes, Cohasset has been luring visitors every year. Known for its Sandy Beach, it may only allow visitors may only to go swimming if accompanied by a local resident. Cohasset covers almost ten square miles and is home to about less than 9,000 residents. Aside from its vintage-styled attractions, you may also enjoy the ff: Boating, Sailing, and camping. It’s not just family-friendly but it’s also perfect for individuals who seek to have a fun, quiet time alone.

6. Cape Cod

Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Photo Credits: Today

Cape Cod remains on the list of the most beautiful places to see in Massachusetts simply because it is. With the stunning beaches and picturesque scenes, Cape Cod will surely make you want to come back again. There are several activities that you may try in Cape Cod, one of which is whale-watching. The ideal season to go here is from April to October, but according to the locals, you can see the whales the best from June to September. Several species of whales like the Humpbacks, Minkes, and Finbacks will truly give you an experience you won’t forget.

Aside from that, Cape Cod is also known to be one of the most romantic places in all of America. While Cape Cod gives you that serene and laid-back vibe, Falmouth and Province town will give you the dose of nightlife that you need.

7. Hammond Castle

Hammond Castle, Massachusetts
Photo Credits: Hammond Castle

This medieval-style castle built sometime in the late 1920s is such a gorgeous sight on the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts. The Hammond Castle was the home of John Hays Hammond Jr., one of the greatest American inventors who was a pioneer in the remote control technology. One of the unique features of this castle is its very own “weather control” system. With this technology, Hammond can drain the indoor pool and fill it up with saltwater in an instant. He would often use this as well when he felt like basking in the rain.

Today, the castle serves as a museum for people who would like to experience the history and see artworks from the Medieval and Renaissance periods. It is most popular during the Halloween as the castle hosts its own haunted castle tour. Hammond Castle is truly deserving to be part of the most beautiful places in Massachusetts.

8. Bartholomew’s Cobble

Bartholomew’s Cobble, Massachusetts
Photo Credits: Walking Man 24/7

Bartholomew’s Cobble is a delight not just to geology enthusiasts but also to everyone who has witnessed this magnificent feat. Considered to be a National Natural Landmark, Bartholomew’s Cobble truly is a picture-perfect reserve.

It was created when great forces tumbled over huge rocks on the mountains of Taconic and Berkshire. Those rocks then became humongous bedrock hills. Hundreds of years later, it has become an alkaline-rich soil that fuels the flowers and plants in the region. You may also try hiking but locals have said that this five-mile trail is challenging especially going up to the Hurlburt’s Hill summit., but it will surely pay off as it offers an astonishing view of the Housatonic River Valley. A museum that showcases the history of the area should also be visited.

Whether you’re out to see amazing views, or off to a historical date or trying out the states’ awesome activities, Massachusetts will give you everything you would ever want in a place. Be sure to check out the most beautiful places to see in Massachusetts to have the most memorable stay in this awesome state.

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