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Try All The Water Sport Activity You Desire or Just Paddle Around in This New Mexico Fun Land



Planning for an outdoor trip for the whole family? If you want to try something exciting this weekend, Navajo Lake Marina in New Mexico may be the perfect destination for you! You can only expect a great time in the ultimate playground for adventurers with 150 miles of shoreline. Plus, with 280 days of sunshine and spectacular scenery, what’s not to love? Are you up for some water adventure? If you do, just keep scrolling.

Did You Know That Navajo Lake Is the 2nd Largest Lake in New Mexico?

Navajo Lake new mexico

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Yes, Navajo Lake is just next to Elephant Butte Reservoir on the list of largest lakes in New Mexico. Do you want us to paint a better picture? This lake is so vast that it covers 15,000 acres of New Mexico, with some portions even extending up to Colorado. With that great volume of water, no wonder there are a lot of boats around the lake. We can already think of the visitors who are out for some summertime fun!

Navajo Lake is also part of the Colorado River Storage Project, which here manages the upper reaches of the San Juan River. It stores and releases water used for irrigation, or ultimately reaching the Colorado River in Utah. The water is impounded in this lake by the earth- and rock-filled Navajo Dam.

Those who are fond of fishing will also appreciate the lake because it has plenty of has smallmouth bass, northern pike, black crappie, channel catfish, and trout.

Navajo Lake Marina Is a Wonderland for Watersports and Fishing Enthusiasts

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The best way to explore Navajo Lake is by visiting Navajo Lake Marina. It’s heaven for many visitors, and that’s because the place offers you plenty of opportunities to do any watersport activity that you desire. Whether it’s kayaking, paddle boarding, hydro biking, and a lot more!

They offer a full line of aqua cycles, paddleboards, bumper boats, as well as hydro bikes, so you can just choose the activity you like best. If you are not sure what to try, the All-Day Fun Pass is available and it grants you unlimited access to all the items for $39.95 the whole day!

Summer Destination New Mexico water sports

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If you are the chill type and just wants to get in with the whole family, you can even rent a whole houseboat. That sounds fancy, huh? Well, you have to rethink where you should spend your special celebrations or occasions in the future!

Fishing Navajo Lake Marina

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As we’ve mentioned, fishing is also worth trying when you’re in the area. You can do that here! If you are a first-timer who wants to try something new, don’t hesitate and hire a professional guide who can help you catch your first fish. Trout, catfish, salmon are just some of the few kinds of fishes you can get here.

Once you are done, you can also just paddle around in the sun because there is a boat perfect for you at Navajo Lake Marina. A chill time is always guaranteed!

You Can Spend Overnight in a Floating Lodge

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There is no doubt in the fact that Navajo Lake Marina’s lodging is put to the next level. They have an Aqua Lodge which already has everything you need in a hotel room – but the twist is – it is floating above the water.

The 42’ Aqua Lodge has many nice features such as a private bedroom with a queen bed, a Futon sleeper, and a loft sleeping area. You are sure to experience a restful night here. Guests will still enjoy a homey experience given that the things you’d normally find in your home are here too – from the kitchen tools to the entertainment set. Lastly, there is a common area where you can grill your barbecue and chill in a gazebo.

They’ve Got Everything You Need Here

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Don’t have a boat? Don’t worry. You can rent anything you want to use here. If you are feeling hungry and want to grab some drinks, you can also just visit the Brue Cafe and devour their freshly cooked meals while looking at the amazing view of the lake! Before you go, don’t forget to purchase some souvenirs as well! You can grasp anything you need while you’re at Navajo Lake Marina!

Off-season rates range from $149 to $179. While during the peak season, the rates are from $179 to $229.

What You Should Know Before You Go

Navajo Lake Marina dog-friendly

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  • While almost everything is available in the Navajo Lake Marina stores, it would be better if you bring everything you need in order to lessen interaction with people and to save some penny.
  • If you plan to go fishing, you need to secure and bring your fishing license, poles, and tackles.
  • Only 12 people are allowed in a houseboat as a safety precaution.
  • It’s hard to leave pets at home when the family is on a vacation. You can bring your furry friends for a minimum fee of $15. That way, you won’t have to worry.
  • There are quite a number of fees to consider before your trip such as the State Taxes, New Mexico State Parks Fee, Fuel, Rental Fees, Waiver of Liability Insurance, etc.
  • There are many guests who consider Navajo Lake Marina as their most favorite marina in New Mexico.  You will find many benches, a splash pad and a small fishing area for the kids, and a plethora of watercraft rentals. Simply put, this is a treat to many adventurers because you will see a beautiful lake with many amenities.

Water Activity Rates at Navajo Lake Marina


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Aqua Cycles

Aqua cycles are water trikes that are super stable. Two passengers can take on an adventure on the water for all ages. The two-passenger aqua cycle’s rate is $25 an hour. For the day rate, it is $95.

Hydro Bikes

Individuals who are adept at riding a bike can ride the hydro bike. The only difference is you’ll be cycling on the water.

Single hydro bike – $15 an hour

Two-person bikes – $25 an hour

Day Rate – $60 for single and $95 for double

Note: There is no deposit required, but you should just leave your keys or driver’s license with the rental staff.


Single kayaks – $12 an hour

Tandem kayaks – $15 an hour

Kayaks can be rented for at least 2 hours. There is no deposit required, but you should just leave your keys or driver’s license with the rental staff.


$15 an hour (2-hour minimum)

Navajo Lake Marina Details

Location: #42 CR 4110, Navajo Dam, New Mexico
Contact Number: (505) 632-3245 or 800-582-5687

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