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8 Best Things to Do in Nevada




Nevada is known for the casinos and gambling, but there’s a lot more in Nevada than just pure entertainment. Venture out for a short drive and you’ll discover fascinating rock formations, various water activities, and top-class restaurants.

Check out our take on the best things to do in Nevada.

1. Drive to Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam Nevada
Source: Hoover Dam | Gypsy Guide

Hoover dam is one of the most visited places in Nevada since it is super close to Las Vegas. It’s only a 30-minute drive away from the place and is known to be family-friendly and picturesque.

Get the once-in-a-lifetime experience of standing in two states at the same time by looking for the plaque that marks the border of Nevada and Arizona! Aside from the plaque shared by the states, both states also have the Intake Towers wherein the two towers stand in Nevada and another two are technically in Arizona. The two towers nearest to the dam display a clock that shows the time of the state they represent.

What you should know:

  • When autumn comes, Nevada switches to Pacific Daylight Time resulting in Nevada to be an hour behind Arizona.
  • The Hoover Dam Tours are bookable online or on-site, but if you would want to see the interior tunnels of the dam, it can only be booked through the visitor center and shall be limited to 20 people per tour.

2. Bike Around Lake Mead

River Mountains Loops Trail
Source: River Mountains Loops Trail | Alan O’Neill

Lake Mead is also in Boulder city, the same city where the Hoover Dam is. Many bikers come to Lake Mead as it offers excellent biking opportunities. There are places in Boulder City that allow you to rent a bike if you don’t have one.

A paved bike path called River Mountains Loops Trail connects the Lake Mead National Recreation area to the towns of Boulder City. You can choose whatever direction you prefer but biking at the edge of the River Mountains where you can have a scenic view of Lake Mead is definitely a must-try in Nevada.

3. Kayak in the Black Canyon

One of the favorite outdoor activities by many tourists is kayaking in the Black Canyon. Some outfitters rent out kayaks and drop you off below Hoover Dam. The Black Canyon is perfect for first-timers since the water is really calm.

There are also guided kayaking activities if you think you need assistance. It is best to kayak during spring or fall since the hot springs will make this paddling experience unique and much more enjoyable.

Places you’ll reach by kayak:

  • Colorado River
  • Arizona Hot Springs
  • Sauna Cave
  • Nevada Hot Springs
  • Boy Scout Canyon
  • Emerald Cave

If you don’t want to do kayaking anymore, you may also try the stand-up paddleboard or a canoe for big groups.
Many visitors advise staying longer in the Vegas Black Canyon. Relax and camp out!

There are different campgrounds as well as portable restrooms around Arizona Hot Springs, so you’re sure to spend a comfortable night.

4. Hike to Cathedral George State Park

Cathedral George State Park Nevada
Source: Cathedral George State Park Nevada | Wikipedia/Frank K.

Want a stunning view? Then it only makes sense that one of the best things to do in Nevada is to visit the Cathedral George State Park.

A beautiful rock formation is a perfect place for hiking, camping or for taking photos for your Instagram. There are a lot of trails in Cathedral George State Park that leads to different caves, canyons, and towers. Although all spots are worth exploring, the Miller Point Trail is the trail that is recognized as the tourist favorite.

This trail will start from the caves, then through a canyon, and the end will make you climb up the steel stairs where you’ll see a fascinating overlook of the place.

It is best to plan your hike ahead of time or visit the Visitor Center for help to ensure that you maximize your time there.

5. Visit a Cave Inside the Great Basin National Park

Lehman Cave Nevada
Source: Lehman Cave | Local Adventurer

The Lehman Cave is the most popular attraction inside the Great Basin National Park. Do you want to know why?
Inside, you will see beautiful stalactites, stalagmites, and columns that cover the whole wall, floors, and ceiling of the cave. If you’re into this kind of thing, you’ll definitely appreciate the Lehman Cave.


  • Bring your flashlight or lamps because it is dark inside. This will help you take better photos.
  • Make sure you have made your reservation or booking before heading to the cave especially during the peak season.

6. Climb the Red Rock Canyon

Like in Cathedral George State Park, the Red Rock Canyon is perfect for activities like picnic, hiking, or climbing. It is just 15 miles away from the Las Vegas Strip, and there are even hotels that give you a fantastic view of the Red Rock Canyon from their roof deck.

You can have a scenic drive around the canyon or be more active and hike. Hiking trails are varying from a mile or even up to 5 miles.

7. Visit the Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park
Source: Death Valley National Park | Flickr/Trey Ratcliff

The place is diverse and large and offers a lot of things for you to see and activities to do. The Valley has slot canyons, craters, and dunes.

You can go for a hike in Mosaic Canyon and marvel over the water-polished marbles. Don’t forget to touch it just to feel how smooth those huge marbles are! Before leaving the valley, wait for the sunset in Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes. And if you’re lucky you can have the Sand Dunes all to yourself.

8. Try Stand up Paddle Boarding at Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas
Source: Lake Las Vegas Water Sports

Lake Las Vegas Water Sports is located right on the beach at the Lake Las Vegas Westin Hotel. Here, you can try renting a paddleboat so you can explore various coves in the area.

Aside from the Stand-up Paddle Boarding activity, you can also try kayaking, riding a pedal boat or electric boat, or try rowing. Once you’re done and exhausted from all the water activities, recharge by indulging in the food offered in the row of wonderful restaurants in the Lake Las Vegas Water Sports dock.

What activity do you think is the best?

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