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New Mexico

Visit This House Filled With Hidden Secrets and Adventures Found Only in New Mexico




Imagine a house where every corner is filled with secrets waiting to be discovered. Sounds super fun! Now you can become part detective, a part adventurer at this real-life playground filled with mystery, art, and technology in Santa Fe


Journey Through the House of Eternal Return

Located in the vibrant heart of Santa Fe, the House of Eternal Return is a gateway to a realm that defies all expectations. Crafted by the innovative art collective Meow Wolf, this unique space beckons visitors into an interactive experience transcending the boundaries of traditional art and storytelling.

The Story Behind the House

At the core of the House of Eternal Return is a captivating narrative that unfolds as visitors step through its doors. The story revolves around the Selig family, whose mysterious disappearance leaves behind a house filled with secrets waiting to be unraveled. As you wander through the labyrinthine corridors and rooms, you become a detective, piecing together clues and uncovering hidden truths about the family’s fate.


But What Is This Place

It’s not your typical house—it’s a thrilling adventure waiting to be explored. Picture a super cool art playground intertwined with a gripping mystery story. As you step in, you’re immediately surrounded by a whirlwind of art. But here’s the twist: you’re not just a spectator, you’re an active participant. You can touch, play, and explore everything! It’s like being inside a giant puzzle, a detective trying to solve a family’s disappearance. And guess what? They’ve hidden clues and secrets all over the place for you to find. It’s like stepping into a real-life adventure filled with art, tech magic, and a whole lot of fun!

Interactive Art and Installations

What truly sets the House of Eternal Return apart is its collection of interactive art installations that blur the line between reality and fantasy. Each room is a playground of whimsical sculptures and mind-bending portals, inviting you to touch, explore, and engage with the art in ways that are both playful and profound. One moment, you might find yourself climbing through a cosmic wormhole, and the next, you’re deciphering cryptic messages on a vintage typewriter.


Immersive Experience

Prepare to be enveloped in a world of sensory delights as the House of Eternal Return transports you into its mesmerizing ambiance. Atmospheric soundscapes whisk you away from the depths of an enchanted forest to the far reaches of outer space. Visual projections dance across walls, transforming mundane surfaces into vibrant canvases that breathe life into the narrative unfolding around you.

When you visit the House of Eternal Return, it’s like being in a big adventure story. You can explore different rooms and find clues about a family’s mysterious story. You can go through closets, look at their things, and even go through magical doorways! The house has 70 cool spaces, like treehouses in a magical forest, a tiny ranch with hamster power, glowing caves, space-like corridors, musical instruments made from old bones, and a special room where Grandpa Selig tried to solve a super tricky mystery. It’s like being in a fun treasure hunt where every room is full of surprises!


Technology and Innovation

At the heart of the House of Eternal Return lies a fusion of technology and artistic brilliance, creating a truly unique experience. Virtual reality experiences transport you to alternate dimensions, while interactive displays respond to your touch, guiding you on a personalized journey through the exhibit. The seamless integration of technology enhances the immersive nature of the art, drawing visitors deeper into the story’s embrace. It’s an innovative masterpiece that will leave you inspired and intrigued.

Popularity Among Visitors

The House of Eternal Return has become a beloved destination for visitors of all ages and interests. Its unique blend of interactive art, storytelling, and immersive technology has not only garnered acclaim within the art community but also captivated families seeking adventure and art enthusiasts craving something out of the ordinary. It’s an experience that transcends age and interests, making everyone feel included and catered to.

  • Location: 1352 Rufina Circle, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87507
  • Operating Hours: The House is open every day except Tuesdays, with late-night admission available on Fridays and Saturdays. It’s suggested to give yourself a few hours to fully enjoy the experience without rushing.
  • Ticketing: Buying tickets online in advance is recommended. This ensures you get a spot as they limit the number of visitors to avoid overcrowding. If you arrive an hour before closing, there might be discounted tickets, but it’s better to explore at a leisurely pace.
  • Facilities: On-site, there’s a gift store and a small café for your convenience.

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Dare to Explore

As you step back into the sunlight, leaving behind the surreal wonders of the House of Eternal Return, you carry with than just memories. You carry a sense of wonder, curiosity, and a newfound appreciation for the endless possibilities of art and imagination. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a local seeking new horizons, dare to explore the extraordinary and step into a world where reality and fantasy converge in captivating harmony.

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