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10 Things You Should Never Ever Say to Someone from Nevada




Hey folks! If you’re chilling with pals from Nevada, it’s handy to know about some phrases that might not go over too well. From dissing their state’s landscape to stereotyping their lifestyle, there are a few topics you’ll wanna skip to keep things chill and friendly. So, let’s chat about what not to say to our Nevada buddies!

“Nevada is just a desert wasteland.”

While Nevada does have desert landscapes, it also boasts stunning mountain ranges, lakes, and vibrant cities. Dismissing Nevada as a wasteland overlooks its diverse geography and natural beauty.

“Why don’t you just move to Las Vegas?”

While Las Vegas is a major city in Nevada, many residents prefer the quieter lifestyle found in other parts of the state. Assuming everyone in Nevada wants to live in Las Vegas overlooks the unique charm and opportunities offered by other regions.

“Nevada is just full of casinos and gambling.”

While gaming is a significant industry in Nevada, it is not the sole focus of the state’s economy or culture. Stereotyping Nevada as only about casinos overlooks its diverse economy, including tourism, mining, and technology.

“Why don’t you have better schools?”

Nevada faces challenges in its education system, but there are also dedicated educators and initiatives working to improve it. Belittling Nevada’s schools overlooks the efforts to provide quality education and support students’ success.

“Nevada is just full of fake people.”

This derogatory statement devalues the experiences and relationships of Nevadans and perpetuates negative stereotypes. Assuming everyone in Nevada is fake overlooks the genuine connections and friendships formed within communities.

“Why is everyone in Nevada so obsessed with gambling?”

While gambling is a popular pastime in Nevada, not all residents are avid gamblers. Questioning why everyone in Nevada is obsessed with gambling overlooks the diversity of interests and activities enjoyed by residents.

“Nevada is just a Republican state.”

While Nevada tends to lean politically conservative in some areas, it also has progressive-leaning communities and viewpoints. Stereotyping Nevada as solely Republican overlooks the diversity of political beliefs and the engagement of residents across the state.

“Why is Nevada so hot all the time?”

While Nevada does have hot temperatures, it also experiences cooler climates in mountainous areas and during winter months. Disparaging Nevada as always hot overlooks its seasonal variations and the enjoyment residents find in outdoor activities year-round.

“Nevada is just a transient state.”

While Nevada does have a transient population due to tourism and migration, many residents have deep roots and strong connections to the state. Assuming everyone in Nevada is transient overlooks the sense of community and belonging felt by many long-time residents.

“Why don’t you have more culture and history?”

Nevada has a rich cultural and historical heritage, including Native American history, pioneer settlements, and mining towns. Belittling Nevada’s culture and history overlooks its contributions to the American West and the preservation efforts of local communities.

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