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New Mexico

Check Out this Abandoned Health Resort in New Mexico that has an Eerie History




How can a spa turn into a big giant Sulphur Spring? Well, New Mexico’s wonders don’t stop. The Sulphur Springs are just like a real-life movie set so here I’m telling you all the details about it.


Exploring Sulphur Springs: Where History Meets Natural Wonders

Imagine a place tucked away at the end of a bumpy road, where the air carries a hint of adventure, and the ground whispers tales of the past. That’s Sulphur Springs, a hidden treasure in New Mexico’s Jemez Mountains, waiting for young explorers like you to uncover its secrets.

Nature’s Marvels: Mud Pots and Fumaroles

Sulphur Springs is different from your average hiking spot. It’s a playground of geologic wonders, boasting mud pots bubbling with gooey mud and fumaroles releasing steam like mini volcanoes. These relaxed yet weirdly warm features make Sulphur Springs a hotspot for nature enthusiasts and curious minds.


Journey Back in Time: From Mine to Spa

Let’s step into history for a moment.

In 1898, a daring adventurer named Maríano Otero claimed Sulphur Springs for sulfur mining. The air was thick with the smell of sulfur (think rotten eggs!), but that didn’t stop Maríano. However, by 1904, the mine closed due to the stinky tunnels and tricky terrain.

But here’s where the story gets fascinating. The Otero family saw more than just smelly rocks; they saw a chance to create something unique. They turned Sulphur Springs into a health spa! Picture this: a three-story log hotel, cozy bathhouses, and healing waters that people believed could cure almost anything, from wounds to tummy troubles.

People splashed around in the sulfuric waters to feel better and even took sips to fight off tummy troubles. And guess what? A dip in the healing baths only cost 50 cents unless you were short on cash – then it was on the house!

The spa changed hands over time, keeping its magic going until the 1970s when a big bummer happened – it burned down! Then, in 2020, cool folks bought the place and made it part of a super cool national park called Valles Caldera.

Where Time and Nature Collide: Today’s Sulphur Springs


Fast forward to today, and Sulphur Springs is part of the Valles Caldera National Preserve, a fantastic place protected by nature-loving folks. It’s like a living museum, where you can see old cabins, rusty cars, and bits of history peeking out from the earth.

But hey, before you pack your explorer gear, here’s a tip: Sulphur Springs may look like a movie set, but it’s real, and tangible things need respect. Also, the ground might be hot in spots, so watch your step! It’s like playing hot lava, but for realsies.

Time to Uncover Mysteries

So, what’s the deal with Sulphur Springs?

It’s where you can dig into the Earth’s secrets, walk in the footsteps of miners and spa guests from long ago, and feel the buzz of nature’s energy all around you. Whether you’re into history, science, or just good ol’ fun, Sulphur Springs awaits your adventure.


Location: Sulphur Springs in New Mexico is located at the end of Sulphur Creek Road in the Jemez Mountains. However, as of now, there isn’t a dedicated address for the site since it’s part of the Valles Caldera National Preserve, which covers a large area.

Pack your sense of wonder, grab your trusty hiking shoes, and get ready to write your chapter in the story of Sulphur Springs. It’s not just a place; it’s an experience that’ll stay with you long after the mud has dried and the steam has cleared.


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