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Here are 10 Things People from New Jersey Find Highly Offensive




If you’re hanging out with Jerseyans, it’s good to know about some stuff that might get under their skin. From dissing the Jersey Shore to stereotyping their accents, there are a few topics you’ll want to steer clear of to keep things chill and friendly. Let’s dive into what not to say to our New Jersey pals!

“New Jersey smells bad.”

Disparaging New Jersey’s smell overlooks the state’s diverse environments and attractions. While certain industrial areas may have odors, New Jersey also has beautiful beaches, forests, and parks that offer fresh air and natural beauty.

“Jersey Shore is just trashy.”

Stereotyping the Jersey Shore as trashy overlooks its vibrant communities, cultural attractions, and scenic coastline. While the area may have elements of nightlife and entertainment, it also has family-friendly beaches, historic landmarks, and diverse culinary experiences.

“Everyone from New Jersey is loud and obnoxious.”

Stereotyping New Jerseyans as loud and obnoxious overlooks the diversity of personalities and backgrounds within the state. While some residents may have outgoing personalities, many others are polite, reserved, and respectful.

“New Jersey drivers are terrible.”

Making blanket statements about New Jersey drivers overlooks the challenges of navigating dense traffic and complex roadways in the state. While traffic congestion can be frustrating, many New Jersey drivers are skilled and courteous on the road.

“New Jersey is just a suburb of New York City.”

Dismissing New Jersey as merely a suburb overlooks its distinct culture, history, and identity. While many New Jerseyans commute to New York City for work, the state has its own economic hubs, attractions, and communities worth celebrating.

“New Jersey is so polluted.”

Disparaging New Jersey as polluted overlooks the state’s efforts to address environmental issues and improve air and water quality. While industrial areas may have contamination concerns, many parts of New Jersey have clean and pristine natural environments.

“The Jersey accent is so annoying.”

Mocking the Jersey accent overlooks its cultural significance and linguistic diversity within the state. While the accent may vary regionally, it reflects the state’s rich history of immigration and cultural exchange.

“New Jersey is just full of mobsters.”

Stereotyping New Jersey as a haven for organized crime overlooks its diverse population and economic sectors. While New Jersey has had connections to organized crime in the past, it also has thriving industries in finance, healthcare, education, and technology.

“New Jersey is so expensive, why would anyone want to live there?”

Questioning the desirability of living in New Jersey overlooks its quality of life factors, amenities, and opportunities. While some areas may have high costs of living, New Jersey offers cultural attractions, recreational activities, and strong communities that appeal to many residents.

“New Jersey is just a place to pass through on the way to somewhere else.”

Dismissing New Jersey as a transit state overlooks its contributions to transportation, commerce, and tourism. While New Jersey may be a corridor for travel between major cities, it also has attractions and destinations that draw visitors from around the world.

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