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New Mexico

7 Beautiful Hikes in New Mexico That Solidify Its Nickname as the Land of Enchantment



Experience a getaway of a lifetime and the most unforgettable day in nature! The Land of Enchantment offers many beautiful trails that will satisfy your inner adventurer. Whether you are looking for a view filled with meadows and pines, or one with gypsum dunes, we got it all for you. Read the list and see if you know about the beautiful hikes in New Mexico.

Here are the 7 beautiful hikes in New Mexico that you need to try ASAP:

1. Zuni-Acoma Trail

Zuni-Acoma Trail nm

Source: Instagram

Are you up for a challenge?

Check out the Zuni-Acoma Trail and be in awe of the beautiful scenery along the way. The terrain is pretty difficult and you need some experience prior to the hike, but it’s going to be worth it.

The trail follows black, old lava fields (and lava bridges), arched caves, and some stunted trees. These are all connecting the Zuni and Acoma pueblos. If you come during October, you’ll even see some gorgeous wildflowers in full bloom.

Trail Distance: 24.8km out and back
Elevation Gain: 87m

2. Trampas Lakes Trail

Trampas Lakes Trail beautiful hikes in new mexico

Source: Instagram

We are talking about the beautiful hikes in New Mexico, but this might be one of the most gorgeous destinations ever. Trampas Lakes Trail gives you a spectacular view that will make you question if you are even in New Mexico. The incline at the beginning also sets the tone for the whole hike. You’ll be stopping for quick breaks many times.

If you want to catch the sunset, then you better start early in the morning!

Trail Distance: 18.3km out and back
Elevation Gain: 774m

3. Pino Trail

Pino Trail new mexico

Source: Instagram

See a mixture of desert cactus, evergreen piñon, and juniper by hiking this nice and well-maintained trail in New Mexico. This is probably the locals’ favorite or the go-to trail in Albuquerque. Expect a consistent uphill meander around the hills and drainages before hitting the last stretch of switchbacks.

This can also be your spot if you fancy trail running.

Trail Distance: 14.5km out and back
Elevation Gain: 834m

4. Winsor Trail

Winsor Trail new mexico

Source: Instagram

Do you want to hike a high point and feel like you are invincible? With Winsor Trail, it’s possible to achieve both. The trailhead goes up the creek before taking you to a beautiful stream. If you follow the trail, you will also be able to climb through the forest to Carpenter Ridge. From there, expect aspen groves and stunning meadows!

Trail Distance: 13.8km point to point
Elevation Gain: 14m

5. Alkali Flat Trail

Alkali Flat Trail beautiful hikes in new mexico

Source: Instagram

If you are coming to White Sands National Monument to traverse the gypsum dunes, then you better hike the Alkali Flat Trail. This is considered one of the beautiful hikes in New Mexico and features nature’s best through and through.

The best thing about the sandy paradise is that it is pure and quiet. Not to mention, you’d feel as if you are in an alien world.

Trail Distance: 7.9km loop
Elevation Gain: 16m

6. Pueblo Alto Trail

Pueblo Alto Trail nm

Source: Instagram

Where else can you get a beautiful vantage of one of the state’s Ancestral Pueblo treasures? If you follow the Pueblo Alto Trail, you will be following an ancient route that ascends through a narrow canyon to the rim. While this is a relatively easy hike, you need to be careful of the steep hike at the beginning. Just follow the rock cairns so you won’t get lost.

Trail Distance: 8.2km loop
Elevation Gain: 155m

7. Dripping Springs Trail

Dripping Springs Trail beautiful hikes in new mexico

Source: Instagram

Hike through Desert Valley to see Dripping Springs Waterfall. Unlike the other trails in this list of beautiful hikes in New Mexico, this one is pretty easy to moderate. The views are worthwhile and stunning, and you will also appreciate the historic settlement and ruins at the end. It makes for an unforgettable adventure!

Trail Distance: 4.8km out and back
Elevation Gain: 139m

Which among these beautiful hikes in New Mexico is your favorite?

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